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War of the Realms (WoR)

Author File Description
Tazarbil What Wor features? Lots lots of things...

1.Unique and V.I.P. heroes ..control heroes like Lord Elrond,King Arthur,Leonidas,Vladimir (yup thats Dracula),Legolas,Sauron,Lich King,Ivanhoe,Thor,Beowulf,Achilles,Lurtz,Saruman,Gandalf,Grima the Wormtongue (he has a really nasty venomous spit), and many many other heroes from various games,mythology, and/or movies , all with their unique bodies and portraits.

2.All 15 Races and their units have been reworked in stats ,abilities level of the abilities increasing with silver and gold medals and levels for heroes, maximing and bringing tactical factor in battles to the edge, including up to lvl6 boss units 2 lvl 4 units, 2 lvl5 ,and 1 lvl 6 unit, with all races options into what they can recruit from their castles becoming really mindblowing (check races units below,for more info ) .Low level units are stronger than the vanilla many times challenging higher tier units sometimes even without mighty meek. Special units aka 3.5 lvl unit 1 for each race presenting high lvl abillities ideal for strategic purposes at the appropriate cost. A small note also Polearm units hurt more in this mod .Also the actual level of the untis has been decreased in order to achive various goals like lower upkeep and avoid exploting the mighty meek story. In level terms as a example a lvl6 unit--->5 lvl5 unit--->4 lvl4--->3 etc etc.

3.Active and rewarding Siege warfare from the human's mighty Trebuchets to Nomads Heavy Onagers and Mordor (shadow demons)catapults,goblins ballistas etc etc

4.Specialization in gold medal for all units with one of the 3 special buffs available only for units +2 Att ,+2 Def or +2 dmg depending on what unit it is.

5.Spells and magic reworked with realism and tactical justice on mind.

6.Realistic Heroes classes with various skills earned during lvl up that matches and fits to their class Rogues can gain blur,or +2att special buff warriors +2 dmg paladins +2 def etc etc with loads of skills and abilities added afetr well thought and calculations Shamans are mostly like mages basing their damage on strong magic bolts priests on holy or balck bolts and breaths depending their allignment and mellee classes mostly on ..well mellee fighting and crushing skulls.

7.Two new races: Middle Earth replacing Dwarfes (some dwarfs units as part of the coalition remained) and Mordor replacing Shadow Demons .Also Archons reworked becoming a racial mixure of ancient Rome and Greece containg units like praitorians Spartans and creatures from their mythology like cyplops Titans,Chimeras etc etc . Syrons have been turned more like holy kingdom similar to heroes's of might nand magic series Heaven with angels saints and units alike.Also the problem that neutral races had vs good and evil races due to holy Light and Unholy Darknessed adressed with various things neutral race priests having both holy and black bolts so depending the enmy weaknesses they use the right one, plus some units on each neutral race have some abilities that help them face evil/good units,always in a spirit that fits whats this unit about.

8.Item forge reworked in such a way making possible creating artifacts that add up to +3 stats of your choise att def or dmg to almost any item u want to create.Abilities like entangling strike,cold strike,death strikeresurrect,dominate,seduce,and all the buffs from the magic schools have been excluded from item forging in order to avoid exploiting and abused and keep the racial characteristics of races, heroes and shool of magic selected by the players in a sensible manner.

9.Reworked summoned units making summons business bit more powerfull.

10.New lists of units worthy to recruit on external buildings u clear (circus,cave etc) and unique units guarding most of the mines nodes buildings etc etc.

11. Quite challenging computer opponents that will test your strategic skills especially on emperor difficulty lvl. The results of all the changes made in this mod created in some occasions monstrous and mercilless computer opponents (some rl friends still cry). Keep in mind that a goal of this mod was to make obtaining a computer's terrirtory and castles not an easy job for multiplayer purpose that use also computer players to enrich the game.Computer also recruits pioneers and build cities in random generator mode in a sensible way .

12.Some new abilitties (old abilities edited) Cosmic Breath(frost blowing) breath that does magic + lightning dmg, death's touch (steam) that does death+magic dmg ,dunedine's flaming arrows, grand frostwitch's tripple frostbolts etc

13.Modified A.I. wizards quite strong, with very powerfulll abilities to use in combat that match their magic spec,helping them defend their castles if a player attacks their central castle.

14.This mod was made with keeping balance as much as possible in multiplayer games with for Random Generator maps and with computer opponents apart the human player. As such when u start a new game all players start apart from the starting units and the castle with one pioneer to help those in case they wont find cities nearby their castle while the other will find some. Also the given values on units the turns required to build things ,turns required to growth for the cities,the exact stats given to all units,the upkeeps,everything, serve exactly that purpose.To give the players the tools and turn things upside down if they happen to start in a worse territory than the others.

15.Priests reworked.They are the best healers in the game now .All the priests have higher lvl healing dispell and turn undead abilities further increasing in silver and gold medal making them very helpfull units.In order to achieve that healing I does 6 healing max instead of 10.

16.Shadow sickness disabled. As shadow demons and Syrons walk the face of the earth without stats penalties so do the rest when entering shadow world.

17.Willpower off for all units in passive. They all get it in gold medal. This way abilities like taunt control animal seduse possess dominate were wasted since all intresting units had willpower.Now even lower lvl units like swashbucklers,druids,shamans,vampires,trappers, etc etc. can play a more important role,while at the same time exploting is getting avoided by having low attack values in seduce,dominate possess,trap,,control animal making it easier to work on lower lvl units but still have a chance to use it on your own risk on higher lvl units where it has smaller chances to work due to their higher defence resistances values.

18.Synergy skills. A necromancer use drain will and a vampire or a queen of the damned using seduce to finish the job. Soul thief uses DW incarnate Possess,Beholder DW Sphinx dominate etc etc This thing is done to solve the massive recruit of certain units that can be used for exploiting things like creating whole armies by dominating possess or seducing . it can be done but not that easily any more + it encourages recruiting various units over the races.

Races New units

Apart some classic units that remain from the original, here is a list of new untis created with fitting unit bodies available in this mod...

Humans : Cardinal,Grand Herbalist, Royal Pikeman,Master Crossbowman,Crusader,Champion

Frostlings: Frost Giant,Frozen Terror,Grand Frostwitch,Heimdall,Valkyrie

Draconians: Gnoll Druid,Dragon Ogre,Elder,Dragon Disciple,Stegadon rider,Stone Drake,Nefarion

Tigrans: Slayer,Master Djinn,Great Beholder,Horus

Elves : Blades,Glaive Master Noldrien,Ranger,Sharpshooter,Grand druid,Ents,Elf Witch

Halflings: Assasin,Half Elf warrior,Behemoth Frog,Halfling Hero,Centaur Captain,Ancient Dryad,Green Faery

Middle Earth: Gondor infantry,Rohan maiden,Gondor captain,Rohirim,Dwarven defender,Dunedine,Moria Guard,Great eagle,White Wizard,Mountain King

Archons: Myrmidones,Praitorians,Spartans, Pegasus Champion,Chimeras,Cyclopes,Zeus Sentinel

Dark Elves : Dark Ranger, Dark Maiden,Soul Thief, Spider King,Illidan

Orcs : Ogre, Uruk Hai, Thief, Wartroll, Witchdoctor, Uruk Destroyer,Orc General

Goblins : Tauren warrior,Goblin shaman,Dark Champion,Naga,Black Dragon,Ettin

Undead : Ghoul,Fallen crusader,vampire Lord,Death Knight,Ancient Vampire,Queen of the Damned

Nomads: Ninja,Seibushi,Samurai,Fujin,Hill Giant, Shiva

Syrons : Elite Guard,Avenger,Templar,White Champion,Astral Paladin,Nemesis,Arch-Angel

Mordor : Haradrim,Morgoth priest,Mordor Officer,Haradrim archer,War troll,Black Rider,Nazgoul,Mouth of Sauron,Mordor Knight,Diablo,Balrog

All the body units were collected by various mods here in Aow Heaven so ,many thnks to Creators of Bnw series,Dwiggs,diablo units, nwn units and any other i may forgetting alongside to UniqueMerlin and Titanas who patienlty walked together the path of joy and evolution playing aowsm with our mods for more than 2 years now as they also helped in their way to the creation of this mod with ideas and other staff.

Files required to play this mod

1.The official patches that exist here in Aow Heaven + MP Evolution 1.4 patch .A friend told me he could see all unit bodies without problem with just mp evolution 1.5 patch +bnw series+twiggs 5.0 installed, so its your call.

2.BNW 2.0, BNW 3.2, Dwiggs 5.0, Neverwinter Nights ILBs in order to see unit bodies

3.Also i included the ResStr file , located in the Age of Wonders Shadow Magic\Dict .Extract it there so you will be able to see the proper names for summons, new/edited abilities buff names etc etc Make sure ofc if u like to first back up somewhere your original ResStr .


Just corrected some infidels encounter lists, where an xp bonus was making an appearence (pionner)
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Ragnarok777 Hello and congratulation to your interesting mod
the only thing is I have problem seeing few ilbs.
I have installed all dwiggs. bnw and coma mods, the neverwinter night ilbs and all as you explained but don't see the undead king, the haradrim level 2 whereas I see the level one!!!
I don't have Ares, the avenger in the syrons nor the nemesis.
I don't have the witch king or the great eagles
I hope you will know what i miss or how i could fix it because I was really interested in this mod.
Thank you for answering and keep up the good work
File Author
Thnks for your observation Ragnarok,i think the mistake is mine concerning some of the body units u mentioned. During the last 3 years i downloaded almost every mod that added new bodies in order to be inspired to create new unit types. The skeleton king,Nemesis are from Diablo units mod, from time to time i had installed 100 units mod,new arsenal over the last 3 years so there is a good chance the rest unit bodies are from there.Once im back from vacations i ll try to take a good look on this matter.Apologies for the incovienience.

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