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Download File (44.35 MB)
44.35 MB
New Units
Some units from Warcraft 3
Category: Misc. Download
by VenomTDA
- 466 0 0
Download File (1.28 MB)
1.28 MB
Das geborgene Land
Five Wizards guard has long been the passes of the recovered land. But something evil has invaded the country and each of the magician tries to bring the country under his rule and save.
Category: Scenario
by Wolfsblick
- 819 0 0
Download File (764.24 KB)
764.24 KB
a tale of great battles and large quests
replaced the 1.3 version, there was still a bug
Category: Scenario
- 1297 0 3
Download File (764.23 KB)
764.23 KB
A tale of great battles and large quests
While everybody is waiting for age of wonders 3, I refitted an old map, changing places, quests ..
Category: Scenario
- 430 0 1
Download File (9.6 MB)
9.6 MB
Real Actors Faces for Shadow Magic
Shadow Magic images of Heros and Wizards mainly based on Leonardo Dicaprio, Jim Clavezal, luca Zingaretti
Category: Misc. Download
by Andysaurus
- 477 0 2
Download File (5.21 MB)
5.21 MB
War of The Realms (WOR) Missing ILB'S
Just few Ilb's Ragnarok777 requested or were missing from some other ppl as well.
Category: Modpack
by Tazarbil
- 598 0 0
Download File (34.84 MB)
34.84 MB
The Threat from the Sea
An alternate story of those Dark Elves who chose not to participate in The Mending. Besides that, prepare yourself for naval battles and exploration of many islets full of treasures and adventures. Aye! A pirate's life for you and me!
Category: Scenario
by W4rb1rd
- 1029 0 0
Download File (433.15 KB)
433.15 KB
death and orks
Deathbringer had enough of getting beat.So he had back up from a ork.Hes name is Green ork. And he is the leader of the orks wizards.Plus he has it in for you.for beating Deathbringer 5 differnt time so hes sent his wizards to bring back the Deathbri
Category: Scenario
by masterkevin28
- 745 0 0
Download File (429.59 KB)
429.59 KB
Deathbringer came to take the lands he brought two other undead wizards to help to take the lands.Deathbringer is the top dog. He has oders the two others to take the lands from the humans and lightbringer.Plus he brought his weapons to bring down th
Category: Scenario
by masterkevin28
- 561 0 0
Download File (460.83 KB)
460.83 KB
once upon a time there where a peaceful lands with human and achons. Then there was the leaders of the undead.Hes name is deathbringer.He sent two of the undead wizards to bring chos to the once peacefull lands.Hope you guys enjoy the map you can
Category: Scenario
by masterkevin28
- 505 0 6
Download File (49.68 MB)
49.68 MB
The Mending
The events take place during announcement of The Mending, few years before the story of Age of Wonders III (I think). The Ruling Council of Dark Elves had responded and many noble houses started a stiff competition towards the place of gathering.
Category: Scenario
by W4rb1rd
- 852 0 4
Download File (1.11 KB)
1.11 KB
deathbringer has two of his undead troops and himself came To take the land from humans and light folks.Plus he want to wipe out the wizards.Deathbringer is the top dog so be careful. Plus it wont be easy to defeat him he is a master at staying alive
Category: Scenario
by masterkevin28
- 406 0 0
Download File (1.11 KB)
1.11 KB
Once opon a time there was peace in the land.Then the sky got dark and the undead started come out of the graves.Deathbringer came to the lands and with two other undead leaders.Then he had the other undead to attack all of the humans and archons.
Category: Scenario
by masterkevin28
- 618 0 0
Download File (1.11 KB)
1.11 KB
Deathbringer has come to all to pay And he has command two other of his wizards to help him to take yours land.Plus he is high commdor.Hes going to wipe out the humans and archons.are you brave to take him or are you going to defeat him haha.i hope y
Category: Scenario
by masterkevin28
- 749 0 3
Download File (71.2 MB)
71.2 MB
Siblings of the Dark
This work is a true custom single-player campaign for Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic v1.4, with story, songs and intro movies. Right now, it consists of three scenarios of varied difficulty. This is first installment. I am going to make part 2 later.
Category: Scenario
by W4rb1rd
- 1312 1 18
Download File (477.33 KB)
477.33 KB
Deathbringer is the top leader of the undead two came with him to take the landsOnce opon a time there was peace in the land.Then the sky got dark and the undead started come out of the graves.Deathbringer came to the lands and with two other undead
Category: Scenario
by masterkevin28
- 389 0 3
Download File (339.29 KB)
339.29 KB
bit of a quest
BNW 3.2 scenario (Brave New World mod) installed, Some quests, some story, some battle. Hope you'll enjoy it.
Category: Scenario
by mikolaj
- 247 0 0
Download File (131.72 KB)
131.72 KB
The Fallen Star
Hard scenario, bash 5 enemy wizards with 2 weak allies.
Category: Scenario
by implementor
- 439 0 0
Download File (121.63 KB)
121.63 KB
Fallen Star
Play with 2 allied wizards vs. 5 enemy wizards. very hard.
Category: Scenario
by implementor
- 290 0 0
Download File (3.27 MB)
3.27 MB
image menu
Edited image of the intro menu
Category: Misc. Download
by Mastro Mike
- 483 0 1

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