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To Live Another Day

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - Unofficial Patch 1.4
Map Size: XL
Levels: 3
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: No
PBEM/Hotseat?: No
Multiplayer Online?: No
# of Wizards: 3
# of players: 3
Skill Level: Novice
Password Protected: No
This map is designed for Single Player. It can be played as multiplayer, but would be extremely unbalanced (especially for Corianne player), and modifications should be made. (you have my permission provided due credit is given of course)

You are combating 2 well established foes with strong units. Map is suited for beginners who wish to learn more advanced combat techniques using the blocking features of the map's terrain both above and below ground. More experienced users may want to have a peek at this map also. Settings for AI should be left at Emperor or else computer may 'feel lost' in the labyrinth below ground. An interesting set of hero items should be recovered early making the scenario easier. These can then be matched for desired attributes of each hero. Remember though not to leave your 'Front' (the Argonaut Range) undefended and send all high level units exploring. Choosing which stacks go exploring and which guard ground is a delicate balancing act.

For the first 30 or so turns, you may find your journey tough going, but after this and when Heroes attain over level 10 experience, the match becomes a real slug-fest - once you journey beyond the Argonauts. (Don't be caught on open ground - or you're dead) Your mission is to defeat the 2 'environmentally unfriendly' wizards, and to a lesser extent heal the land.

You may wish to add more 'eye candy' and events to the map. (I ran out of time) Also, the teleportation gate coordinates can also be played with. (Personally I do not like them in maps, but only added them for those who enjoy using them)

As a Bonus, I have included 4 popular mp3 audio tracks from Unreal Tournament. (in honour of their 10th Anniversary) Many thanks goes to Michiel van den Bos who composed these tracks - who incidentally, is also the composer of the AoW1 music! These included tracks originally were in Impulse Tracker format, and had to be converted to raw wav format using Winamp. These large files were then converted to mp3 using Audacity. The mp3 conversions are not as 'clean' as the original .it files (IMHO Impulse Tracker = better quality than mp3) If you find the signal too loud, you can attenuate these tracks using Audacity's 'compress' feature. (Audacity is a free download)

Enjoy... (PS: I admit I never finished playtesting this map due to its size, so hope everything OK)

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
rat_peddler To survive another day is an appropriate name. I think the Emperor AI setting suggestion is overkill given how "well established" your 2 ALLIED opponents are.

Against the two Emperorer AIs, I was never able to get out of the corner. One scouting trip was quickly rebuffed.

I think there way be some holes in the map as the blocking techniques suggested did not seem to play out very well. Too many holes to fill with too few armies and resources.

File Author
Hi RP... This map is more like an epic one map campaign rather than a short scenario composed of a few turns.

The setting is challenging, but not impossible. I got about half way across the surface map before I started getting bored with the slug-fest (around turn 120) and had more important chores to do around the home. (I consider myself an average player) One has to extensively explore the underground network thereby acquiring more resources and experience for your units before venturing beyond the Argonauts on the surface. Make sure your heroes secure as many artifacts as possible. You can also emerge deeper on the surface if you penetrate further underground. (safer) Once your heroes are Superdudes you can venture forth on the surface together with a few high level units. Also try to mix the units in a stack as much as possible - you have a large selection of different Good-aligned races to choose from. (Flyers, Ranged, Melee). Try sending forth flyer scouts on surface to determine where the next town is and then secure it. Once secured and fortified in a town, its harder for the AI to destroy your stacks. If its razed, include a builder with your stack(s). If you maintain this 'connect the dot' strategy, you will slowly gain the upper hand against the AI. Lastly, try not to deplete your magic by spawning a summoned unit when you anticipate an attack on next turn, and instead use spell points to stall the AI with 'sacred woods' or even better 'violent storm' spell. They really don't like that spell. You can also 'cheat' with your flyer when attacked in the combat map - but you didn't hear this from me. (Due to a bug, AI ranged enemies will not pursue a flyer if you move him on a fancy tree.) The AI is stupid and will continue every turn to attack you bogging them down. -I usually don't pursue this, nor condone it - unless really upset ;) ...Best of luck.
Unnapu I am having fun playing this one since a week ago. It is only Day 37 because I can only play 30 to 40 minutes per day :-)
I have made good progress in south direction on the surface, already own Waynewright and Dunh Slimepicker.
Not much progress in east direction neither on the shadow world.
Underground, I am one day away from City of Refuge but have not explored the eastern caverns yet.

Nice map, I will come back in a few days to give you some more feedback.

Unnapu Finally I had the time today to return to this game. After a long break I opened my saved game and finished it. It took me 94 days to win.
Nice map for single player. Thanks.

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