Age of Wonders II Heaven Julia with Gameplay background
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Mia-Mina & The Seadrake v_1_n

Author File Description
The Groll
File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - Unofficial Patch 1.4
Map Size: XL
Levels: 3
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: Yes
PBEM/Hotseat?: Yes
Multiplayer Online?: Yes
# of Wizards: 8
# of players: 8
Skill Level: Any (depends on AI difficulty setting)
Password Protected: No
Surface Minimap:
Cavern Minimap:
Shadow Minimap:
Mia-Mina & The Seadrake v_1_n

AoWSM map and story


The Groll

This map was made for my little sunhine Mia-Mina.
Conspicuous, when you have a look at the minimap. :-)

I want a green world for Mia-Mina.
But in no world is only happyness and friendship.
So expect some bad creatures in this world too.

Every Hex in this map is handpainted and with much love for details I made it.
I hope you will see it.
It is made for my little sunshine and only for her I spend so much energy.

But also the tactic design was in mind when I paint this map. You can imagine that longer ways and protected kingdoms can raise the joy you have when you play this map. So it´s not only for children to play.

Diese Karte ist für Mia-Mina!
Mein kleiner Sonnenschein.
Unübersehbar für ein Kind, wenn du die Minikarte betrachtest. :-)

Ich will hier eine grüne Welt für Mia-Mina erschaffen.
Doch in keiner Welt ist nur Freude über die Natur und Freundschaft vorhanden.
Erwarte also auch ein paar unfreundliche Kreaturen hier.

Jedes Hexfeld dieser Karte ist mit viel Liebe zum Detail gezeichnet und Ich hoffe man kann es sehen.
Es ist für meinen kleinen Sonnenschein und nur für sie habe ich mir hier diese Mühe gegeben.

Aber auch das taktische, ist in dieser Karte berücksichtigt. Längere Wege und geschützte Reiche werden durch den Schriftzug "Mia-Mina" und die Höhlen entstehen.
Dieses taktische Element wird sicher auch Spielfreude für Erwachsene und Erfahrene Spieler bringen.

No big stroy. Good vs. evil.

Some more facts:

- All original items and heroes deleted

- Round about 300 new items (most taken from my older maps).
- Round about 150 new heroes (most taken from my older maps).
- New wizard faces.
- City limits.
- 104 hours of work.
- 8 players playable. whichever race you chose, the AI player will tune up.
- Expect a absolut beautifl map. don´t expect many events. This map is for beauty but also very thrilling in SP and MP.
- Expect a thrilling gamplay and interesting map setup.
- Ingame options menu. It´s possible to choose a dificult level in game.
- Expect a dangerous AI player. I use pushup events to make them stonger. The AI gets more gold, mana and units.

Peasant/Warrior - Normal number and quality of extra units
Knight/Lord - More and better quality of extra units
King/Emperor - Most and best quality of extra units

If you want to have acloser look to some ingame pictures follow the links below:

Spieler 1 (Miandoria) - Elfen
Spieler 2 (Lord Davidos) - Menschen
Spieler 3 (Furia Trollbeiß) - Goblins
Spieler 4 (Ninumiel) - Dunkle Elfen
Spieler 5 (Count Kor) - Orks
Spieler 6 (Mimbor) - Zwerge
Spieler 7 (Liliam Drachent) - Drakonier
Spieler 8 (Dior der Schama) - Nomaden

Special Thanks:

To A l b a r o n for translation all eight wizards discriptions and all eight first days intro messages from german to engish.

I wish you much fun, exploring and playing "Mia-Mina & The Seadrake".

Up the irons!

Author, Date and Version:

The Groll, 28. August 2010, v.1_n
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
rat_peddler Great to see a new Groll map. I have downloaded and am starting to play it!
The Groll
File Author
Thank you for the retainer.
I hope you will not be disappointed.
I hope I can keep you busy without many "Groll map events". The events are hidden in this map and work in the back of the map so you will not see much "player dedicated events" when you play it. But the AI should keep you busy. ;-)
rat_peddler The evil, enemy AI seem to have a hard time keeping their additional troops. They may need some additional income to support them. Unless you are also spawning alot of independent evil groups as well. Without the magic support a wizard they are much easier to defeat.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
The long and restricted navigation made the play a little too slow and constrained for my tastes.

Balance: 5
Choose your level of difficulty. How can it get any better?

Creativity: 5
Yet another approach by the Groll.

Map Design: 5
A very pretty and interesting map.

Story/Instructions: 4
Not as much as a normal Groll map, but it was advertised to have as much either.

Additional Comments:
Keep up the good work. Hopefully Mia-Mina likes it and encourages you to produce more.
The Groll
File Author
Dear rat_peddler.

Thank you a lot for this nice vote and comments.
I am happy with it. I think the map really shines when it comes to creativity and map design but of course less when it comes to story this time.
I have not thought to get a five everywhere because there is no real story for example.
I am also happy that it seems you like to choose a difficult level.
If you take a look at the map in the editor you will see that there are mayn events but not much for the player to see. Most are the technical events that organize the game.

I am reworking the map in any case and I am playing it myself in two games at home with my wife and alone and in three PBEM games.
I already found much more little things I need to change and most of this changes are already implemented.

Thanks a lot!

P.S.: Would be interesting for me to know: What race have you played and what difficult level.

[Edited on 09/19/10 @ 01:47 PM]

rat_peddler I played the Elves as that seemed to be the suggested race given background.

I think I choose a low to middle level of difficulty. Having played your maps before I wasn't going to torture myself with a high level of difficulty.

Let me know when you get an update as I would certainly replay. Do you recommend a specific race for replay?
The Groll
File Author

Yes, the Elf was the player I suggest to play first.
It has the only thing that can be called "story", maybe.
There is something you can find if you play the Elf.
All other races are more or less equal and they don´t have a real story. Only the first days message and the background (Wizards description) is the story and the given sphere and spells.
To say it short: The ideology of that wizard.
I played some races or have seen my girl playing it: Orcs, Draconians, Dwarfes, Elves
But I think all races are fun to play.
I think this map is more a MP map than a SP map and I imagine it is fun to play it in hotseat. I play it with my girl but we are slow when we play together.
A medium difficult level may be fine for all kinds of game.
In fact I have not tested the power of wizards in the different difficult levels, in long SP games.
(id: oleg123)
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5

Balance: 5

Creativity: 5

Map Design: 5
Exploring as Elves was a magical experience. What opened before me with each turn was in my taste the most beautiful landscape in the maps that I played.

Story/Instructions: 4
There is too not much of story, but one will weave in your head - the map sparks one's imagination.

[Edited on 12/25/11 @ 01:56 AM]

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Map Design5.0
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