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Eo's MiddleEarth V2.3

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - Unofficial Patch 1.4
Map Size: XL
Levels: 3
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: Yes
PBEM/Hotseat?: Yes
Multiplayer Online?: Yes
# of Wizards: 8
# of players: 8
Skill Level: Expert
Password Protected: No
Surface Minimap:
Cavern Minimap:
This is the latest version of my map, and it evolved from quite a lot of games with a friend of mine, who never got tired of telling me when something was amiss, unapropriate or too easy, and now after almost 1 year I just thought, why not share the current version with anyone who'd want to give it a shot ? ;)

Listing all the changes compared to the map I submitted last year would give me a terrible headache and probably spoil the fun for you, so I'll just stick to some general facts:

- the map is now based on the unofficial patch 1.4 (this includes a richer map design)
- Kankras Lair and Misty Mountains got an overhaul
- Umbar plays a much more important role then it used to
- finding the Ring is a lot more difficult, seriously better get yourself a unit with true seeing or Gollum will stay invisible for ever (if one of the evil players finds the ring however you will be notified)
- Aglarond added beneath Helms Deep
- Lothlorien should be worth a visit when carrying the ring (and: Will you look into the mirror?)
- many changes in balancing, most are meant to raise the level of dificulty
- also, the map is currently designed for two human players, so alone vs KI on emperor might be impossible to win

Not sure if I missed anything, but as I said it's just a vague summary. Comment on the map if you like, feedback as well as suggestions are much appreciated.

Kind regards, Eomolch

+++++Changelog 2.3+++++++

- redesigned Eregion, the Trollshaws and Osgiliath (no changes in events though) + some terrain changes here and there
- removed Drain Will from the ring as it countered the whole point of the mirror quest
- made some of the hero items more balanced
- location of Frodo and Sam changed and added events for them of the usual scheme (before they didn't play an important role, as when you reached the end of shelobs lair you usually hat no use for just another 2 lvl 1 heroes)
- made Rhun, Minas Morgul, Misty Mountains (the city), Dol Guldur and Khazad Dum more important
- Rhogash is now a Kharag (instead of a simple troll)
- removed some of the webs in shelobs lair
- decreased amount of gold and mana that can be found in Aglarond
- added an additional english version of the (ingame) description
- perhaps some other things I just forgot ;-)
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Gilafron How many human players are intended for this map? Also, the comments for the map (in the setup area) are in German. Is there an English translation?

File Author
The most correct answer to your question would be something like: "It is balanced in such a way, that my friend and I, who both know the map very well, wont be able to achieve a military victory anymore when playing vs the AI." What this means for other players however is difficult for me to say as I never played online or with/vs any other human players than a few friends of mine.

But I can imagine, playing the map alone & for the first time can be quite frustrating right now. So if you're having difficulties it's best you either decrease the levl of the evil AI players or to take a look at the events of the map in the editor to see where certain heroes will join you etc.

Good luck!

edit: I uploaded the latest version, which now also includes an english descrption (a complete translated version is unlikely to come unless I want to convert the whole map into an "only english" version)

[Edited on 05/28/12 @ 05:32 AM]

Watschenbaum Dear Eomolch,

do you want to say that your map is virtually impossible to win on AI emperor whilst it is possible if you play in cooperation with one partner or two? If yes this map seems to be interesting for our "local AoW team".

Grüße aus dem sonnigen München
File Author
Hi Watschenbaum,

yes, the intention of the map is to be a real challenge for 2 or more human players when playing vs the AI. Especially achieving a millitary victory has become extremely difficult by now, however until v2.2 it was possible with 2 players, no testing results for v2.3 yet. This is all based on the level of knowledge of the map and the skill my friend and I do possess, but considering we both know the map very well (which does indeed give us an huge advantage), it is safe to say, that the AI will keep you busy.

And if you give it a try, it would be great, if you tell me about the outcome ;-)

Viele Grüße aus dem zurzeit nicht minder sonnigem Leipzig,

Watschenbaum Dear Eomolch,

I will push my two friends to start a three-humans-vs-AI match. I will inform you about the outcome ... but please be patient, this might take weeks.

Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
I played solo but controlled all the human players. I basically used the Elves as the main player and keep the rest in defensive posture.

Balance: 5
Took everything I could do to hold off the enemy using all the advantages of a controlled alliance.

Creativity: 4
Not a new world, but a very nice implementation of it.

Map Design: 5
Good use of AOW features to create the middle earth layout and feel.

Story/Instructions: 2

It really should say achieving a military victory is impossible. I killed Sauron and the game ended with MY defeat... I think there needs to be a stronger warning about that. And I was careless with my checkpoint save files... so there went hours of game play.

Not being a German reader and not being really up on the details of Middle Earth layout makes it hard to navigate the map properly to play out the story line.

Other then that it is a great map.
File Author
@Watschenbaum: No problem, take your time ;) If you want I can also upload the latest file which includes some balancing changes we added to keep Theoden from rushing Saruman (which had surprising high chances to succeed).

@ratpeddler: Thank you for the review & rating! :) You are right about the somewhat insufficient instructions/hints, that is something I didn't pay much attention to to be honest. I'll put it on the to-do list, can't promise when I get to it though. About your sudden "defeat", it really surprised me to read about it and I was about to tell you that this really isn't suppossed to happen! But then I realized that the reason must have been that you brought the ring to Barad Dur, which was a winning condition for the evil side, created some very long time ago when I thought about making the evil side playable as well - and unfortunately forgot to remove :( This will definitely get fixed soon & perhaps you can use something like autosave to continue your game without entering Barad-Dur with the ring? (and if you didn't have the ring (there) please tell me, because then something is terribly wrong with the map!!)

Kind regards, Eomolch

[Edited on 06/05/12 @ 05:07 PM]

ratpeddler Re: Sudden Defeat

Yes, I had the ring on one of my heros at the time. I was trying to figure out where to destroy it. Thought I'd kill Sauron on the way by.
bletharg Elendil can get slaughtered by Sauron on day 2 and then you have to restart the map a couple of times to avoid that. That might be happening when he sends his hero west instead of east.
ERIU I like this game very much, but almost ( I think) impossible.
Indeed it seems impossible to win the game military. Was it not possible to create a defensif army in the headcity's to prolonge the game ? (and maybe give a little chance to had the time to search the quests )
There is a lot of sea, what if the map was greater and less sea ? Should it give more time to the dwarfs, elves ... ?
Thanks for this map, if you permit, I should try to modifie a little for my own use.
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