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Patch MP Evolution 1.5

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HellBrick After more than a year of development, we have finally finished a new patch for AoW:SM, and are glad to introduce the result of our work to you. MP Evolution is something completely different from the game modifications that you are used to: we didn't turn the game upside down, didn’t add tons of new units and didn’t do any of the other stuff typical modmakers do. Instead of this, we have improved the game itself, keeping classic gameplay and balance of AoW:SM, but extending it with new features. MPE is moddable in exactly the same way SM is, so existing custom mods can be easily ported to the new patch.

We have pushed boundaries of what's possible far beyond what you could expect from a patch/mod. Improved spellbook mechanics, new terrain/movement features, improvements of random map generator are just a few examples of what we have implemented; many bugs have been fixed as well (including critical stuff as magic catalyst exploit). Full change list can be found here:

Installing patch is as straightforward as it can possibly be: installer will do the job for you. MP Evolution uses its own executables for the game, the editor and the settings program, so it won't interfere with any installed mods (installer offers to create shortcuts for new files). MPE has different resource ID, so if you want to play a custom map, you should open it in MPE editor and resave it - the same thing you do for playing a map under another mod.

We want to thank Tanatos, Arond, Boray, Roke Alva, Jean de Metz, NooK from community for help with testing the patch. And a special thanks must be said to all our friends there who have been keeping our interest for the game and this project alive.

P.S. 1.5 is not the end, the patch continues developing, and we would appreciate your feedback on our work. With incredible knowledge and skills of HellBrick, our programmer, we have a whole new world of possibilities. So if you have been dreaming of some new feature for all your life but modmakers have been telling you it's impossible - the discussion topic (,5513,0,365) is the right place to tell us about it.

~ Jobe
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Thanks for the upload! map customization was my favorite part.
TAB004 I started with AoW:SM cd, then patched to 1.3 and then to 1.4... everything works fine. Then I patched with MP:Evolution 1.5.141 and when I go to start the game it reverts back to the mission select map... then pressing start goes to character creation, then pressing start goes to mission select map... around and around...? Any advice on how I can get MP to work? I am using Windows XP.
aguestos I have exactly the same problem as stated above: the program seems to start normally, but when it should load and start a game, it just does nothing. this happens both on a computer with xp and one with vista.

Edit: loading a map in the editor and resaving them will make it playable. needs to be done with campaign maps as well.

[Edited on 10/08/11 @ 06:31 PM]

Wandomizer hi and thanks for all the good mods to AOW.

I just got a question:

How do i mod MP Evolution with 3 in 1 pack or just with dwiggs... Cant seem to make it work. Tryed to to install in Mp Evo folder and just copy the "resoure" folder to Mp Evo folder... But no luck :(
Griffith @wandomizer

Copy the folder at \User\Resources\(wanted mod) , to \MP Evolution folder and it should work. Although it might need some extra work too possibly.
unmog There's several things I like about this mod, mostly the bugs that were fixed. However there's also a few things I don't like, like with changes made to "unit balance". For example, level one swordsmen and knights shouldn't have 100% protection from ranged attacks. And why doesn't it seem that the block skill protects less from ranged attacks coming from the side or from behind?

And the air galley shouldn't be limited to 3 attacks. It has no melee attack to fall back on to defend itself against ground based ranged attackers unlike dragons and what not, plus its supposed to be an ultimate unit. You can't stack them like you can non transportation units, and its not like I see the dwarven tank or cannons/ballistas being limited to three shots. Even if it was for "supposed" balance why not just change its flying ability with floating like the Cyrons Force Ship? Of course the Force Ship has throw lightning and a domain around it too, so I thought that balanced it.

Then there's plenty of other examples that came off as questionable as well, those were just the most recent I came across. Regardless, I feel overall it's a good mod, just I don't like the "unit balance" that was forced via it as well. I don't see why people cant make a mod to fix bugs and glitches but leave units alone.

Hence why I was hoping whoever created this would release some means to modify the patch if possible? Is there perhaps an editor or some other easy to use program we could use to "rebalance" some of these oversights? Feel free to email me a response, very interested in making my own mod to this patch if possible for me and friends.

[Edited on 01/12/13 @ 01:31 AM]

Rating: 4
Intended to put the above comment as a review. Love all the fixes to various bugs and problems, as well as the tweaks made to the over all game. Rebalancing of several units and such though is questionable in several cases and overall undesirable.

Additional Comments:
Hoping to hear back if its possible to further modify the patch somehow, being unfamiliar with the specifics myself. I'd assume if someone can change something, it should be equally possible to change it back. Would have given full 5 stars however if there was an editor or something to "rebalance" units.

Maybe a "classic" edition that keeps most of the bug fixes and game tweaks without altering the original units too much. Also from the notes it mentioned there was a unit that could create watch towers. I'd like that back if possible, but perhaps keep the new one that creates passages underground? Been wanting the ability to do exactly that in game for quite some time.

As a side note, pacifist at 50% less experience seemed fine. Making it completely impossible to level up units at all seems far too severe for a -1 skill, just hope it doesn't gimp heroes as well. Whats worse is they give conqueror a bonus to +75% exp to exacerbate things. Doesn't 'really' matter to me specifically since I never use handicaps for more skill points during character creation anyway as I like to research all the skills in the game, but just another point of someone's ideas of "balance" seeming questionable and frankly unwanted.

[Edited on 01/12/13 @ 03:10 AM]

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