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AoW1 Mod for AoW: Shadow Magic

Author File Description

* How to install and run this mod:

You need to have the unofficial patch 1.4 installed before installing this mod. The installer creates a shortcut on your desktop (leading to the AoW1 Mod.exe file located in the directory where you installed AoWSM), run it to launch the mod. It doesn't interfere with any other mods, and works regardless of the resources and language that you have selected in the setup.

You can use this mod to play the specifically designed scenario's in single- or multiplayer. For now, the editor, the campaign, Random map Generator, and maps made for standard AoW-SM are not working.

The following forum thread contains information about the mod, use it if you have any questions or suggestions:,5416,,60


* Ability to play the original AoW1 maps (the campaigns and user-made maps will be added later)
* New units, and changes to the existing ones
* Descriptions of new units written by the AoW community members
* Buildings and units that you can produce are limited according to the city size
* Slower city growth
* Revival of the AoW1 races, including the Lizardmen
* Original AoW1 heroes and items
* Classless hero system
* Got rid of the annoying Domain of Darkness spell ;)
* Classic AoW1 music and intro movie
* spell icons on colored backgrounds
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The Groll Congratulation PawelS!

I waited so long for your AoW I mod and the more we have talked about it in our long MSM night sessions, the more I get mad to finally get it.
Now it´s been released and I will check out for it tonight - with more passion. :-)
I think you have made it well and I hope I will find a lot of old AoW I things in it.
I have missed this things in AoW SM for so long.

If you want to see some of the new units check out this:


[Edited on 11/25/09 @ 04:58 AM]

Alvion Realy good mod thanks, but one thing I mising is that in map making we can't get all this aow1 mod things :(
File Author
It's possible to use this mod with the editor, see the forum thread listed in the download description for an instruction how to do it. But this mod is not intended for mapmaking, many map objects are deleted, only those needed for maps converted from aow1 are included.
RosenMcStern What about gates? Are they still passable or they become breakable only by wall crushers, as in Aow1? This was a distinctive feature of AoW1.
File Author
As far as I know, it cannot be done, so I left it as in normal AoWSM. If you know how to do it (so it works in FC too), let me know.

[Edited on 11/26/09 @ 11:01 AM]

Picrasso Great Mod altogether! Creating the AoW1 feel in an AoWSM world. I appreciate all the hard work you put into this marvel. I can't wait until the campaigns get online.

One question tho: I don't seem to be able to open these maps in the AoWSM Editor. Is there some way this can be reached?
File Author
Thanks for your appreciation :)

To open the maps in the editor, you need to copy the resurce files from _a1_Res_ to a custom resources folder (for example User\Resources\AoW1 Mod), and select these resources in the setup program.

But don't use the copied resources to run the mod using AoWSM.exe, because some mod changes won't be active. You should always use AoW1 Mod.exe (the installer creates a link to it on the desktop).

Btw there is a patch (0.2) available for the mod (it's in the Modpacks section of the downloads, like the mod itself).

[Edited on 01/25/10 @ 09:03 AM]

File Author
Thanks for your appreciation, the mod will be certainly improved in the future, you can expect more patches, the campaign, and map packs. The only thing that would prevent it is that we suddenly get access to the source code, which would make me start a completely new project :)

My answers to the things that you don't like:

- Spell casting points are by far to much reduced for most spells.
Often it is possible to wipe out big units or whole armies only with spell magic and it becomes even unfair. Bad and boring when you can use so much CPs to wipe our your opponent so easy.

I had a feeling that the damaging spells are too expensive in the normal game, I rarely use them. So I decided to make them cheaper in this mod, but maybe you're right that they are too cheap now. I'll think about it when making the next patch.

- Restrictions for mapmakers: Less terrain stuff. Even when AoW I should be recreated it does not feel good to make a map for this mao with the reduced terrain stuff.

When making the mod I haven't imagined that someone would be willing to make a map for it, it was only intended for converted maps, and it was easier for me to make a mod with less stuff. But now I think I can add some more map objects to it, I added it to my to-do list for the patches.

- Sometimes the setup for income structures.

It will be changed in the next patch, the income structures will give more gold, and low-level cities will give less.

- Some other things like the "crying steam tank" sound for example but this are only nitpicking things.

I really like this sound, it's like a train whistle :) (And doesn't sound like crying for me). I think I'll make it a bit less loud.

- Dragons and the possibility to summon them to easy.

Too easy? In v1.4, the summoning cost of lvl4 flyers (Ice Dragon, Phoenix, Angel, Black Angel) is 230-240. In this mod it's 400 (Phoenix, Thunderbird, Gold Dragon, Black Dragon). I decided to make the summoning costs the same as building costs of comparable units. Do you think it should be even more?

[Edited on 08/23/10 @ 11:18 AM]

File Author
Patch 0.3 is released, you can find it in the Modpacks section (it's an update to patch 0.2, so it won't show as the newest file).
Dunadd Looks like a great mod but the first time i tried to install it to my Steam Age of wonders Shadow magic folder i got a message saying "1.4 has not been found".

Tried again and it says windows could not open the file.
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