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Siblings of the Dark

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - Unofficial Patch 1.4
Map Size: L
Levels: 2
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: No
PBEM/Hotseat?: No
Multiplayer Online?: No
# of Wizards: 4
# of players: 1
Skill Level: Average
Password Protected: No
Surface Minimap:
Cavern Minimap:
- due to strange bug in triggers, you wouldn't be able to finish first scenario even after defeating Valsharess' three riders; the road to the portal still wasn't there then ---CORRECTED
- improved AI in the third scenario, now computer player won't be such a lame adversary as she originaly were - very passive; remember to employ Merlin's all magical abilities when conquering the first city ---CORRECTED

Sorry for the mess. Such an embarassment... Damn it.

For minimaps of the two following scenarios, look at here:
Second Scenario Surface minimap:
Third Scenario Surface Minimap:
Third Scenario Cavern Minimap:


Campaign Name: Siblings of the Dark

Author: W4rb1rd

E-Mail address:

Game Type: Single-Player Campaign

Maps Sizes: first: L /w undergrnd., second: S, third: M /w undergrnd.

Maps Level of Difficulty: first: Average, second: Beginner, third: Average

Map Version: 1.1

Language: English

File Size: ~71.2 MB


This work is a true custom single-player campaign for Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic v1.4, with story, songs and intro movies. Right now, it consists of three scenarios of varied difficulty. This is first installment. I am going to make THE-BIG-END later. First enjoy what you have been given. It is possible that I get second part done by the time you're playing these. The story is revolving around Dark Elven siblings, but it is based on, let's say, "uncanonical" lore of Age of Wonders. It features good old characters as well as plenty of new ones. The story itself is very intriguing. At the end of this readme it is strongly recommended that you read "Additonal information" and "Author's notes". Thank you and enjoy!
To start the the campaign, simply run AoW: SM, select "Campaign"->"User Campaign"->"Siblings of the Dark"->[SELECT]. That's it.

At the beginning of era of the Elves, life on the Blessed Continent was steady, peaceful and good. All races lived in harmony and enjoyed all privileges of freedom and justice. The culture was thriving and prospering. It was the era of elven King Inioch who sat on the Throne of Valley of Wonders. Soon, Inioch's first wife died and after minimal amount of time required for mourning, King took another wife - Queen Elwyn.
The happiness and prosperity didn't last long though, because a new race calling themselves Humans has taken over Blessed Continent and murdered the only legitimate King.
Queen Elwyn fled Valley of Wonders and gave birth to Julia who later fought her brother Meandor from the first marriage. But two pieces of family puzzle were missing.
For there was another child - a baby girl from the first marriage too, called Arachna - Meandor's younger sister, influenced by him she was trained in the arts of death magic and necromancy. She followed Meandor's cause and befriended Dark Elves.
In time Meandor had realized Arachna, although capable of evil thoughts and malice, was too benign and poor-spirited creature at the same time. Thus he couldn't entirely corrupt and teach her completely, so he banished her to the wastelands. But, something else had happened.
Meandor, had found another baby girl, Queen's Elwyn second daughter, younger sister to Julia and stepsister to Arachna and Meandor, hidden from the eyes of the world and forsaken by her mother, Meandor had passed on her all his knowledge, power and evil taint. She had an unlimitless potential.
After the restoration of the balance in magic, the Wizard's Circle was united and acted as a one body, but the evil child lurked in the dark and haven't forgotten all scars made by Humanity or her mother Elwyn. Instead, she waited for the opportune moment to strike and wreak chaos.
Merlin concerned about the growing inbalance in magic of death, knewing that Arachna's sister is still at large, sent Arachna to investigate the cause of problem. As the time grew old, Merlin knew something didn't go right and decided to once again embark on a quest to tame the Sibilings of the Dark.

You begin your adventure 4 weeks before Merlin decided to participate. As Arachna, you start a quest to find out the cause of unusual death magic boost.

No of playable sides: 1

Races included on the Maps: first: Humans, Draconians, Dwarves, Dark Elves, Orcs, Goblins, Undead, second: Humans, Goblins, third: Dark Elves, Orcs, Goblins, Undead, Shadow Demons

Winning conditions: Play the campaign and unfold it's story! You will know what you have to do then. Why should I spoil my story here? What's wrong with these questions?... If you feel lost, it is advisable to read "Objectives".

Important Events or Special Notes: Immerse yourself in deep and rich story and you-shall-know the rest. Much of the story is told via "Event Window", so please pay attention to this thing too.

Other files required: This is true single-player campaign, so obviously, it isn't just bunch of scenario files only. All files, like custom movies, songs, resources etc. must be placed together. I've already made the corresponding folders. You just unpack all folders (Except this readme file) into your AoW:SM main game folder. Answer "yes" when overwriting question appear. It would be prudent to make backup of the following files:
- Movies\Victory.bik - though not very important and mostly skipped, you may want to keep the original one, as my campaign uses new custom "victory video" bink file;
- Resource\EVENTIMG.PFS - my file is 100% compatible with AoW: SM unofficial patched version 1.4, it merely adds entry of a new portraits library necessary to work with this campaign set;
- Songs\Special\MissionSong.mp3 - you may want to backup that one too, my campaign uses custom "mission music" file, though you might find mine more appealing and decide to overwrite the old one anyway.

That's all. All other files are brand new and won't cause overwriting.

Additional information:
- when playing campaing it's up too you on what difficulty you are going to play on;
- due to strange bug in game's custom campaign system, whenever you lose campaign scenario, it still loads the next scenario... just as if nothing happened. It seems that there isn't workaround to it (yet?). I tried it in clean unpatched version of the game, and it's still there. You are ADVISED to quit the game when you lose scenario and try again, otherwise you are spoiling the story and gameplay won't have any logic to you. Don't worry though, when you win the scenario everything's going to be alrighty: scenarios are connected and will load the next one as per normal;
- every scenario is followed by a short intro movie, but the nature of problem was that the game started to play music, thus interfering with video. To overcome this, I prepared special "muted songs" for the time intros are being played. But to get this to work you are ADVISED to TURN OFF "Custom playlist" in sound options before playing this campaign. By doing so, the game will utilise scenario's own supplied playlist.

Author's notes:
The story of the campaign is based on Age of Wonders universe's lore. So, no funny stuff like Gandalf, Ronald McDonald or George W. Bush things. Only really stuff. So we have Merlin, Arachna, Julia etc. No intermingling between universes. Of course there is plenty of NEW stuff, but it does not interfere with AoW's atmosphere.
Maps are modelled to be as close to "real fantasy" as it could be. I mean you won't find tones of shining things at every corner or even hex. No. If there is something out there, there is a reason why it's there. But you won't see power nodes, piles of gold or other "dark evil" crypts next to fairy-like buildings "splashed" at the every area of 2x2 meters. Mercy. Keep it real, dude.
Talking about "real fantasy", there isn't more letting me pissed off to no end than mixing landscapes, like "here we paste some deserts, and there some snowfields, crossed by some dark mountains with occasional shadowy thingys"... wtf dude?! Is that you call world? Stop it. My maps are modelled like it was real geographical area. For example, supppose we have a great deal of tectonical unstability, so we have volcanoes, lava and ashes right? And that's it! How could it be, that there is nice, juicy grass or clean water in such environment?! Think! Therefore, if something like that would happen, I've made a real (too some degree) transitions before environments, but it isn't such obvious crap like desert+snow. No, it's more like "if here we have lava and ashes and sulfur, then at least after few good kilometers away you would merely see some dried grass and shrubs with polluted water". OK?
Secondly (or maybe thirdly, fourthly...) I've read a lot in forums about how you all praise Heroes and how cool they are. I was really startled at that time. Heroes? They've all seemed exceptionaly bland to me. Like a little stronger units, which can pick up some items. Sure, they have stories, but that's it! They never speak with you (with one exception - about that later)! Somebody mentioned... Thorgal... what? Ah that smiling eleven dude, duh... Joseph... who? Oh an Undead horse rider. No emotions. Two dimensionality. I've never really felt attached to heroes, only to wizards who could actualy debate between themselves. Therefore, apart from writing extensive backgrounds (which honestly nobody reads), I've made my own REAL heroes, who can talk to you at numerous occassions and according to given situation! Then and only then you have the opportunity to understand him/her more. Yes, I've mentioned one exception - Oakleaf from Julia's campaign. See how he is. He did talked with player! Only then I can notice him and not forget him. And I didn't even read his background story! Man...
I can only boast a bit that my "heroes" are even better than Oakleaf, a real personalities.
Fifthly, scenarios contain side quests. At least one per scenario. And those ARE NOT those simple "spirt quests".

Right, I rest my case.


Credits to all concerned subjects: especialy mp3's, movie fragments and custom portraits. All these are freely available on the internet, but I only want to point out that these are not my work. I've merely incorporated them to work with Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic.
All others, like: scenarios, story, dialogues etc. are the work of W4rb1rd.

You are NOT allowed to modify/edit/rework/copy my scenarios or use them in any other, whether analog or digital form. You are allowed to view them in Editor. Other than that, before attempting anything, please contact me first --->
Thank you.

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Mack_Schreck Hi W4rb1rd,

I played the first scenario and eliminated all three riders. But the portal is not opening. I even killed Gargamel on top of Karissa.
I downloaded the file only today, therefore I assume that this is already the updated version. Can you check?

Another comment:

I played on "hard" but the game has still been very very easy up till now. I wasn't attacked at all until I made my move against Karissa. I founded a few outpost and developed them till they spilled out my armies. Unfortunately I wasn't challenged at all. You should consider to disable outposts.
I really liked the layout of the scenario otherwise.
File Author
Yes, yes!
I am sorry for the mess that ensued, but yesterday I have uploaded new version indeed. Now it's bugless. I even double-checked two other scenarios.

Now, I'm afraid you have to try again first scenario :(

And, thx for feedback!


Just now I specificaly took great pains to download and play this map again from the very beginning, and I can CONFIRM that it WORKS.
If you would be so kind, drop me an e-mail and I'll send you a short 2 minute video on how to make that portal work.
Outposts? They are disabled as per normal... strange. Are we talking about the same map? I don't know.
Well, anyway, I guess my video I am ready to send you now, will clarify some things.

Maybe the file on the server got corrupted somehow when you downloaded it. I got it now, and it works perfectly normal.

[Edited on 08/21/13 @ 08:12 AM]

Barryky Hi,

I'm stuck. I can't get to Valsharess in the bottom left corner. Also, the HUD freezes everytime there is talk from Merlin.

I have enjoyed it so far, any advice?
File Author
Which scenario?
ranzabock Hello,

I am in the third scene, I have obtained the key but now I do not manage to advance

Can it be a bug?

File Author
TO: ranzabock
You have obtained the key? That's good! You were attacked by 3 group of beholders and then you picked up the key. And you cannot advance? You mean cannot move, right? Strange. I've checked it. Just now. It works perfectly NORMAL. I can move as usual. You sure you have the latest patch ( intalled AND you're not using any custom resources AND/OR mods? Check it.

Remember that obtaining the key is not good enoguh to free Arachna. You still need to do some deeds. When you approach the large cave with cities, Vierna will mention the key you have found and give you one piece of important information. Note that if you try to get to the prison without doing that what Vierna said, Valsharess shall punish you severly :) And God :) help you if your attacked party contains Vierna, because if she dies - game ends.

TO: Barryky:
A HUD freeze? Hardly a custom map problem. Looks more like software-hardware problem of yours BUT you might be the same case like ranzabock. Download latest patch (1.4) and don't use any MODS. I don't. And it works normal as you'd have expected from the game.

Secondly, you CAN'T get to Valsharess. The scenario is designed like that to prevent winning by complete annnihilation. You just need to free the prisoner (read "Objectives").

Besides how do you know Valsharess IS in there? She isn't visible from any spot you can go to... unless are using cheats. Oh well.

Well, let's wait for other comments and see if this "bug" is a common occurence or only happens in unpatched and/or modded game.

BTW. Very soon I'll release the last fourth part.

[Edited on 08/25/13 @ 07:01 AM]

ranzabock Hi,

I have explained to myself badly, I can move for all of the scene, I have gotten to the place indicator and Vierna has given me the information, but unless I do not understand him correctly, English is not my native language, I cannot continue, make what he makes I do not find Arachna.

It am been afraid that I will have to go back to begin.

File Author
I see. Well, I'm sorry.
Good news is that your game isn't corrupted and patched correctly. And, possibly you don't have to start all over again.

All right, I'll give you a hint. *sigh*

After you arrived to that big cave with several cities Vierna says about "disrupting magical net" AND that it might be needed to destroy it. Thus, you need to RAZE (destroy) all four cities. Then, and only then go free the prisoner (with the key in hand - not left on the floor). Otherwise, if one city is left untouched (not destroyed) AND/OR you don't have a key - Valsharess will punish you. But if you survive that, you still can continue destroying those cities and free Arachna again.

Good luck!
I try it

Barryky Hi thanks for the reply, I know where she is because her domain overlaps mine I can't see her but I know she has to be there. I didn't check the objective so that's my error.

Thanks again and thanks for making this.
I will review it when I get finished.
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