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AoW1 Mod Patch v0.3

Author File Description
PawelS This patch will update the AoW1 Mod to version 0.3, it also contains all the changes from version 0.2. You need to have the mod installed to update it.


--- VERSION 0.3 ---

Gameplay Changes:

* Increased income from all income structures by 5 (now it's 5-17 from Windmill, 15 from Mine, 20 from Watermill, 25 from Furnace).
* Changed income depending on city size from 10-20-30-40 to 5-15-30-50.
* Increased production in City (biggest size) from 40 to 50 (so now it's 10-20-30-50).
* Changed units buildable with Shipyard, now all races have 2-4 units (5 caused a bug if you viewed them when deciding to build a Shipyard). This also increases the racial diversity, as every race has a different set of ships available.

Unit Changes:

* Human Heavy Infantry - movement decreased from 24 to 20, other stats increased. It's a slow, defensive unit.
* Human Musketeer - now can Repair Machine (I felt that this unit was too boring and similar to Crossbowman, Ballista etc.), RES and HP reduced.
* Human Sergeant - now has a Crossbow (with Marksmanship I, increased with medals), stats slightly reduced.
* Azrac Slaver - stats reduced (as a fast lvl2 unit with Trap it's good anyway).
* Satyr - movement increased from 24 to 28, some other stats reduced, cost increased from 70 to 75.
* Killer Bees - added Blurred, some stats reduced, cost decreased from 90 to 70. Now has less HP than Doom Bats.
* Doom Bats - stat changes to make them less "crazy" - more attack, less defense. The combination of Flying, Life Stealing, Poison Strike, Double Strike and high defnese is too exploitable.
* Bone Horror - added Block (bone units should be hard to hit with arrows), some stats decreased.
* Bone Dragon - same as above.
* Boneguard - same as above.
* Rakshasa - added Enchanted Weapon and Magic Protection, stats changed. (There was a discussion at the unit description thread about the magical properties of Rakshasas; now I changed my mind.)
* Drill - less HP and RES, increased cost from 50 to 75, to discourage the AI from building them. Now this unit is really worth building only when you need to dig.

Cosmetic Changes:

* Some changes to item graphics, mainly to reduce the amount of glow.
* Updated description of the Rejuvenate spell to clarify that only Desert and Wasteland will turn to Grassland.
* Updated descriptions of Wizard Tower I-III to add information that they increase the city's visual range.
* Used sparse trees instead of dense on certain hexes to make flags on nodes more visible on First Conflict and Kin Slayers maps.


* Added 7 maps to the Extra Maps folder, these will be a part of Map Pack 1 released later (and can be subject to change due to adding new units, which are planned in later patches):

- A Small World - MP, 5 players, C. Alltop.
- Chef's Revenge - MP, 2 players (Dwarves vs Highmen), Chef Louis.
- Conquest of Norquist - SP (Elves or Dark Elves vs Humans), Eclipse.
- Flußläufe - MP, 4 players, Boerge, tweaked by Enginerd.
- Circles, Elementally Unstable, The Great Wasting - extra maps created by the authors of the game (all are MP).

* Changed some starting units on Icedale map to improve balance, also added AI blocks for the area guard Syron and reduced the number of Wolves in an independent stack from 8 to 4.

--- VERSION 0.2 ---


* Fixed the problem with 0 gold or mana lying on the ground on some maps (if there is still such thing on a map, let me know).

Balance Changes:

* Tweaked the costs of buildings.
* Reduced the income from income structures, now it's 10 from Mine, 0-12 from Windmill (depending on the number of crop fields), 15 from Watermill and 20 from Furnace.
* Node defenders changed from Strong to Average on standard maps.


* Two new maps (in the Extra Maps folder) - Border Skirmish and Tunnel Rats. These are simple single player maps, where you lead the Dwarves against the Goblins. The author of the AoW1 versions is M. Ladd.
* New Lizardman wizard portrait. Thanks to The Groll from making it!
* Added the AoW1 Mod Documents folder, now there is only the ChangeLog.txt file in it, in later versions there will be more files.

Cosmetic Changes:

* Slightly recolored the Boneguard so it looks more like the Bone Horror (thanks to Swolte for the idea).
* Updated description of the Resurrect Hero spell to make clear that each hero can be resurrected only once.
* Small changes to some maps, mainly to make structures more visible.

--- VERSION 0.1 ---

Initial release.
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File Author
Updated to version 0.3.
The Groll Some questions:

- Must all players in a PBEM game have the same update installed?
- Must I update the mod and will the running PBEM games be changed or get corrupt when opened with v0.2 in the past then now with v0.3?
File Author
You can update while playing a PBEM game, and it shouldn't cause any problems. The players don't have to use the same version, but it's better if they do, so the rules are the same for all.

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