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Master and Servant - Shippyard

Author File Description
The Groll
File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - Unofficial Patch 1.4
Map Size: M
Levels: 3
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: Yes
PBEM/Hotseat?: Yes
Multiplayer Online?: Yes
# of Wizards: 8
# of players: 8
Skill Level: Expert
Password Protected: No
Surface Minimap:
Cavern Minimap:
Shadow Minimap:
Update 25.Sepember 2012

All the small changes made.
New version v9.0 uploaded here


Update 10.Sepember 2012
I played a coop game with two players now.
Goblins and Draconians.
It was very thrilling and often on the edge but in the end I won with this coop alliance against the two strong AI players (Undead and Shadowdemon). Now I can say the map is playtested and works fine. I will only do some very small changes in the future but this are not needed changes to win the map or bugs.
Good luck and fun playing Master and Servant.


Update 29.August 2012
I found the time to play as the pirate wizard this time and need to say that this map is more for experts than advanced.
Furthermore I think it is a very good coop map where two or more players fight two terrible strong AIs.
I played to day 100 now and I did not have a chance to win it anymore.
It was fighting from the start and I can´t win much against this enemies.
Therefore it would be good to play more than one race if you play SP or play it with good friends in coop MP.

Release notes

Master And Servant – Shipyard v8.9

AoWSM map and story


The Groll

This is a two language map – German + English
This map was once only a testmap to try a new version of PawelSs AoWSM Editor called X3.
In long talks I explained my wishes to have more abilities in the city structure list inside the editor.

This map shall show the abilities of this new modded editor version under upatch 1.4.
Main view is the city structure build list.
It is no longer needed to build for example a wizard tower III to have a object guild.

Diese Map wurde ursprünglich als Testmap für PawelSs gemoddeten Editor gebaut.
In einem längeren Gespräch haben wir uns über Möglichkeiten des Editors und meine Wünsche für mehr Möglichkeiten beim Bau von Gebäuden in Städten unterhalten.

Dies ist eine zweisprachige Map: Deutsch + Englisch
Diese Map soll zeigen was mit dem gemoddeten AoWSM Editor unter Upatch 1.4 möglich ist.
Der Schwerpunkt liegt hier auf der Baumstruktur der Stadtgebäude.
Es ist nicht länger notwendig z.B. eine Kaserne und eine Kriegshauptquartier zu bauen, um danach erst die Elitegilde zu bauen.
Man kann mit diesem Editor jetzt schon die Elitegilde in einer Stadt platzieren wenn man die Map baut und die vorhergehenden Strukturen disablen.

No big story ingame.
Only a small Event-based-RPG-like-Intro during the first maybe 30 days.

This is a multi language map. All text will be in German and English.

This is the story of the Green Isles.

A dark power will arise which will sweep everything away...
Animals and humans, even trees and stones.
Even the ocean will bog in the nothingness in the end and all magic of this world will be drawn out until NOTHING will be left over than empty space in an immemorial time.
This power seems to be irresistible and it will disperse in the inner part of the Big Island like a virus.
Predicted from the seers. Nobody may believe but the seers have confirmed their skills many times as the wise men wouldn't believe them.
Powers beyond the sea noticed this menace now, but they are only weak here and if their attempt to stop the destroyer of the world will be successful, can only be told by the future.

You're now part of this story.
Will you be swallowed by ye or will she guide you to fame and unforgettable glory?

Dies ist die Geschichte der Grünen Inseln.

Eine dunkle Macht zieht herauf die alles hinweg fegen wird...
Getier wie Mensch, ja selbst Baum und Stein.
Selbst das Meer wird am Ende im Nichts versinken und alle Magie dieser Welt wird aus ihr heraus gesogen werden, bis NICHTS mehr übrig bleibt von ihr als nur leerer Raum in einer undenklichen Zeit.
Unaufhaltsam scheint diese Macht zu sein und wie ein Geschwür breitet sie sich im Inneren der Großen Insel aus.
So prophezeien es die Seher. Niemand mag es glauben doch die Seher haben ihre Fähigkeiten schon zu oft bewiesen, als das die Weisen ihnen keinen Glauben schenken.
Mächte von jenseits des Meeres sind nun auf diese Bedrohung aufmerksam geworden, doch sind sie hier nur schwach und ob ihr Versuch, den Zerstörer der Welt aufzuhalten, erfolgreich sein wird, kann nur die Zukunft zeigen.

Ihr seid nun Teil dieser Geschichte...
Wird sie euch verschlingen oder zu Ruhm und unvergesslicher Ehre geleiten?

Some more facts:

- All original items and heroes deleted
- Round about 300 new items (most taken from my older maps).
- Round about 150 new heroes (most taken from my older maps).
- Eight new wizard faces.
- City limits + new city structure arrangement
- 73 hours of work.
- 8 players playable. Whichever race you chose, the AI player will tune up.
- Don´t expect many events if you don´t play the pre-chosen human player. This map is for showing new abilities but also (hopefully) a thrilling game in SP and MP.
- Expect a thrilling gamplay and interesting map setup.
- Expect two dangerous AI players. I use pushup events to make them stronger. The AI gets more gold, mana and units.

If you want to have a closer look to some ingame pictures follow the links below:

Spieler/players: Master and Servant - Werft
Spieler 1 (Graf Medusa Maxima) – Schattendämonen – Shadow Demons
Spieler 2 (Herrman) – Menschen - Humans
Spieler 3 (Kieler Jung) – Menschen - Humans
Spieler 4 (Lady Syr) – Syron
Spieler 5 (Weihnachtsechse) – Draconier - Draconians
Spieler 6 (Gobbomutter Ursel) – Goblins
Spieler 7 (Piratenbraut) – Menschen - Humans
Spieler 8 (Bringer des Nichts) - Schattendämonen – Shadow Demons

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Very Special Thanks go to:

To A l b a r o n for 99% of the German translations to English.
To PawelS for making this new version of the AoWSM Editor.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The map is not really tested so far.
I don´t have much time anymore to play it to the end nor make more as a fast testgame.
The testgame was played to day 30 maybe and all events work so far.

I wish you much fun, exploring and playing "Master and Servant - Shipyard".

Up the irons!

Author, Date and Version:

The Groll, 19. August 2012, v.8.9
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
ratpeddler I will have to give it a second try and play co-op as you advised. I tried to play one player and was stymied. The continual plagues on the only city I got on the main island made progress virtually impossible. Glad to see you got to play test it more and make updates. Your maps are always interesting. My first impression was you must have been into a little S & M with this map... and I was the machocist for playing it.
The Groll
File Author
Thanks a lot again for your comment.
I like it a lot as you know to get feedback.
S & M?
The map is called M & S what means Master and Servant not Sado and Maso.

I would like to read more of your comments when you try it again.
Now after your first "failure" you know more about it.
Now you know better what races you maybe want to play.
I would like to know which ones you played then and if you made it.

the map is really hard to play and the AIs don´t know fear in this world.

To be honest...
I used many bad tricks to win. For example I use the spell that removes mountains from the surface to enter the undead realm because the gates where blocked with many troops.

Like The Wilderness it is a good coop map or a map for someone how likes to play two nations in a SP game.

Please write how you made it next time.
And remember it´s S & M - ahhhm... M & S of course.
Watschenbaum Lieber Groll,

I was happy to read rat peddler's comment on your map: He found it S & M and failed to complete it. So did I and now I am happy to hear that I am not the only masochist who played this map.

In fact I liked the map a lot since the problem of finding a city which is capable of building a wizard's tower is very inventive. After several restarts I finally found one and built up a little "empire" of two cities, two towns and one village.

Invading the center of the map, however, turned out to be impossible for me. Sticking in the westmost city was okay, but fighting in the damnation areas reduced by troops dramatically so that I had to give up in round 40 or so. Without strong heroes and with permanent lack of natural healing there was no way of withstanding the AI atacks.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed your map. I don't know, however, if anyone can win it as a single human player.

By the way, I played the Human guy starting in the northwest corner of the map.

Gruesse aus dem verschneiten Muenchen

[Edited on 10/29/12 @ 11:18 AM]

The Groll
File Author
Thanks Watschenbaum!

Nice to see you again.
Yes the map is hard to play and win.

Nice to hear that developing was fun.
This was the goal in this map.
To not have all structures in the city develop mechanism.

How I win the game:
I played and won it at my third try with the Goblins.
I played two factions. Means I played a coop game in SP.
Goblins (at peace with Undead and Shadowdeamons from the start) and Draconians (saver on their island).
Anaything the Dracs own from the AI players was send to the Goblins.
So the resource was save and the Goblins and Dracs share money, mana , spells and knowledge.

Then when I sneak into the center area with strong Goblin forces I declare war on the Undead and killed him after some days in his two towns with wizard towers.
After this the surface was free.

During the game the Goblin was able to block AI forces at many places so Dracs where able to fight in "save areas".

This all is not really a "fair play" from a Gentleman perspective but it works and was not against the rules.

How to be able to win this map?
To get a weaker AI enemy you can go to the editor and change some of the AI spawn events.
Gove them less or weaker spawn units and the enemy will have less and/or weaker units in the whole game.
So you can win against the AI enemies but still have fun playing the map and still are under the domain of this evil empire.

Thanks to all who give feedback!
Thanks a lot for playing and giving feedback here!
Thats what makes me happy!

[Edited on 10/30/12 @ 03:03 PM]

Watschenbaum Lieber Groll,

I will start another try tonight with two fractions: Humans and Draconians. I will tell you how this will end. Will take some time I guess.


Watschenbaum Lieber Groll,

I have tried Piratenbraut, Lady Sir and Weihnachtechse for several times and lost all games. Maybe this map can only be played in a multiplayer way.

I will, however, try try the Goblins first.

Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
(Insert Playability analysis here)

Balance: 5
(Insert Balance analysis here)

Creativity: 5
(Insert Creativity analysis here)

Map Design: 5
(Insert Map Design analysis here)

Story/Instructions: 5
(Insert Story/Instructions analysis here)

Additional Comments:

Groll's scenarios are, as always, a lot of pleasure and a challenge. Beautiful landscapes, clear story and of course nice treasures ! :-)
I wouldn't have been able to beat the map, unless I got really lucky with 1st, getting the physical immunity from the "nothing" hero :) (a couple of lightning storms from me and allied syrons got him overland) and getting the super uber shield of immunities as a reward from the order quest. the only weakness left was the poison, but of course manual battles made it trivial really. So, this invincible hero made the game from challenging to very easy. But, I do have a question. because I was able to resurrect the big red eye and dominate a lot of things with it, my neutral herman eventually went evil, which seems to made it a bit easier on him, since the 2 allied super evils didn't like to attack him much. Does that stay permanent or can be changed again back to neutral, or even good? I couldn't wait and play more, cause it was close to turn 100 or so when I got both evils.
Again, a big thanks to Groll for the map. And hopefully we'll get to see another scenario from him for christmas ! :) :)
The Groll
File Author
Hello and thanks a lot for this review DarkNolan!

To beat the enemy on day 100 is more than impressive even when you tell us how lucky you was with the Nothing hero and this nice shield.
Of course this "setup" changed it all but nevertheless day 100 is an impressive mark.

I am no expert for morale and destination (good-bad) of wizards. But the more evil strong units you have the more will your wizard get evil (even when you have lots of good cities).

Thanks for the "challenging comments".
I always try to make scenarios where one can find good or bad treasures, bad surprises but also some nice surprises.
Because AoWSM is not only a strategy game but also a game where players seek for surprises (whatever they are).

My later scenarios don´t have much story compared to my other maps like Marlenes Laughter or The Wilderness for example.
I try to write less but give the player a idea of a story. A story can then grow in his mind.
this map is maybe a good example for this idea.
One can call me also lazy of course. ;)

About the Christmas wishes.
I think I need to disappoint you.
But lets say "maybe".

I have not abandoned AoWSM so far and still have stuff in the vice.
During the years I started some maps but never finished them.
They are older now but up to date when it comes to design and event design.
Lets see if I can do...

Thanks for this maybe overrated vote.
But what is overrated if one have fun in a map?
And is loosing a hard map a reason for doing a bad vote?
the most people should be able to make the map easier with some few changes on the AIs spawns.

I thank you a lot.
This vote shows me that there are still people that like AoWSM and like to play my maps.
If more people would vote I think mapmakers would make more maps.
Watschenbaum Dear Groll,

sorry for not answering for a long time but as told you, it would take weeks to finish your wonderful map.

I am playing Grandmother Gobbo (the Goblin lady) in parallel mode (no second player). Since her starting point is far better than any other human player, I made good progress until round 88. I have chased Weihnachtsechse from her central island and moved Gobbo into this tower. The centtral position is very important for further progress in the future.

Unfortunately, I haven't got anything such as an invincible hero. Therefore, I needed to build new outposts, upgrade my capital and recruit strong armies to keep the Evil hordes under control. Progress, however, is very difficult and only comes step by step.

Last week I started to pause because winning this map means a lot of stress and concentration. I will continue, soon, however. Especially after Chrismas I will have much more time and leisure to continue.

I will inform you if I finally made it!

Regards from cloudy Munich
multilis Lady Sir, probably have won early, was a slaughter. (I quit playing as winning so badly that got boring).

Spoilers below...

A weakness in map perhaps is sending birds early into enemy center means not only do you raid and delay him, you also get some spells and army meant for him. (Game rates birds as stronger than it should so I was able to keep undead army from rebelling as it played hit and run on enemy)

AI being very stupid, birds are very useful for capture unguarded and run to delay the enemy big stacks.

If I had known Goblin and draconian locations I could have crushed them faster.

Similarly to know archon ruins earlier would have been nasty, it produces saints right away. Near saint city you get draco elders as cheap bards.

Enemy hero "The Nothing" was easy to trap, physical, poison, death, magic invulnerable.

I found some very powerful items, a bow with "marksman 4, seeker, archery, holy bolts (+other big bonuses)", another item that gives "flying, phase, ram", and various very good armor... so had another sort of 1 man army that could defeat some types of stacks.

Being Air magic you also get wind ward (and seeker). Easy to get taunt. So you can kill all but one enemy ranged attacker and taunt and range kill the rest while they stay behind city walls. You can also trade for rot, etc.

If you capture the level 3 wizard tower on other side, then your bozo AI allies can actually help more, before that they are handicapped by only being able to cast spells in the limited domain that overlaps with you.

Lots of item forges all over map... trap is very useful and cheap item for your heroes.

I ended up going neutral: Syrons #1, then humans and draco so all friendly, and only pure good and pure evil as mildly hostile which bards can fix.

[Edited on 12/27/12 @ 05:18 PM]

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