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Closing the Rupture v1.1

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - Unofficial Patch 1.4
Map Size: L
Levels: 3
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: Yes
PBEM/Hotseat?: Yes
Multiplayer Online?: No
# of Wizards: 5
# of players: 4
Skill Level: Expert
Password Protected: No
Surface Minimap:
Cavern Minimap:
Shadow Minimap:
After countless hours of map-designing, scripting, testing, re-balancing and writing I can proudly present you my latest map, which is considering aow III is on it's way also likely to be my last one for aowsm. It is a four player map designed for single player or co-op vs. the AI and contains a rather detailed story which is being told from 4 different perspectives.

The level of difficulty is meant to be very high, though it can differ in every single game. Especially the "mid-game" (~day 10-30) can vary depending on how often certain random events will trigger. That said I also have to admit that despite many hours I spend trying to balance the map, it wont be equally difficult to play for all four wizards (my obersavtion was it's easiest for Ironymus, followed ba Shang Sel, Peligrond and then Virion; however players with a different playing style may disagree with that).

In general I'm happy about any feedback concerning balancing, possible bugs, playability, confirmability of the story (that you always knew what you had to do next) and especially regarding any mistakes I made in my texts (as I am not a native English speaker). In that connection I also want to apologize if any message or text will seem rather uninspired, I just lost the motivation for writing them from time to time as it was really hard work for me writing them in English.

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy the map and that you wont be too frustrated during your first attempts to win it.

Best regards, Eomolch

Known Bugs:
+ If you have a huge amount of money, the merchants on shadow island will sometimes claim it is not enough, that also happens if you trigger more than one event of that kind within one turn. Trying again the next turn usually solves the problem.
+ Sometimes you have to enter the towers, where you have to place the fragments, a second time (if it still doesn't work make sure you put the right fragment there and have your Lepmur expert near/learned it yourself)

+ removed item with spawn larva as it would make the game crash in quick combat
+ cheat AI cities can no longer build wizard tower

+ one new random hero for each race & some changes regarding the old ones
+ removed possess from item "Devil in the Box" (now only gives possessed and physical weakness)
+ changed 2 unit spawns of Rumpel
+ added a little surprise concerning the late game (> day 90)
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File Author
Hi Kyria, glad to hear you like the map so far. About your questions:

1. The other merchants are at the shadow weed (for the fragments, you only need that if you want to speed up the game or lost the fragment to Rumpel) and at the circus tent, where you can learn Lepmur (if you lost your Lepmur speaking hero). I thought people would automatically stumble into them, since the shadow weed is located near the towers and restores movement points.

2. See answer for 1.

3. This one is indeed a little confusing. Actually the question should only prompt if you fulfil all the requirements to be ported. And the requirements are that the right relic is at the tower and you have your Lepmur hero there or learned it yourself from the merchants. Did you stand on the tower when the question popped up? Because it can only port you directly from the tower to the other side. Also you can try to go to "your" tower first, although i think it shouldn't make a difference. By "your" tower I mean the one where you should place the fragment you got when finding your Lepmur hero (for Virion: Fragment of the Stars, Ironymus: ~Earth, Peligrond: ~Moon, Shang Sel: ~Sun).

Best regards, Eomolch

edit: Ok, it should actually really be solved by going to "your" tower first. Just took another look at the scripts and since I was lazy I only made the ones that set the corresponding flag for the tower where you are supposed to go first. Also note that for the other towers you wont need the hero around anymore, only the fragments.

On the other hand, you shouldn't have gotten the message, if you were at the wrong tower. So if you were in fact at the wright one, leave it and go directly onto it again (or wait one turn before you do so) since sometimes there are strange side-effects between different scripts (for example, if you learn Lepmur and want to buy a fragment the same turn, the merchants will claim you don't have enough gold, even though you have and if you just enter the corresponding hex the next turn they offer you the deal and say it is enough).

[Edited on 03/13/14 @ 10:04 AM]

Kyria Thanks for your answer!

Going on my tower first didn't help, but that might be because I had already dealt with that node by spawning in, to move the game along. ?
And yes, I do go directly on the tower. And I am getting the question on each and every tower. I do have all of the fragments on me.

I see no merchants anywhere in the shadow world. Maybe Rumpel killed them?

edit: I ended up porting into all four sections because I wanted to beat the hell out of Rumpel lol Oddly, the first node--nothing happened, but on the second and third, my spawned creatures where ported right back to the healing temple in the middle after razing the node.

[Edited on 03/16/14 @ 07:38 PM]

Kyria ---nevermind this post :)

[Edited on 03/16/14 @ 07:42 PM]

File Author
Ok all of this is sounds very strange, as I said, if the question pops up you should be teleported when you select "yes". Which wizard did you play? Then I could set up a test myself to see what happens (I tested it before my last answer with the fragments from the merchants and it perfectly worked).

And as for the merchants, they are no units on the map but only take part in the scenario through text messages. So if you go to one of the mentioned locations you should be prompted a text message followed by a purchase offer or two text messages if you don't have the neccessary gold.

Also, do I assume correctly that you won the game now? :)

Best regards, Eomolch
Kyria I played the frostling guy--Shang Sel?

I don't get any prompting or messages from merchants... hm. Very odd.

And yes, I did win the game :) Very nice map apart from the issue I've had. Loved the challenge.
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