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The Death of Lasoray

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - Unofficial Patch 1.4
Map Size: XL
Levels: 3
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: Yes
PBEM/Hotseat?: No
Multiplayer Online?: No
# of Wizards: 8
# of players: 7
Skill Level: Advanced
Password Protected: No
Surface Minimap:
Cavern Minimap:
Shadow Minimap:
Before you read the story, I should explain some things I did and experienced when I tested the game.
First, I should say, I have testplayed the game with each wizard (except Lasoray of course) except the goblin wizard Goblot Gusu (I'm not the greatest fan of the goblin race)
You can make peace with all other wizards (except Lasoray) except Goblot Gusu - he will befriend no one, ever!

Now, I fixed a few things that came up during my testplaying. Unfortunately I have never been able to testplay it to the end! Every time I played, it crashed after a number of days. The first time quite early, then later. I could play for over a hundred days, then crash again. And I saved many times but when it started crashing like that, the last 2-5 savegames, including autosave, wouldn't save right anymore and thus wouldn't load anymore.

In the beginning I figured some of my settings were too extreme for my old computer to handle. I had allowed to build outposts - that was actually great since it made the game extremely challenging, but I had to turn it of, because the game would crash early on.
So if you think your computer can handle it and you like a challenge, turn on building outposts.

Then I had every tower, node, mine etc. that was Lasoray's guarded. I figured maybe it was too much for the computer to handle, so I removed most of the guards.

In the end, the last testgame I played, I managed to not crash the game until reaching the shadow world and capturing the first town down there. However, then it crashed again and I gave up. So maybe someone here can tell me what's wrong. As far as I know I didn't place too many buildings too close to the borders, if at all.

This game is meant as a single player game. Of course you can play it in multiplayer, but following the story line, it will be better in singleplayer I think. I testet it in multiplayer, in fact, every testgame I played for this szenario was in multiplayer (co-op --- would be interesting to play it in a none co-op way).

You need "Wizards & Heroes 3" to play this map.

If you find errors, or have ideas, or any clue as to what could make the game crash so much, I'd highly appreciate any comments!

Thank you for your interest!

The Death of Lasoray

The story:

Welcome to the land of "The Death of Lasoray". Long ago this land had no name until Lasoray conquered it and turned it into the most beautiful and peaceful land ever known. But evil tried constantly to darken his fantastic place of freedom, so Lasoray decided to search for the power that would allow him to get rid of evil for good.

He searched for the crystal of the ruler, deeply hidden within "The Shadows of Death", the third dimension, where the shadows lie.

What he did not expect was the crystal to be a living thing that consumed him and turned him into its puppet, actually ruling Lasoray. Evil spread further and Lasoray helped it take a hold of the nameless land and spread even further than that. Lasoray's former oasis then became known as "The Death of Lasoray", for Lasoray's heart and soul was lost in these lands.

Your destiny lies before you just like Lasoray's did. Whatever your ambitions are, you will do anything and everything to get a hold of the crystal of the ruler. Be it to become like Lasoray himself or to save the world, you are now part of history.

You will find your way and reasoning when you look deep into your own soul (wizard's descriptions help too :))

----- Rules -----

Please do not use shadow shift.
Please do not cast creatures into an area you have not yet explored in a "natural" way (in other words, where you haven't walked, flew or swum to yet).

--- To win the Game ---

Pick up the crystal of the ruler

--- Conditions to loose the Game ---

Kill Larosay by the Altar of Shadows and take his City of Shadows


1. There might be "hidden" events in the underground, so search everything thoroughly. Sometimes a certain hex can trigger an important message (for example when you fly over water instead of taking a bridge you may miss an essential message).

2. Do not loose your starting heroes. Some wizards require them to continue on the story.

3. Follow the Guide's instructions, if you don't, you might mess up a couple of messages and maybe get lost.
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woto Could not open the zip file. Error with Winzip (does not appear to be a valid archive)
File Author
you need winrar to open the file
Hecko I use winrar and it is corrupt there also.
Katanaq Looks great on editor.

Won't open within game tho. Locks up when the first turn should start like corrupted map. Even opening in editor and resaving won't help.
File Author

Do you have Wizards & Heroes 3 installed?

[Edited on 05/26/10 @ 12:35 PM]

File Author

I can open it just fine with winrar and Katanaq obviously too...

Don't know what the problem is on your end...
Katanaq No I do not have Wizards & Heroes 3 installed.

Thanks for the tip! I guess I was just too lazy to read the whole description :)
Katanaq Now that I read the whole description, I don't think the map can be played till the end. I have experienced similar crashing with couple of maps, reloaded multiple times, started over, tried different computers and what not. Won't help. Some maps just start corrupted saves at some point. Mostly maps with large number of events/structures/complex map and so on. Noone really seems to know why.

You should try to reduce the map complexity and retry to play it till end again.

Oh, and one thing that makes maps corrupt saves is razing of pool of wafer, the thing that lets you see far. It is not supposed to be razeable, but I think 1.4 patch introduced that. Though, I have put it non-razeable on my custom mod, so that's not always the issue either.
ibobs It is normally strange combination of events that has caused this for me at least.

I had one where I tried to resurrect the same hero multiple times through different events in the same map. Crashed every time it got to that point and corrupted the save! It took me a while to figure that one out! :)
File Author
Thanks guys... that's really sad, but at least now I know I'm not alone with the problem :)

Well, ibobs, unfortunately it always crashes at a different point in this map. I can play 80 days fine and then over 100 days fine... it varies. The interesting part is, that every time I restart it from the very beginning, it takes much longer until it gets corrupt... very odd!!
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