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Project EO - The end of the Dread Crusade

Author File Description
Sahiden Ethare
File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - Unofficial Patch 1.4
Map Size: XL
Levels: 3
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: Yes
PBEM/Hotseat?: Yes
Multiplayer Online?: No
# of Wizards: 5
# of players: 4
Skill Level: Expert
Password Protected: No
Surface Minimap:
Cavern Minimap:
Shadow Minimap:
One hundred years of war is accounted as lot by human society. One thousand years seems like an eternity to them... Then it should not strike you as a wonder that humans cannot possibly comprehend the Dread Crusade, an unholy war that has lasted for millions of years between the Demon Emperor-King and the Divine Gods.

This war has been detailed, retold and molded into different stories on many worlds. But one thing always remains the same: Demons and Gods do not see eye to eye and never will. One cannot rest as long as the other has not perished. It was exactly this very war that brought itself to the realm of the mortals at one point. And from this time the stories range from heroic tales to dramatic anti-climaxes.
But the truth has to be discerned one day...

This is the story of a distant world called Nesellia, the true and only place where Demons and mortals met on the battlefield to conclude the one war that had already raged for far too long.
On this world several wizards felt an enormous force tearing at the essence of the world itself. All of them have their own reasons for investigating this anomaly, their own burdens to bear and their own legends to write. Still unknowning of the war playing out under their noses, they need to make their decision what side to fight on. Will they choose to stop the Demon threat? Or will they selfishly conquer the world ignoring the Demons. History has already told us what will happen to the Demons, but unknown to history was the fate of these brave souls.

Now choose, and forge your own legend at the dawn of the new age. This is the story that marks the very beginning of the Ethereal Order.


*A multiplayer version of the map is included in the file. This is essentially the same map as the story map but with all the text messages stripped and a teleporter network set in place to speed things up. Take note that playing the multiplayer version may still take a lot of turns to finish, so I doubt it works for online play.
!!!Playing this map first may induce confusion as all story elements are stripped from the map but the quests are left in place. It is highly advised to play the story map first or check the map in the editor!!!

*This map has been in development for way too long, but between school and writing the novel there was precious little time to make the map.

*This is a quick release and it is far from perfect I'm afraid. Any bugs can be reported to me on the e-mail adress:

*I wrote most of the story on the fly, so the quality may not be of equal level for each wizard. As a writer in training I do mind about things like these, any typo's, errors etc can be reported to me on the e-mail adress mentioned above.

*A perfected version of the map may be released in the future complete with bugfixes, story fixes, AI fixes and a custom mod (once I can find everyone to credit for all the wonderful ILB's I've seen over the years ;) )

*The map is huge. I'm not kidding you, it will take approx 500+ turns to finish. (unless all the AI manage to kill themselves :p)

*Only the Goblin AI can be counted on not to die the first 100 turns really, the others are designed for human players and they can easily die within the first 10 turns. Do not be surprised.

*The story heroes tend to have superpowered equipment to boost them to boss level. As an extra challenge, try not to use their looted gear ;)

Map (alert: May contain spoilers)

*Pillars. Scattered about the map are the Spheres representing each element, called the Pillars in the story; once you run into one of them with one of your units, you will gain the power of that element. There are many locations on the map where having that power will give you the power to change things on the map. (Ex, the power of earth is required to open up a rock tile in a tunnel)

*You can check the status of the pillars in the Shadow World. Once you have one of them, you will be able to see who has the others. Running into the pillar of another player will make it yours. Remember, every power can only belong to one person!

*Some events require multiple powers at your disposal, it's a diplomatic game since having all powers will likely win you the game. (Not that your allies need to be worried if you're going coop to defeat the final boss with allied victory enabled)

*The map has a final boss, killing him will make you win the game instantly. Needless to say, he is quite viscious in combat.

*To complete the EO quest at the very end of the game you must possess all Spheres scattered about the map, even those of your oppenents.

*The Shadow Demon player initially fights all the other players on the map as an agent of the Demonic forces. He can make the choice to join the others at some point too, but beware that betrayal means repercussions.
Regardless of this, the Shadow Demon player does get an extra set of tools at his disposal to hinder the other players from winning the game. These are the Demon Powers, which only he can use. (The pentagram graphic will notify you where you can use them)
Each of these powers help you in some way, even when you switch sides you can utilise some of your powers to help the other players.

That is all. If you have a lot of time, give it a shot.

This map is part of the Project EO IP and serves as extra backstory for the novels.
*Why AOWSM as a platform?
Well quite simple, because I like AOW ^^ I've been playing since the original AOW hit the shelves and I love the game, so I decided to see how far I could take the scripting engine to tell this story. :D

Have fun and keep playing guys ^^
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Lord Mykola88 Nice map...I enjoy play it whith BNW 3.2,so cute store and events...I like it...comgratulation...
Lord Mykola88
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
(Insert Playability analysis here)

Balance: 5
(Insert Balance analysis here)

Creativity: 4
(Insert Creativity analysis here)

Map Design: 5
(Insert Map Design analysis here)

Story/Instructions: 5
(Insert Story/Instructions analysis here)

Additional Comments:
Good...nice map....Try to enjoy it whith BNW 3.2..
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
Haven't finished yet, but enjoying it so far. Playing as the elfs and theonly thing I don't like, is all the long walking to get reinforcements from my towns.

Balance: 4
The Undead AI doesn't like this map too much. Dvarf AI isn't too happy for forced boat transporting (very slow expanding). Goblin AI is doing great and shadow demons are doing medicore.

Creativity: 5
I like the theme, nearly identical to a map I'm making at the moment, but you are out first :D

Map Design: 5

Some areas are very detalied and good. Other areas could need some rework (the place in the shadow world close to the goblins with a lot of shadowgates), but all in all this is very good.

Story/Instructions: 5
Many quests and much to do. The linear gameplay makes the story much more clear.

Additional Comments: Cool map, played with Children of many ages (CoMA) mod
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
There were some areas I was never able to get to. Some of the layout was very hard to figure. Deducted here vs. map design. Looked great, but was difficult to follow.
Balance: 4
I never actually felt threatend by the AI. I had to contain it so could follow the story.
Creativity: 4
Lots of events, but they were not well communicated as to purpose or why they happened.
Map Design: 5
Very pretty map with lots of variety. The use of shadow voids was fairly unique in my experience.
Story/Instructions: 5
Good background and story. Inconsistent use of events. I probably did not follow the linear play enough to experience the whole story. Discounted on playability vs. this area as it is far above the norm.

Additional Comments:
391 days. I won the tradional way by killing all the enemy AIs. I could have won sooner but was hoping to explore the rest of the map and events. I did not suceed on the Dragons and Dungeons quest. I could not figure out how to get any decent troops in there. I was not able to get the the Golden life pillar either. I got a fairy in there but could not figure out how to get anything more substainal there.
Sahiden Ethare
File Author
Thanks for the feedback everyone.

Now, to answer some questions:

Getting reinforcements can indeed be a pain since there are quite large portions of the map devoid of towns. You could however, if you enable it, use pioneers to make some makeshift towns on strategic locations, combined with the tower gates, it should speed up getting some reinforcements. (Getting them there is the hard part though and it could be considered unfair to the AI as they have no idea how to do that :p)

The AI's won't like the map much no. Considering that all spots besides the Goblins are tailored for human play at the moment, that shouldn't be too strange.
Some events could probably fix this, I'll have to look into that.

I'll be looking forward to your map then too ^^

Ah yes, a rework is indeed what it needs there. It's more map padding than anything else right now, born from some silly idea I had.

From your post I figure you've started with the Dwarven campaign. I probably forgot to write this earlier in the map notes but to experience the full story, you'll have to have played as each of them at least once. (except Goblins of course)
The difficulty in terms of layout, quests and inversely, the details of the storyline go like this:
Elves, Undead, Dwarves, Shadow Demons.
Hence if you want to know more about the story, try playing as the Elves. In the end everyone hunts Zetrelce for their own reasons though.

The AI is lacking, and I think the only way I can improve it is by giving it tons of unfair advantage events, but even then it's probably going to be hard to get to the end of the story before killing all of them.
You can of course force it by placing an unreachable AI player on the map somewhere. Killing the final boss uses a win game event, so it will become your only option.

"Lots of events, but they were not well communicated as to purpose or why they happened. "
Is it a problem with the background, or do you mean the quest descriptions and story events are a bit wonky sometimes?

It took a lot of testing to see the capabilities of Shadow Void (and there's quite a lot, it's a shame you can't generate mountains or cities using events), glad to see you liked it :)

Some events may be off yes, there's a lot of them you see...

Dungeons and Dragons is probably one of the hardest quests on the map. To succeed you have to open one (you can only open one at a time) of the paths. You can do this by running up to one of the signs there and you should be able to pass. Depending on which one you've chosen, you'll get teleported to the dungeon of gold or the dungeon of poverty. Don't forget to bring REALLY strong units if you want to pass the quest.
Dungeon of gold: It's a teleporter maze with tons and tons of units. Trying to get it all AND passing the quest in time is nigh impossible unless you know exactly what you're doing. You'll have to defeat the Phoenix to pass this trial.
Dungeon of Poverty:
One of the crypts here contains an item, get it and place it on the marker, you now teleport to a tower and magic relay, grab them. Summon a small creature like a fairy or unicorn or a boar. Whatever you like in the room with the large green energy thingies. If you control the Earth Pillar (and you should), it will open the way. (In a Co-op game, or if you conquer half the world first, you can use the powers of Air and/or Fire to easen up the quest) Kill the dungeon keeper (and no this isn't going to be easy, he's got 7 dragons with him, and they're Area Guards) to pass this trial.

Doing both of these things will open up the path onwards, and if you've done this all in under 50 days, you can now get your quest reward.

I understand why you couldn't get the Life Pillar. The Shadow Demons are the only ones who can open the way. If they're AI, they won't. (I may be able to fix this with an event...)
Getting a spell like summon Golden Dragon or summon Angel could help you of course.

Thanks again for the feedback, any ideas or suggestions are always welcome. ^^
Inherit Eternity
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
See comment for this one.

Balance: 5
In my game red demon player and goblins are the majors on this one. I'm playing undead. I didn't see any dwarves or elves so far.

Creativity: 5
(Insert Creativity analysis here)

Map Design: 4
(Insert Map Design analysis here)

Story/Instructions: 5
I really like the undead one!

Additional Comments:
Hi, I'm new to this forum, but AoW player for a long time. I've downloaded this map and had really fun with it as undead. But so far I don't know what to do. Looked in the editor but really didn't figure out.

First, I'm in the frostling lands so far and raze most of their cities. I don't know how to reach those two in the south though.
Second, I used to make my way to that storm altar and let Neminica enter it. But nothing happens, even a round later. Bug?
Third, I received the Stone of the Sky artifact, but again nothing happens. And now I really don't know where to go. Just try to climb that mountains and try to go to the gaves beneath that part of the map and using the teleporter in the northwest (not the one that lead to the portal).

Hope for some answers. Thanks!

Sahiden Ethare
File Author
Hello there Inherit Eternity,

I'm glad to hear you're having fun.
Now to address your problems:

1. The two towns to the south are optional towns. It's where the questline takes you if the Shadow Demon player rigs the Void event so your path becomes blocked.
(They're not required to raze for the Quest, so you can still finish it, unless the quest is bugged. Dunno how I wrote that one anymore)
If you absolutely want to get them, you can trigger the event line I think by backtracking all the way to the Frozen Isles. (Or animate ruins the towns when the quest is done if you have the spell)

2. I'm going to assume that by storm altar you mean the large Air orb floating there. (Pillar of Air in storyline terms)
It didn't do anything you say? Check the Shadow world, you should now have control over one of the towers in the centre there. (The Air tower) As long as you control that tower, you will be capable of invoking the power of Air on places where the magic is strong.
Look for the swirling air thingies on other locations of the map. (the same ones as you can see at the altar)

3. The stone of the sky is an optional item you can find in the Icy Wastes and there is no script bound to it. It does give you 5 abilties if you equip it.
Finished the quest to raze the frostling towns? It should only take about 3 cities.

I just checked the scripting and yes, it CAN be bugged because of the direct route you took. You have to raze both Kantae and Lerminar before capturing the city of Nemonanica. However, only the quest description is bugged, you recieve the reward anyway when you capture the city.

About the way there: There is a way around the mountains through the forests. The cave is indeed where you should go, and it will take you northernmost part of the Icy Wastes. Go east from there. Now you'll find the Magic Maze. Your mission here is to capture the black watchtower at the other end of the maze. As a hint: use expendable units to get through the maze, you're going to suffer casualties, and a lot of them.
If you want the answer to the maze, look in the editor, I've marked with AI blocks how to solve it.
Regardless of that: Save a lot while doing it, just to make sure.

After the Maze you are free to go where ever you want. You can use the teleporters to head north towards the Elves, go underground to hunt the Goblins or generally just explore to find more stuff to do. If you want to go for the Final Boss questline, I'd say go for it, though it's going to take some Bot management on your part then from what I've heard so far. (Killing all the AI players is easier as getting that questline :P)

How to get the Final Boss Questline?

Go to the Shadow Demon capital city, close to the Life Pillar. There's a teleporter there, it will take you to Zetrelce's Lair.
Once there, you are going to need all the Elemental powers except for the Dark Pillar to actually get through there.
You will now get the Dark Pillar and thus you have control over all 7 elemental powers.
There's the big flashy 'need all powers to use this' place right above the Dark Pillar. Enter it. You now can select YES to start the Final Boss Questline called: The Dread Crusade.

You can fight and kill the final boss anyway once you have the Dark Pillar, but going through the questline makes it less hard to win the battle.

Happy hunting :)
Inherit Eternity Hey Dude!

Thanks for your hints. I get there by myself yesterday. I just couldn't stop playing this map. =) Overall I got the eye of the void and stuff. The "street riddle" was a very hard task for my nerves, but I finally get it. I'll continue the goblin hunt now. =)

About the air tower you mentoined - I didn't got that tower. But there are also visual effects now when my troops go into that storm altar area. Anyway, scenario is working and doing great.

Keep it up, mate!
rat_peddler I played as the ELF. I will probably replay as Drawfs to see what that is like.
Gangell Great job. I have enjoyed Project EO very much using the latest version of BNW. A couple of comments playing as Dwarf.
1. It was just about impossible to find Nemse without using the editor. There was no elemental showers to mark the spot, and I had killed him so long ago I had no idea where to look.
2. When I got to the final dungeon, I had to be careful to keep units with Path of Life and Path of Frost on their Airships. Their paths will totally wipe out all walls!
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Map Design4.8
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