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Strange Vikings

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - Unofficial Patch 1.4
Map Size: XL
Levels: 2
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: Yes
PBEM/Hotseat?: Yes
Multiplayer Online?: Yes
# of Wizards: 5
# of players: 4
Skill Level: Average
Password Protected: No
Surface Minimap:
This map will only work with Strange Lands mod found here.,5302,0,60&st=0

To keep the general atmosphere you should stick with the preset wizards, but since the mod changed the effect of magic school choice so much I left fixed wizards off.

I think the easiest wizard to play is Charles, closely followed by Finlaith. England is the most difficult because you have such a large area to cover, and if playing against other players you are surrounded.

You must resist the viking invaders. If the vikings don't own any towns after turn 100, they will be considered defeated. You can't get to the viking wizard, but he's killed by events.

If you set the level of the vikings to less than emperor it will reduce their spawns dramatically. With emperor setting not only will the Vikings have large robot attack forces, but they will be able to build armies very quickly if left in control of any towns.

Disabled some structures, only your capital is capable of building a wizard tower and level 3 units.
Build outpost - off
Item teleport - off

The Viking Age is the name of the period between 793 and 1066 AD in Scandinavia and Britain, following the Germanic Iron Age (and the Vendel Age in Sweden). During this period, the Vikings, Scandinavian warriors and traders, raided and explored most parts of Europe, south-western Asia, northern Africa and north-eastern North America.

King Arthur - Alliance (Conjuration)
Aed Finlaith - Enchanted Forest (Evocation)
MacAlpine - Ainúr (Enchantment)
King Charles - Visitors (Alteration)

*1/8/11 Updated with stronger starting armies and a few other minor alterations*
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Watschenbaum Dear Tendril,

this map doesn't work together with Strange Lands (same goes for Strange Promising Lands). After choosing one player (in simultaneous mode) and pressing START, the game collapses. Do you have any idea?

By the way, I downloaded Strange Lands on May, 18th, 2011.

Griffith Hey Watschenbaum,

I tested these maps some time ago and they seemed to work fine. Do you have the update 7 installed for the mod?

Watschenbaum Thanks Griff for your advice ... it worked!!!
Watschenbaum Dear Tendril,

I have been enjoying your evaluation "King Charles is easy" on the Viking map. It sounds like a joke to me, however. After round 20 - all AIs are emporor - each single Viking stack arriving is stronger than all my defences. Very funny! Maybe I should try the "easier" kings.

File Author
Yes at the beginning it can be a bit tough, especially with vikings set to emperor because that gives them extra unit spawns. Reducing the difficulty of the Vikings will change alot of spawn events, it does make a huge difference.

I only meant Charles was easy compared to the others, and speaking with multiplayer in mind since charles is the only player with only 1 border to begin with.
Watschenbaum Dear Tendril,

a few days later I repeated Charles' game with Viking King (not Emperor). At round 55 I believe it was obvious that I would overcome the Vikings earlier than round 100.

Again later I tried the Irish (Elves) at Viking Emperor. They were much easier to play than Charles because they could buy strong units at a very early stage of the game. At round 70 I finally controlled whole Ireland, but I saw no way of quick progress which would make me control ALL cities on the map as early as at round 100. Without level 4 and 5 units the increase of my army's strength (except for the heroes) never outweighed the losses.

As a summary: I liked your map but playing it for several days in a row was too stressing for me. I need a break now ...

File Author
Hm, I think you may have misunderstood the 100 turn deadline a little. All it means is the vikings will continue to spawn until turn 100. Its not so much your trying to capture everything by then, it's more that your trying to survive until then. Even if you own all citys on the map, the vikings will still spawn until turn 100.
After turn 100, as soon as the Viking no longer owns any citys he will be defeated. You are under no pressure to actually go out and capture everything.
You can play the map for as long as u like, there are no deadlines or automatic losses for the players, just for the Vikings.

I'm glad you like the map, it is true the beginning of the game is a possibly a little too hard. It is possible to use the editor to change the spawns to whatever you like quite easily (they are all underground in the top left corner, goin from top to bottom, 1 row for each player.) but if you got to turn 70 then you should have been doing fine.

[Edited on 06/30/11 @ 12:17 PM]

Watschenbaum Ok, I see ... In fact I misunderstood the 100 rounds rule in a way that I believed I had to hurry up to defeat the Vikings.

Like this I even like the map much more. I will try the Scotts next ... at Viking Emperor.

Watschenbaum Dear Tendril,

meanwhile me and my AoW friends - the so called Siamese triplet Watschenbaum, DuffyDodo and AnderlOstler - have been playing your map for several days in a row. We have never reached beyond round 35 so far, but we are getting better. Your map hides several resources (item, spells, recruitable units) which improve the player's chances significantly - provided he learnt about them.

We will keep you informed about our progress.

Regards from Germany
Duffydodo I don`t know, why Watschenbaum is never listening to me, but I told him yesterday, that I survived with King Alpin for more than 100 turns.
But I have to admit, that my strategy was a coward one. Since I recognized from round 40, that I will not have a chance to stand the AI troops I flew for more than 30 turns with only 3 heroes. Then the Halfling gave me asylum in his well defended capital for the remaining 30 rounds. In round 113 only the Vikings and me were remaining on the battlefield and finally I have been defeated.

Conclusion: I see no chance to win on emperor, but it was fun anyway.
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