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File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - Unofficial Patch 1.4
Map Size: L
Levels: 2
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: Yes
PBEM/Hotseat?: Yes
Multiplayer Online?: Yes
# of Wizards: 6
# of players: 3
Skill Level: Expert
Password Protected: No

When you download folder, you will find two versions of "Herbststurm". As I updated the map, you now can download the old (english)version and the new file (english as well).

A violent controversy among the Elvish half sisters Earwen and Eonône causes a war in the once idyllic country.

Eonône, mistress of life magic, forges an alliance: the so called "Griffins Federation". Under her guidance a powerful commander, General Nemlosh, and an old Paladin, Elias Brethil, gathered. The alliance now fields their troops against the drow elf.

Earwen sends out ambassadors, in order to win supporters for her campaign. The call was heard: Recently, Amirah Rani, highest shaman of the Orcs and Maeva, leader of the North Men, have arrived...

Herbststurm may begin!


The map is designed for single player modus. Please activate "allied victory"!
It is possible to play in co-op modus as well, I recommend to choose Amirah and Maeva then.

Advanced players should generally play without trading gold, mana and spells, since this intervenes too much in game equilibrium. Do not use "Call Hero" as well (each player has already got some extra spells in addition).

CPUs, particulary Eonône Eldar, will need some time to do all movements and fights within the first turns. Sometimes it helps to save game and re-load it again.

Enjoy the map and have fun!

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Wow, definitely the surprise of this year!
*blown away*

In case you're bored around X-mas, I'd say, go ahead and play this map (blind)! It'll be very hard and difficult and you may not even finish it before the new year... Yes, its THAT epic!!

I wonder if we have known this author under a different name of sorts? Or whether he/she has had some extensive experience before... The map is of an extraordinary detail for a *first upload*, as it must have taken tons of hours of work, and a lot of care and dedication. It reminds me the strongest of Queen Elquin's Athendore.

The biggest disadvantage is that the map is in German, obviously, which will narrow down the amount of people who can enjoy it.

Officially, all HG-content should be in English. However, I thought this gem would be nice for the holidays, so I am not going to make a fuss.

I would, however, ask Nefrati to please upload an english version of this map. It may be an extra day of work using an online translator (doesn't have to be perfect). You can also opt to find people who want to help out with the translations (Such as The_Groll did).

Yours impressed!

~ Swolte

[Edited on 12/14/10 @ 08:59 AM]

File Author

Thanks for your comment, Swolte (you are right, Athendore is one of my favorite maps).

At the moment I am working at the english version of "Herbststurm", which should be finished the next two days, I guess.

There will be a folder with an english and a german version in the update then.

I hope the "difficulty" is okay for you, if it is too hard please give a feedback (playtesting your own map is completly different compared to an "unknown" player): I will change some things then.


Edit (00.30am): items done, signs done - now the intro and the messages, hmpf ^^

[Edited on 12/16/10 @ 07:00 PM]

rat_peddler Looking forward to the English version something for the new year!

File Author

Translation is done.

Some smaller changes at english version (map
design, helping AI if non-human, item

I am going for a last playtest with Maeva now.

Tomorrow I will send the updated version to HG.


PS: There was a bug with a flag structure, I cannot find the reason for this... re-loading the game helped..strange.

[Edited on 12/20/10 @ 06:43 PM]

File Author
English version can be downloaded now!
Vince Bly I am confused. The map is extremely detailed, indicating a very large amount of work went into creating it. However, all the towns, except the player's starting home, have no names! They are all "Namenlos".

Clarification: other than the starting home, all the towns have the same name "Namenlos" (Nameless) IN GAME. (Running with the 1.3 patch and UPatch 1.4).

If I were to rate it, I would rate it extremely unbalanced. When playing, I found it more difficult than any AOW scenario I'd played before and I've played somewhere around a 100. So, I looked at the map in the editor and saw a larger boon for the CPU vs human player than anything I've seen before. To be fair, I looked at similar parameters for popular scenarios where one or more player is set to "CPU only" (Drums of Death_SP, Family Feud, This Land is My Land, and a handful of others). None had nearly as great a bias for the CPU player(s) as Herbststurm.

[Edited on 12/27/10 @ 09:22 AM]

Violet Lev I now believe in Santa Clause, this was a Cristmass gift. I just come to aow site to see new scenary I could play with ai at holydays, and it was! Please, do not listen those who said that scenary is too dificult. Actually, Athendore is easy map against ai, you do not need to think there.
Roger the Rampant I've been playing as the orcs, brilliant map and highly recommended!

Admittedly I did cheat a LITTLE bit. I played using Brave New World mod, removed the negative skills from the evil races so that all they started with was Conqueror, set all three good races to CPU Squire and left the other two non-Orc races as CPU Emperor. This made turns progress a little quicker.

I love the way that if you play an aggressive and rapid-expansion game you quickly come up against leprechauns and other nasties all over the place, whereas if you take a more leisurely approach and take the time to explore and to capture all local resources, which gives you a chance to develop your units and heroes (essential with BNW mod) the AI seems to be far less punishing.

There are one or two minor quibbles. If you check out the map Hunters of Blood III ( you will see that it is possible to use scripts to check whether a player has enough gold, and only permit something to happen if they have enough gold.

Each time I was offered the chance to buy units (e.g. deathpults) I used up all my gold before saying yes, and was given the units even though I didn't have enough gold to pay for them.

Customised wizard messages would have been nice.

The English wasn't too bad, and actually I learned a new word, "caravansary"!

I have not found this map to be as difficult as Race to Death - Rise of Evil or Drums of Death. It's also quite common for map-makers to allow the game to choose the names of the towns, so you have different town names each time you play.

Yes, this is quite a tough map, but bearing in mind that this is the first work that we have seen from this person I would say that we have a new map-making star in the making! Love it!

[Edited on 12/27/10 @ 11:21 AM]

File Author
Hoy folks!

Thanks for your comments so far! time goes by, a happy new year to everyone!

Vince Bly. As Roger said town names will be randomly generated. If you wish, I can add some more town names. I do not know why they are marked "nameless" when you are playing the map. Maybe someone has an idea and can help you with that bug...

Balancing. I think all three races are balanced, that is Maeva/Amirah/Earwen, I playtested this a lot...

Your opponents, Eonone/Nemlosh/Brethil are very powerful, that is correct. And there are a lot of scripts to support them. That is why it is designed as an "expert" map. AI is very stupid, so I think it is okay to help them.

Violet Lev. Thanks!

Roger the Ramplant. You did: Using BNW, removing negative skills, set CPU to Squire.

I do not know if those changes can be called "little". But hey, that's okay! There is no password protection, so everyone can change the map...

Technophob was added, because players should use minor units in the beginning.

I think it is fun to have an action team, like hero, swashbuckler (gold, ench.weapon), Abomination, Herbalist (gold, ench.weapon, controll animal, entangle), Djinn (gold, with flight) instead of producing Warlords or Mammoth Riders all the time.

BNW mod I do not know, so i cannot say how much it will influence game equilibrium.

CPU to Squire. Hmmmmpf...

You are right:
- bug at Goblin Workshop.... using "gold trick"
- I should add description of wizards

With regards
rat_peddler I am not sure how this map was designed to be played. However, I tried it with the 3 races in Classic mode with me controlling all of the evil alliance. By day 60 I had been pushed back and mostly defeated on each of them. I admit to a couple tactical blunders, but I am not sure that they would really tip the balance. I played against King AIs figuring they didn't need anymore help.

I guess I am not as expert as I thought :-(

It is a very large an interesting map. I may take another run at it because there are so few new maps to play.
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