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Closing the Rupture v1.1

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - Unofficial Patch 1.4
Map Size: L
Levels: 3
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: Yes
PBEM/Hotseat?: Yes
Multiplayer Online?: No
# of Wizards: 5
# of players: 4
Skill Level: Expert
Password Protected: No
Surface Minimap:
Cavern Minimap:
Shadow Minimap:
After countless hours of map-designing, scripting, testing, re-balancing and writing I can proudly present you my latest map, which is considering aow III is on it's way also likely to be my last one for aowsm. It is a four player map designed for single player or co-op vs. the AI and contains a rather detailed story which is being told from 4 different perspectives.

The level of difficulty is meant to be very high, though it can differ in every single game. Especially the "mid-game" (~day 10-30) can vary depending on how often certain random events will trigger. That said I also have to admit that despite many hours I spend trying to balance the map, it wont be equally difficult to play for all four wizards (my obersavtion was it's easiest for Ironymus, followed ba Shang Sel, Peligrond and then Virion; however players with a different playing style may disagree with that).

In general I'm happy about any feedback concerning balancing, possible bugs, playability, confirmability of the story (that you always knew what you had to do next) and especially regarding any mistakes I made in my texts (as I am not a native English speaker). In that connection I also want to apologize if any message or text will seem rather uninspired, I just lost the motivation for writing them from time to time as it was really hard work for me writing them in English.

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy the map and that you wont be too frustrated during your first attempts to win it.

Best regards, Eomolch

Known Bugs:
+ If you have a huge amount of money, the merchants on shadow island will sometimes claim it is not enough, that also happens if you trigger more than one event of that kind within one turn. Trying again the next turn usually solves the problem.
+ Sometimes you have to enter the towers, where you have to place the fragments, a second time (if it still doesn't work make sure you put the right fragment there and have your Lepmur expert near/learned it yourself)

+ removed item with spawn larva as it would make the game crash in quick combat
+ cheat AI cities can no longer build wizard tower

+ one new random hero for each race & some changes regarding the old ones
+ removed possess from item "Devil in the Box" (now only gives possessed and physical weakness)
+ changed 2 unit spawns of Rumpel
+ added a little surprise concerning the late game (> day 90)
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File Author
Hi Kirky,
you are absolutely right about the crashes being caused by the item and not by BNW. Not long after I wrote my last comment here, I got suspicious myself, as my game would also keep crashing on day 50 or so. So I looked around and noticed one of the AI heroes had the item Mark of the Broodmother which indeed gives Spawn Larva. The interesting thing is, the game only crashes if you have it in quick combat (I already got the item myself in another game and therefore thought it wasn't causing the problem). Anyway I removed it now from the map and advice you to do the same /re-download the map. As for the other "weird" items, I created all items of the map myself and used the Scenario Editor Mod for some of them (also for the majority of the heroes) and while I tested most of it's unusual effects, I didn't use the possess item with my wizard, only with my hero :P (and yes, it transformed him into an incarnat)
dave111 As far as the editor is concerned I have the standard one. To disable the tower edit the city and select wizards tower in the upgrade box and use the disable/enable button that is under the box to disable it. I rechecked my game and I hadn't taken his capital yet, he wasn't there so I suspect an earlier battle pushed him into the void, but he hadn't lost the city, then reappeared in the cheat city. It may have razed his city when I took the capital, but that doesn't push him into the void, so I think he is still there, just no city, and no way to get to him to beat him.
File Author
Thank you dave111 for clearing this up, I really didn't know that and how it was possible with the standard editor (shame on me :p). I've updated the map accordingly, note however that considering the AI wont be able to build wizards towers and all buildings a wizards tower unlocks, the difficulty of the map will slightly increase, since the AI will now take more time building units in those cities.
lympf Played Virion in the common way. Defeated the last Wiz Rumpel on day 417.
Like the map and the game.
Didn't use the posses item, but will try it now
to see what happens - very interessting.
Watschenbaum "Defeated the last Wiz Rumpel on day 417"? Wow, you are a very sustained and patient player!!!
Kirky Picardo
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
(Insert Playability analysis here)

Balance: 5
(Insert Balance analysis here)

Creativity: 5
(Insert Creativity analysis here)

Map Design: 5
(Insert Map Design analysis here)

Story/Instructions: 5
(Insert Story/Instructions analysis here)

Additional Comments:
I have become addicted to this map playing it multiple times as different wizards. The one disagreement I would have with the mapmaker is that in a response to a previous post he stated that the map is not balanced for BNW. Well I definately disagree with this with some exceptions.

I did not play far using the shadow demon wizard as I didn't like being a pacifist with BNW. This takes away too much from upgrading units and developing heros. However, this is just a personal preference of mine and I think even if I was playing under default rules I would not like being a pacifist.

The map is much harder using BNW. This is especially true playing as asgardians. Under default rules your shard throwers easily freeze crushers and your other guys can mop up the weak level ones. However with BNW your base unit (ice maiden) is very weak and does not start with frost bolts. You have to upgrade her to get that. Also the initial Zulian raiders consist of all strong level twos. You will really need to use great tactics popping out of gates to split the armies as they assault your town. You need to use blazing comet with your wiz followed by your hero to hopefully take out a balista early and use everything at your disposal to win even the first battle. It is essential that you don't lose the level two unit you start with as you will need to upgrade it asap. You also need your hero to make as many kills as possible and use the animate corpse skill with your wizard while also trying to nurture at least one ice maiden to morph into a snow queen giving you one range unit which can freeze units. After doing this I quickly built a builders hall so I could get a balista as well. The raiders come at you stronger and faster than in the normal game and these are just hellish battles. However, if you can prevail you will definately feel a sense of accomplishment.

EDIT: The above tactics were in a game where I did not start with any range units. I just started another game as asgardians and this time I did have a stormwatch unit (has frost bolts) and my level two starting unit was an asgardian archer. Having two range units makes these early battles much easier of course, but is still harder with BNW than the normal game. :)

There were a couple oddities I found with the map but not so much to take away from the overall rating.

The possess item does work oddly if used by a wizard. It can essentially give you two incarnates for a trip to the void. You can repeat this too.

Without giving too much away, you travel through watchtowers to four destinations to raze some nodes. I was not clear on this my first time playing and after taking the nodes I recalled my heroes not knowing how else to get them back. When I realized what I needed to do I could not get back to one of the nodes. Luckily I had a previous save from before I travelled there and could just use that.

I just want to thank the mapmaker for an extremely enjoyable experience. You may not be a BNW fan and prefer peeps play your map under default rules, however, it truly plays beautifully under BNW. It fits it just like a glove! I love the hard start where you have just an oupost, tiny army and hero which you try to grow into a massive poweful empire. It's my favorite way of playing. :)



[Edited on 03/21/13 @ 07:09 PM]

File Author
First of all, thank you Kirky, for your very nice review on my map and it pleases me to hear that I am not the only person enjoying it (since I designed it in a way, that I would find the most convenient myself). I may have created a wrong impression concerning my opinion of BNW though. I never said, I didn't like BNW, on the contrary I think it's a really great mod which has basicly only one downside and that is heroes being way too powerful, making ordinary matches vs the AI rather boring (for me). So when I said the map isn't balanced with BMW I just wanted to point out that it wasn't designed for BNW and therefore I assumed it wouldn't be balanced with BNW very well. (I once wanted to play it with BNW myself and noticed that it is indeed (much) more difficult in the beginning, especially for Shang Sel.) Therefore it's great to hear it actually does work fine with the mod :)

About the possess item, I now removed the possess from it, so that it only gives possessed and physical weakness. That means you can still trade being forced into the void for one incarnate, but since that means all enchantments being dispelled as well as cancelling any spell in progress, I think it is now only lucrative in the early or midgame. If it turns out that it still can be abused too badly, I'll probably have to remove it completely. I just didn't want to do that yet since I think the item itself is quite funny and also no one is forced to abuse it with his or her wizard.

Third and last, I would like to know if in the game you described you got to "your" node first or if you had collected more than one fragment before you got to shadow island and therefore possibly travelled to one of the other nodes first. (So all in all, if you got the corresponding message, when you flagged the node.) In any case, it is still possible travelling from the towers again, as long as the right fragment is placed there. (Note that there is even the possibility to buy a new fragment of each kind once, in case you placed your old one on the other side or lost it to Rumpel and he teleported it to himself (which rarely happens as he usualy has at least one hero)).

Best regards,
Kirky Picardo Hi Eomolch,

I only used the possess item in my very first game. I had gotten it pretty early and was curious about it. ;) After you updated the map with the spawn larva item removed I downloaded the new version and started over. I never used the possess item again as my curiosity had been satisfied. :)

I believe I had gathered all the fragments in the game where I couldn't get back to one of the nodes. I don't remember which island I traveled to first. It was the southwest island with the death node that I couldn't get back to and that may of also been the first one I traveled to, but I can't be completely sure. No big deal though because as I said I did have a previous save that I used and had no problems after.


ratpeddler I am very late in the game with most of the map and the fragments under control. I suspect I missed some of the instructions as this bug note does not make any sense to me (and may explain why I can't find Rumpel).

Sometimes you have to enter the towers, where you have to place the fragments, a second time (if it still doesn't work make sure you put the right fragment there and have your Lepmur expert near/learned it yourself)

What towers are you referring to? Are they the ones in the shadow world near matching territory to fragment?

P.S. A great and challenging map! I will review after completion. I am playing 1.0.
File Author
Yes, that bug note is referring to the four watch towers in the shadow layer. You should have gotten a message related to them and the fragments immediately after you picked up "your" fragment (the one closest to you; for Virion: Fragment of the Stars, Ironymus: ~Earth, Peligrond: ~Moon, Shang Sel: ~Sun). It's the message you get right after the Lepmur-speaking hero joined you. Perhaps you bought one of the fragments and it was by slim chance the one you were supposed to find first? Because in that case, you wouldn't have gotten the message (nor the hero).
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