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Downloads Home » Scenarios » Brave New Riverland World v3 a (caverns, shadow world, random starting positions)

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Brave New Riverland World v3 a (caverns, shadow world, random starting positions)

Author File Description
Roger the Rampant
File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - Unofficial Patch 1.4
Map Size: XL
Levels: 3
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: Yes
PBEM/Hotseat?: Yes
Multiplayer Online?: Yes
# of Wizards: 8
# of players: 8
Skill Level: Any (depends on AI difficulty setting)
Password Protected: No
Updated to version 3a on 13th april 2011: I changed the 8 units to guard that could potentially kill off the morlock underground hero, thanks to Albaron for the feedback. Also changed the guard area floating unit that can take out the ship and hero stack of anyone starting in the evil caverns location, added a walking unit so that they can no longer cross water.

Updated to version 3 on 7th December 2010: I finally went the whole hog and added a shadow world with some dungeons, in order to offer a slightly more challenging game when playing against the AI. Obviously a game against other human opponents is still the most challenging option available.

This is a BNW 3.2 map for up to 8 players, with 12 playable races. To change the races from the standard 4 good / 4 evil please see the instructions below entitled "Changing Active Starting Races". To run it you will need UPatch 1.4 installed, as well as Brave New World 3.2 mod, and you will need to select BNW 3.2 in AoWSMSetup.

For more advice on installing the mod please check out this thread:,5246,,20

Following a lot of discussions about how TalonThorn's Riverland World map could be improved in this thread:,5413,,20

1) Instead of being surface only it now has surface, caverns and shadow world. The shadow world is only there to provide some dungeons with some tough quests to enhance the single-player experience.

2) Instead of fixed starting positions each wizard can start in any one of 5 starting positions, 4 on the surface and 1 in the underground, on a "random" basis.

2) It now has custom wizards instead of standard wizards.

There are over 700 events, so although I have done a lot of play-testing myself it will still need a lot more play-testing, and that's where you guys come in! Many thanks to the various people that have already made suggestions, many of which have been implemented.

It would be really helpful if you could post any feedback in the thread that I mentioned above, please, which you can find in the AoW:SM Gameplay Help & Strategies section of the forum. Alternatively you can email me,

This can be played either as a multi-player map, either by email or online, or as a single-player map. Rat Peddler has already pointed out in his review that because it is such a large map the AI has plenty of time to build up some decent forces before you arrive on their doorstep.

Also I have given the AI a few bonuses, such as ships for moving their armies across water (they can't purchase ships from the shipyards), a couple of very strong heroes (because the AI has a habit of sending heroes out alone) and routes out of potential trap points that human players can easily work out for themselves. That includes the starting areas surrounded by walls of earth in the caverns and on the surface.

The scripted events in the map are mainly designed to make the map more immersive without interfering with the balance of multi-player games. The map has also seen a lot of changes in line with recommendations made by various members of the forum, in an effort to give the map more of what you guys want!


It is a rework of TalonThorn's excellent map, The Riverland Wars! V2.2, which in turn was a remake of an excellent AoW1 map, The Riverlands. I have updated it to work with BNW3.2, so once you have installed BNW 3.2 (see the thread mentioned at the top, it is in the AoW2/SM Mod Making section of the forum) you will need to:

1) Run AoWSMSetup and ensure that the CUSTOM RESOURCES box is checked. Select BNW 3.2 from the dropdown list, then click on OK.

2) Load the game, select the map from where you have unzipped it in the /Scenario/Custom folder, click on ALLIED VICTORY, then go into ADVANCED and uncheck SURRENDER.

3) Play!

Now over to TalonThorn for the story, some background on the map and how to change the starting races:

The lords of the Riverlands have lived restlessly together, but no longer. Now each lord will have to decide whether to defend or expand while other warlords take matters into their own hands. Some will try to maintain stability in the Riverlands. Others will try to control the rich lands for themselves.

Much time has passed since one race ruled all the land; the previous dominant race has lost his grip, and history hardly remembers who that one race was. There are several who claim to have been that race, and who now demand that all other races submit to their lordship.

As they attempt to diplomatically -- and threateningly -- regain their position, others prepare to build their armies to withstand them and even to conquer the land for themselves.

Despite the desires of the many lords and ladies who would rule, no one has been able to unite their race so as to have such power to even begin such a conquest. No one that is, until now. Be it the chess pieces of the gods, or just some odd twist of fate, but eight great wizards are vying for control of the riverlands.

About the Scenario

There are twelve playable races in this scenario, but only eight of them can be played in any one game. The initial scenario setup allows for instant play of all four good and all four evil races. Neutral races are set up with units set to "guard area." The AI setting for the neutral races can be edited as desired. For how to change the active starting races, see the section titled "Changing Active Starting Races."

Shipbuilding has been disabled. The only way to "build" a ship is by recruiting one from one of the marketplaces -- these being the "shipyards" for the scenario. I had wanted to make it take time to build a ship, but there is no easy way to do this with scripts (and have it be obvious to the player and let the AI use it as well), so I have instead set up marketplaces in strategic and hard to defend locations. Each "shipyard" is stocked with warships. Use them wisely.

Every location is defended, or should be. Since I had to manually set them all up, let me know if I missed one and I'll update the scenario. Each dungeon should have prisoners (random) and each treasure site should have treasure. Once in a while, it may be possible that no guards are generated due to the randomness of the auto-generated defenders. Setting up "spawn unit" defenders was more than I could imagine doing.

Cities are not all created equal. I have disabled some features on certain cities. Some are "level 2" cities, while there are a few "level 3" and very few "level 4" cities. Each player has one "level 4" capitol city, a "level 3" city and a level 2 city that is much more developed than the others. Not all cities can build temples to the gods (there are also some quest stones that can be accessed on the map). No city can build ships.

The Goblins start out in a rock-shrouded land. Fear not! Scripts will convert this into earth so that they can dig tunnels to their heart's delight. There are some diggers located at key recruiting locations to aid those who are not so friendly to the Goblins.

Changing Active Starting Races

Each of the twelve races can be set up as an active starting race, but only eight of them can be active in any game (due to the game limitations). I recommend that the active starting races be "balanced" based on the starting races being played by humans. If one human (or AI for that matter) has too many adjacent starting races set to "independents," he may have an unfair advantage. (However, this might be a way to adjust the game, to a degree, for those who are not as experienced as others in the game.)

When changing an "independent" starting race into a playable (human or AI) starting race, first select one playable race/wizard to be converted into an independents starting race. You may want to consider player-order when doing this. Delete the wizard, and then convert the remaining units into "guard area" independent units (or some other AI setting if desired). Avoid using the "auto" setting, since the units may start out as "garrison" and be hireable.

Next, place the deleted wizard on the map next to the "independent" starting race's units. Be certain to change the AI setting of the units to "auto," especially if they will be an AI player -- the AI setting affects how the AI will be able to use the units. Setting it to "auto" allows normal AI play for the units. After changing the AI setting, set the unit ownership to match that of the placed wizard.

Last of all, be sure to change the starting race for the wizard, by going to options/map settings, selecting the Players tab, and changing to the appropriate Start Race. For the "Azrac" starting race (they were Azracs in AoW1), the player/AI can have Arabians as the starting race.

(and Roger)
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rat_peddler I am playing single player as the Elves. It is a very nice map and extremely large. The AIs are holding up nicely due to the extensive size of the map that gives them time to develop. BNW seems to give the AIs a little more chance as well plus many cities are resticted and sites are well defended.

Very pretty mapping and the new underground keeps in the spirit of the ground level.

I plan to provide rating at the conclusion and I am sure it will be a good one.
Roger the Rampant
File Author
OK rat_peddler, I'm looking forward to that review.
Map Design4.0
This map is huge - and I do not mean only the size. Too big to be rated with numbers for me - I did not see it all even though I played it, - but the system would not allow a review if I did not select something.

AI may have trouble to expand due to many rivers, but if you have got enough reliable human players for PBEMs or prolonged online playing, it is great and a lot of fun!

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Map Design4.0
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