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Die Allianz des Lichts

Author File Description
skakilla Die Zivilisation der Menschen, die einst dominante Rasse Akolias, befindet sich auf dem absteigenden Ast. Jahre lang glich der weise Herrscher Geront die Zwistichkeiten zwischen Guten und Bösen in Akolia durch Gerechtigkeit und Strenge aus. Doch Schatten liegen nun auf dem Geist des alten Herrschers. In jüngster Zeit tendieren seine Entscheidungen immer mehr zum Bösen. Geront erlaubte den bösen Rassen sogar an der Oberfläche zu siedeln.

Archonier und Elfen haben die Allianz des Lichts gegründet, um die Welt "Akolia" vor dieser Bedrohung durch das Böse zu erretten.

Auch die bösen Rassen haben das Bündnis der Dunkelheit geschmiedet. Es besteht aus der Allianz des Zerfalls zwischen den Untoten und Goblins, sowie der Allianz des Blutes zwischen den Dunkelelfen und Orks.

Befreit Akolia und erforscht den Grund für die Schatten auf Geronts Geist.

(Kein Gelände einebnen! Alliierter Sieg! Schilder geben, oft lebenswichtige, Informationen. Wer sie liest stirbt schlauer.)

The civilisation of man, the once dominant race of Akolia, is on a downward spiral. For years the wise emperor Geront ruled with compromise and strictness. But lately a shadow has griped his mind and his rulings show a tendency towards evil. Geront even allowed the evil races to settle on the surface.

Therefor the Archonians and the Elves have formed the Alliance of Light to purge Evil of the surface of Akolia.

But the races of Evil have also formed a powerful alliance. It consists of the Alliance of blood between the Dark Elves and the Orcs, and the Alliance of Decay between the Undead and the Goblins.

Free Akolia and destroy the source of the shadows.

(Please do not level any mountains. Allied Victory! Signs contain, sometimes vital, information, better read them. So at least you die knowing.)
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Watschenbaum Dear skakilla,

your map is very beautiful but too much story-driven for my taste. You designed it in a way that the player needs to follow a specific way which will finally lead him to the goal. Personally, I enjoy the freedom AoW offers to the player providing open maps with any direction to expand and explore. This is my very personal taste, however ...

Grüße aus München
Vince Bly I found many things to like about this scenario. There are many new items and heroes. The map is detailed and well done. However, there are some issues. One, at least in my experience, makes it unwinnable.

The first issue relates to heroes. I found one hero at the beginning of the game that was in the hero list, but was not actually owned by the wizard at the time. For the Archons, it was "She". For the Elves, it was "Red Priest". If you double clicked on the name, the game would crash. Also, once you got several heroes, often you could not scroll through the hero list. Later, when you actually got She or the Red Priest, those problems went away.

Unfortunately, the second issue was more serious. One of the bad guys is Geront. He has one large city, Geronts Felsenstadt, above ground and a cave with a city underground. If you try to go to the cave, you see the message "Geronts Cave will only be opened if the banners of the alliance fly over the sity [sic] of 'Gronts [sic] Felsenstadt'". However, after I captured Geronts Fensenstadt, and switched it to one of the Alliance races, the cave still did not open. From what I see in the editor, there does not appear to be any other way into the cave, so one cannot defeat Geront.

Since so much work went into this, mostly great, scenario, I hope these issues can be resolved.
Kirky Picardo Hi Vince,

Just to the right of the sign which says, "Geronts Cave will only be opened if the banners of the alliance fly over the sity of "Gronts Felsenstadt" is a small patch of diggable earth. I didn't notice this at first myself and was expecting the path to just open. There is an enemy hero (Kruger) who has a ring which gives tunneling and one of my heroes used this to dig there so I could get to Geront's main city.

I don't want to give anything away, but after you take that capitol and do something else down there another path will open up above ground and er... things get a bit more difficult, so best to be prepared! ;)

I also have not had any issues with the game crashing at all. And I will also add that when I read the Watschenbaum's comments about the map I assumed this was a different type of map that I actually found it to be. It does have a story, but it is very much a "defeat your enemies and take their lands" style map and doesn't really restrict you to a specific path towards reaching this goal in my opinion.

Let me finish by saying this is absolutely an exceptionally well made map! One of the very best I have ever played!! I started this a week or so ago and it has me hooked like very few maps ever have. The enemy is unrelenting and giving me all kinds of fits at the moment, but I hope I can overcome this and hopefully win, lol. After which I may very well may give this map the type of review it deserves! :)


Kirky Picardo
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5

It took me 113 long turns to defeat the enemy wizard Shady and win this scenario. I did not encounter any bugs or problems. In fact, I enjoyed every turn. This should say all that is needed about playability!

Balance: 5

Balance is an interesting category for a map like this. The way I see it here is how the mapmaker was able to present the player with greater and greater challenges. You develop some amazing heroes with great items and build up huge armies, but the enemy forces still challenge you throughout.

Creativity: 5

The map shows great creativity. So yes my friends, it gets another 5 here. :p

Map Design: 5

A beautiful map. I have to say I feel honored when talented mapmakers like this design their maps for BNW.

Story/Instructions: 5

English is obviously not the author's first language. Yet all text is also presented in english as well. The extra work involved in this is very much appreciated.

Additional Comments:

Let me just say I rarely rate maps for various reasons. Even though there have been some truly great maps made for BNW by Roger and others where I certainly wanted to give them high scores. However, in this particular case I felt compelled to rate this map. I had not been playing shadow magic for some time, but after admiring the map in the editor decided to play a few turns. I expected to stop shortly thereafter. Howvever, the map just grabbed me and I did not want to stop playing! I got the same type of buzz playing this map as I have in great single players games I have enjoyed like King's Bounty and Disciples to name a few.

So let me end by just saying thank you for such a terrific map. I truly enjoyed playing it.



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Map Design5.0
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