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Closing the Rupture v1.1

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - Unofficial Patch 1.4
Map Size: L
Levels: 3
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: Yes
PBEM/Hotseat?: Yes
Multiplayer Online?: No
# of Wizards: 5
# of players: 4
Skill Level: Expert
Password Protected: No
Surface Minimap:
Cavern Minimap:
Shadow Minimap:
After countless hours of map-designing, scripting, testing, re-balancing and writing I can proudly present you my latest map, which is considering aow III is on it's way also likely to be my last one for aowsm. It is a four player map designed for single player or co-op vs. the AI and contains a rather detailed story which is being told from 4 different perspectives.

The level of difficulty is meant to be very high, though it can differ in every single game. Especially the "mid-game" (~day 10-30) can vary depending on how often certain random events will trigger. That said I also have to admit that despite many hours I spend trying to balance the map, it wont be equally difficult to play for all four wizards (my obersavtion was it's easiest for Ironymus, followed ba Shang Sel, Peligrond and then Virion; however players with a different playing style may disagree with that).

In general I'm happy about any feedback concerning balancing, possible bugs, playability, confirmability of the story (that you always knew what you had to do next) and especially regarding any mistakes I made in my texts (as I am not a native English speaker). In that connection I also want to apologize if any message or text will seem rather uninspired, I just lost the motivation for writing them from time to time as it was really hard work for me writing them in English.

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy the map and that you wont be too frustrated during your first attempts to win it.

Best regards, Eomolch

Known Bugs:
+ If you have a huge amount of money, the merchants on shadow island will sometimes claim it is not enough, that also happens if you trigger more than one event of that kind within one turn. Trying again the next turn usually solves the problem.
+ Sometimes you have to enter the towers, where you have to place the fragments, a second time (if it still doesn't work make sure you put the right fragment there and have your Lepmur expert near/learned it yourself)

+ removed item with spawn larva as it would make the game crash in quick combat
+ cheat AI cities can no longer build wizard tower

+ one new random hero for each race & some changes regarding the old ones
+ removed possess from item "Devil in the Box" (now only gives possessed and physical weakness)
+ changed 2 unit spawns of Rumpel
+ added a little surprise concerning the late game (> day 90)
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ratpeddler I think one of the fragments escaped me. I can not get to the NW node (with Angel) in Shadowland and therefore probably close last step the the closed off teleporter. I know complicated scripting and keeping the AIs away from stuff can be tricky! I have three fragments, but there may have been one with the sandworm that someone else got.
File Author
It's unlikely the AI got the fragment first as they are all placed in marked off areas (such as caves) and I put an AI blocker on all "entrances". It can basicly only happen if you enter and then change your mind or get killed. You know that you can also travel near the locations of the fragments at the hexes which look like teleporters next to each of the towers? And no, the sandworm just guards an ordinary item ;)
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
It is very difficult, but that is the fun. With so few new maps it is great to find one that takes time and effort to play. Some of the events are inconsistent and others repeat too often. I don't really need an archer or drill by turn 100 for instance.

Balance: 5
I only found two of the wizard's to be viable. Virion who I got too agressive with and Ironymus. Ironymus benefits from a much safer position that I could defend. There are just enough resources to slowly grow.

Creativity: 5
Almost an evil genius when it came to handicapping the wizards with alignment, spheres, and cities available. It made the game much more challenging and unique.

Map Design: 5
Very elaborate and pretty map.

Story/Instructions: 4
A lot more story then most with some nice developments in plot line and some humor. Instructions could use some beefing up; maybe use long term quests to help highlight the fragement objectives. My memory isn't that good ;-(

Additional Comments:

I can't rate it all fives because it isn't perfect. Some of the messages are confusing and not all of the scripts work consistently. However, it is still one of the best and most elaborate maps I have played. I think some more reminder messages about the fragment "quest" would be helpful.

P.S. This was on version 1.0 and some of the bugs are probably gone. I am intriqued enough I am going to check out 1.1 .

[Edited on 03/24/13 @ 02:11 PM]

furl Thanks for the great map! Story is very fun and interesting. Rumpel has been extremely annoying most of the time, but not invincible too, which is great.

I personally had some bad luck with Virion's fragment as I thought at first that it was an item that is supposed to make Rumpel weaker, so I teleported it to him. Having made that, I was unable to raze the northern node and finish the shadow world area. The merchant at the nothern tower wouldn't sell me the fragment as well. What did I do? I cast the Fire Mastery spell, found out where Rumpel is and defeated him with Hellfire, Double Gravity and 9 heavily enchanted Lords, who shadowshifted to his location a turn before.

The late game surprise was a bit shocking at first, but I managed to deal with it with Karsh the Black (are flying heroes overpowered?).

Overall this map is a pleasurable experience for any expert player round here and I recommend it to anyone who likes difficult and fun scenarios.
multilis I played as Virion, raced to get saints as early as possible and after that game isn't that hard, matter of using overwhelming force with a few saints in each stack and you can recover any important units you lose from bad luck or instead convert enemies most powerful units to your side.

(I find saints the most powerful unit in solo game)

Around turn 75 only Rumpel left, I haven't bothered trying to figure out the fragments yet. (I have a bunch of them)

I have tower gate in center city and send my stacks there for redeployment whenever Rumpel sends more lvl 3 and 4 units for my army.

I still don't have a single unit that can overcome willpower so dominate and seduce of limited use, and I don't bother as much with entangle/web/etc as normal. (Hard to get enough XP with Virion's handicap)

I had a few crashes that were solved with rebooting computer (memory leak in game?), and spotted one set of units that were 2 stacks in same hex bug. (independents after I killed their wizard)

[Edited on 06/08/13 @ 03:31 PM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
(Insert Playability analysis here)

Balance: 5
(Insert Balance analysis here)

Creativity: 5
(Insert Creativity analysis here)

Map Design: 5
(Insert Map Design analysis here)

Story/Instructions: 4
(Insert Story/Instructions analysis here)

Additional Comments:
I played the Virion the Shadow Demon wizard (pacifist). I finally won at about 260 turns. There were a few bugged things. One mine (futhest Northeast can't be used). I had a problem/bug where I could not max out research (it stayed in the middle), so it took longer than it could have. When I started entering the towers the female shaman who was originally trapped in the fire site northwest died. Byrug of the Sea (Syron and expected) and It that Kills (Shadow Demon not expected) both had terrible morale. I did not get that odd artifact mentioned in other posts. The first few rounds were quite a "joy" to play since it was a real challenge (especially when Virion has no useful spells). The hint on this forum was extremely valuable (I might have given up). I have played this game and loved it since shortly after its release. I love how folk have come up with interesting scenarios. I wish I could take the time to learn some of the great events, but most of the time the best maps are password protected. It would have been helpful if the quest line was in the storyline so you could search it for clues (instead of trying to find a saved game or coming here on this forum). I didn't understand the point of the maze in the northeast corner either. I finally allied with Peligrond when he was getting beat on all the time, and I was like 2x as strong. I do not get how Rumpel can come out a "random" (one way for him) portal even if I destroyed them.
File Author
Though I'm not sure if some of the people who commented on this map will be around to read this, I will try to answer most of the questions and critique everyone proposed...

@ratpeddler: I do agree that the (repeated) events of Ironymous are a little bit uninspired, especially in the long run. To be honest that is also part of the reason why I didn't like playing him that much myself (despite that he is easiest to play). Maybe I will find the time to replace them with a somewhat more sophisticated chain of events when or if I make an overhaul of the map. In that context, some reminder messages regarding the story line would also make sense, I just nether played around with the "quest" events of the editor so far (and also they suggest a time limit that certainly doesn't exist in most of the cases).

@furl: I probably should have pointed out the role of the fragments more clearly in the message you get when picking up the first one. It can also be a problem when you find a different fragment first, since the message is only displayed after acquiring "your" fragment (the one, that also grants you the hero). Other than that I'm not sure why the merchant didn't sell the item to you, did he offer you the trade in the first place or did simply nothing happen when you entered the corresponding hex?

@multilis: I admit I didn't pay much attention to the "saints strategy" that I most likely would also have tried if I were in your place (since resurrect is way too powerful) because in the original version of the map the racial relation penalty of Virion towards Archons wasn't removed when conquering Santa Titania. I changed that so that players would have the choice to either stick to shadow demons or change their strategy using archons instead (with the downside of heroes having low morale). Banning the faction buildings could be an option in this case...

As far as the multi-stack in one hex bug is concerned, I have unfortunately no idea how to fix it :( it also ocurred in my first map (Eo's MiddleEarth) and seems to be caused when the AI has huge armies moving through a a narrow spot (like a bridge).

@Steve4505: The mine you've been talking about is razed from the beginning if I am not mistaken. So it makes sense you can't actually capture it unless you rebuild it first ;) The "Death" of the nomad hero also is something that is supposed to happen and should have been (though a little briefly) explained in the story messages you got. Then, as far as the morale of the hero goes, that was most likely a result of the constitution of the groups they were in and/or your relationship with the corresponding races (e.g. if you don't replace the archons in the archon town, your shadow demon heroes will likely have a bad morale, especially when in a stack with units that have a good alignment). Concerning the research problem, is it possible that one of the AI players had power leak active when you could only reasearch with half the speed? In that case it would be just a consequence of the spell and supposed to happen. The maze is just a ridde, nothing more, nothing less. It has no influence on the story ;) And if you really want to find out how all the Rumpel related mechanics work, take a look at the map in the editor (though I like to leave some mysteries about how things work in my maps :D)

Last, I do want to ask you folks for an opinion: Since the release of this map I was working on a different project, a custom campaign for BNW 3.2 which is planned to include 4 successive scenarios, and since I don't always have that much time for mapping (and not always the motivation either) I was wondering whether I should release the maps one by one or rather all at once without knowing when or if I'll finish the whole campaign. So what do you think I should do?

Best regards,

[Edited on 07/08/13 @ 06:29 AM]

Blackthor beautiful scenario!
I'm playing Ironymus, at turn 94 only Rupmel is alive

I've the four fragments but... where do I place them??

ratpeddler Re: Next Map

I think a serialized approach would be fine. We can't play them all at one time either.
Kyria I have really enjoyed the map so far. But I have some issues:
1. There are no merchants on shadow island, so not sure what other commenters are talking about. (other than the transports for 200 gold)
2. The sign states the cost for three actions. One of them is training in Lepmur. Where do I get that training?!
3. Finally figured out I need to enter the towers with the hero who has the fragment(s), but upon prompting: do you want to go to the other side, and I answer yes, nothing happens at all. I do have my Lepmur speaking hero with me, too.
A bit confusing. Hope I can get some answers. Right now, the only way I can proceed, is by casting into the area with the nodes and capture and destroy that way. But it feels like cheating and is not the idea behind the story.
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