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Download File (91.87 KB)
91.87 KB
Fist of Darkness
Zorach, lord of Darkness, challenges Sol, the ruler of the land of Fawn. The doomsday is close at hand. It is now upto Helena to join forces with Sol and force back the Fist of Darkness.
Category: Scenario
by ronnie123
- 481 0 1
Download File (342.06 KB)
342.06 KB
Race to Death - Walker's Crusade
This is a highly modified and much improved version of Race to Death. It will be better for Coop play, and much more challenging in SP. It retainst the original flavor, but adds many aspects to gameplay. Good Luck!
Category: Scenario
by King David
4.6 (5)
3806 0 0
Download File (191.75 KB)
191.75 KB
The Council of 4
100events,many quests, in a map placed in the valley of the Gods.Loth and Drusilia have to face Moradin,Ehlona,Heironeous and Yondalla. Find the other Gods, and some will help you claim your position among them, while other will not be so friendly.
Category: Scenario
by Coyote7
4.9 (6)
9876 0 9
Download File (27.88 KB)
27.88 KB
the rise of the undead
well this story takes you backe when all races where peaceful then a day came that the dead started to rise out of there graves and strated to attack everyone so you have decided that you will mount a atack on them i hope you enjoy
Category: Scenario
by kevinking28
2.9 (2)
476 0 0
Download File (166.26 KB)
166.26 KB
this a larger map then the first one you have even more troops under your have more raze cities that you can rebuild and you have a good amount of indepandance you have to the wourld you are a great king and you deserve the title warlord
Category: Scenario
by kevinking28
- 761 0 0
Download File (64.66 KB)
64.66 KB
dark elves are on the atack
the elves are a great people then something happen there where some of the elves started to steel gold and treasures from there own people then after they decided to attack there own people so they have search for these elves and the scouts came back
Category: Scenario
by kevinking28
- 415 0 0
Download File (413.02 KB)
413.02 KB
Only the lonely
Hmm. Not much to say. Play one out of 4 races and conquer the map. Map is rich in gold and mana. Lot of stuff to explore.
Category: Scenario
by Dan Donnard
- 664 0 1
Download File (539.92 KB)
539.92 KB
8 Player Scenario Map, XL
Category: Scenario
by aco
- 936 0 3
Download File (257.39 KB)
257.39 KB
Lord of Nightmares revised
The battle of Yrndia is on again.Select 1 out of 4 evil races and conquer the land. But beware: Strong enemies are waiting for you.
Category: Scenario
by Dan Donnard
2.8 (1)
791 0 0
Download File (80.25 KB)
80.25 KB
I no speak english. Hello from russia
Category: Scenario
by BigRem
3.4 (1)
383 0 0
Download File (40.46 KB)
40.46 KB
death trap
these is not the same kind of map i uselly submit but this is a fun map i know you all will enjoy you begin looking for the lands that are called deathtrap and you find out why they called the death trap
Category: Scenario
by kevinking28
- 308 0 0
Download File (68.05 KB)
68.05 KB
totol war
this map has the indepandance has a strong army that have to serch the lands you on and try to find the sarcard lands and try to take the cities in this lands to give you upper hend to the war that is called the totol war so enjoy
Category: Scenario
by kevinking28
- 332 0 0
Download File (4.41 MB)
4.41 MB
AOW2 altered unit libraries
A collection of libraries made from altered unit gfx.
Category: Misc. Download
by wchilde
- 1728 0 1
Download File (45.48 KB)
45.48 KB
this a map that the undead has taken the upper lands and cast a spell turn into dead land you have try to take back the lands that the undead took and there mor cities hidden in the lower lands you have a small gold and magic plus you play undead
Category: Scenario
by kevinking28
- 334 0 0
Download File (70.58 KB)
70.58 KB
dragons of the lost sea
there is a land that has a lost sea you are on a search of that place and you have come across a great king called the dragonking and you start of with a little gold and a small armie and little resouces
Category: Scenario
by kevinking28
3.6 (2)
645 0 0
Download File (43.94 KB)
43.94 KB
humans stronghold2
this is like the first one you have a bigger army and the map is bigger and i added the lower level and to top of all the humans has more troopsand the indepandance has more reforcements to help protect there lands
Category: Scenario
by kevinking28
- 477 0 0
Download File (42.85 KB)
42.85 KB
mountain king2
you did not defeat him in the beginning so now he is stronger then ever and now there are two more nations have come here two help retake the lands but there are also indepandence that have arrived to protect there lands
Category: Scenario
by kevinking28
- 308 0 0
Download File (33.22 KB)
33.22 KB
humans stronghold
this is sbout a stronghold that is in the lands of the humans and you have hear that there are very rare treasures that are in the main cities if you are able to take this citie youcan turn the tide of war are you brave enough
Category: Scenario
by kevinking28
- 293 0 0
Download File (44.31 KB)
44.31 KB
ghost town
this is fun one you have the choice between the elfs and achons and orks and dark elves and the humans and the frostings you also do not have one allies but you can pick a allie if you like
Category: Scenario
by kevinking28
- 364 0 0
Download File (91.51 KB)
91.51 KB
High Tides SMRev1-1
Rule the waves, fight storms, sea monsters and pirates in this epic struggle for control fo the Myriad Islands!
Category: Scenario
by Ellumesh
4.4 (1)
975 0 0

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