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Closing the Rupture v1.1

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - Unofficial Patch 1.4
Map Size: L
Levels: 3
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: Yes
PBEM/Hotseat?: Yes
Multiplayer Online?: No
# of Wizards: 5
# of players: 4
Skill Level: Expert
Password Protected: No
Surface Minimap:
Cavern Minimap:
Shadow Minimap:
After countless hours of map-designing, scripting, testing, re-balancing and writing I can proudly present you my latest map, which is considering aow III is on it's way also likely to be my last one for aowsm. It is a four player map designed for single player or co-op vs. the AI and contains a rather detailed story which is being told from 4 different perspectives.

The level of difficulty is meant to be very high, though it can differ in every single game. Especially the "mid-game" (~day 10-30) can vary depending on how often certain random events will trigger. That said I also have to admit that despite many hours I spend trying to balance the map, it wont be equally difficult to play for all four wizards (my obersavtion was it's easiest for Ironymus, followed ba Shang Sel, Peligrond and then Virion; however players with a different playing style may disagree with that).

In general I'm happy about any feedback concerning balancing, possible bugs, playability, confirmability of the story (that you always knew what you had to do next) and especially regarding any mistakes I made in my texts (as I am not a native English speaker). In that connection I also want to apologize if any message or text will seem rather uninspired, I just lost the motivation for writing them from time to time as it was really hard work for me writing them in English.

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy the map and that you wont be too frustrated during your first attempts to win it.

Best regards, Eomolch

Known Bugs:
+ If you have a huge amount of money, the merchants on shadow island will sometimes claim it is not enough, that also happens if you trigger more than one event of that kind within one turn. Trying again the next turn usually solves the problem.
+ Sometimes you have to enter the towers, where you have to place the fragments, a second time (if it still doesn't work make sure you put the right fragment there and have your Lepmur expert near/learned it yourself)

+ removed item with spawn larva as it would make the game crash in quick combat
+ cheat AI cities can no longer build wizard tower

+ one new random hero for each race & some changes regarding the old ones
+ removed possess from item "Devil in the Box" (now only gives possessed and physical weakness)
+ changed 2 unit spawns of Rumpel
+ added a little surprise concerning the late game (> day 90)
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Watschenbaum Dear Eomolch, dear rest of the world,

did anyone of you survive the first 4 rounds? My minimum army being attacked by one berserk stack of 7 units and shortly later by another size 8 stack?

Or did I get something wrong? Is it true I have to spend the first rounds running away from these stacks summoning extra units until I can survive the second attack?

Regards from rainy Munich
File Author
Dear Watschenbaum,
I know the beginning of the map may be a little bit shocking at first, however running away with your wizard is definitely not neccessary! The key to surviving the first two attacks is hurrying baracks (or building hall for Ironymus) and then producing 1 ranged unit each turn (hurrying again if neccessary) so you have 5-6 defenders when the first attack comes and 7-8 when the second independent army attacks. Of course depending on your starting spells and army sometimes it's easier and sometimes harder, but even in worst case of my testing games at least my wizard and my hero would survive. If you were playing Shang Sel you maybe should try a different wizard first as it was my observation defeating the first two armies is hardest with him (the part after that is a different story though).

If more people have such big problems with the beginning I could write some kind of walkthrough for that part of the map. That said I have to admit I coudln't win a single game of the current map version yet :D (at least not without making an alliance with the AI) But when I played with Shang Sel I was very slow in the beginning and still got close to defeating Rumpel so I guess it is still possible.

Best regards,
Demorus Dear Eomolch,

first of all, thank you for this very beautifully designed map! What I have seen so far was quiet amazing. This is kind of the map, that I have been looking for for a long time now.

I'm playing Virion and in my opinion the difficulty is not that hard, atleast until now. I'm at day 80 right now, but sadly my game keeps crashing when it is Rumpel's turn on day 81. My last savegame before that is from round 20 or something. Maybe when I have some more time, I will start from the beginning again.

Thanks again and keep your good work up.

Kind regards,
File Author
Dear Demorus,
I'm happy to hear that you liked my map so far :) and that you do not think it is too difficult (I always knew if I can win it, other people will probably be able to win it without much problems ;-P). Unfortunately I have no idea, why the game should crash on day 81 (and in general!) as there are no specific events triggering on day 81 (only some that trigger each turn & some that you can trigger yourself). When I played the map it crashed only once so far and that was when I got attacked and chose quick combat. (And I got past day 80 several times.)

Unrelated to your problem I updated the map some minutes ago (though it will take some more time until the server updates the file). Only some minor changes in 3-4 texts and concerning the abilities and names of 2 of the random heroes.

Best regards, Eomolch
Hcir I to have the problem with being killed off after the first three or four rounds. First one stack attacks me, which I survive, and then the next round a larger stack attacks and I am DOA. Tried playing as other wizards and the only difference is get to see a couple messages telling that the wizards that got to go before me die in the same round that I do. It sounds like that attacks should be more spaced out then one right after the other, not sure though.
Hmmmmm edit, I think I have extra or different stuff going as I have used BNW etc. so that may be where the trouble is coming from.

[Edited on 03/11/13 @ 08:23 PM]

Watschenbaum Dear Hcir, dear rest of the world,

Eomolch was right: Hurrying barracks and buying level 1 shooters made me survive the beserk attacks in rounds 3 and 5. I played the Shadow Demons but I don't know if this strategy works with other wizards, too. In fact how the Undead wizard can stay alive is still a secret to me.

Progress goes very slow due to the high efforts made at the beginning of the game. After conquering the first independent village in round 10 or so, things start to become easier. I am now in round 50 and everything looks fine.

Rumpel, however, has turned up on the surface with large armies recently, but since his troops are scattered I hope I will be able to keep him under control.

Regards from snowy Munich

[Edited on 03/13/13 @ 05:00 AM]

Demorus I did start over again and now the game kept crashing at around turn 100, so I did some research. I have to say that I am also playing with BNW 3.2 active. The Elf player had some hero called Lizz (Random BNW hero I believe) who had gained the ability "spawn larva" by levelling up. But this seems to be bugged, so any time the hero attacks or is attacked, she would spawn an infinite amount of larvas and therefore the game crashes. I think however, that this is a problem of BNW and not of this scenario. Just wanted to mention this, in case of any one else having this problem.

[Edited on 03/13/13 @ 01:42 PM]

dave111 Fun little map, beat Rumpel at turn 147 playing the dark elf. One issue though, I couldn't complete the map as one of the AI players had moved to a cheat city (I gave up looking for him and allied so I could find him). Perhaps those cities should have the wizards tower disabled since there is no way to get to them.
File Author
Thank you Demorus for looking into your problem yourself. It reliefs me a little to know that it was somehow BNW (which the map is not even balanced for) related and not due to the map itself. Lizz was one of my heroes though (even if not exactly the most creative of the ones I made for the map).

As for the AI hiding in one of the Cheat Cities, I will look into that, as it shouldn't be happening in the current version. For the cities are razed when the corresponding AI player looses it's capital and I even included scripts to re-raze them whenever Peligrond would feel like using animate ruins. Disabling Wizard Towers for them however might be the most elegant solution. - Which leads me to the stupid question, where I can find that new map editor that allows such restrictions? I know it must be somewhere here at aow heaven, but I honestly couldn't find it yet...
Kirky Picardo Howdy,

I have been playing and enjoying this map tonight (with BNW :p), and I can see how it is pretty hard early on. Playing as the elf wizard the first stack which attacks is not so bad. In fact, the wizard can win this by himself with his decent stats and life stealing ability. The 2nd stack however is quite a bit more difficult. There does not appear to be enough time to build baracks at this position and only time enough to build two grove maidens. However, once that battle is won with a seducing hero you can gain some more units fairly quickly (if the hero survives of course).

After seeing Demorus' comments I did want to mention that I don't believe the problem he is having is BNW related at all. Spawn Larva is not a skill any heroes have or can learn in BNW. I did notice there is at least one item on the map, 'Mark of the Broodmoth' (not a BNW item by the way) which does give the spawn larva skill. My guess is Demorus got this item which I assume causes the crashes he experienced.

EDIT: I just tested this and indeed the game will crash if your hero has this item and is attacked.

There are some unusual items on this map. I was using a possess item with my wizard which I have never had before and it was interesting to see what happened when I tried to possess a Dark Angel. The first successful attempt turned my wizard into an incarnate but did not possess the Dark Angel. The 2nd attempt did possess the angel but apparantly sent my wizard to the void. The next day when he reappeared in town the Dark Angel turned back into an independent unit, heh.

Anyway, the map is very interesting and challenging too!



[Edited on 03/15/13 @ 04:04 AM]

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