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Download File (40.46 KB)
40.46 KB
death trap
these is not the same kind of map i uselly submit but this is a fun map i know you all will enjoy you begin looking for the lands that are called deathtrap and you find out why they called the death trap
Category: Scenario
by kevinking28
- 308 0 0
Download File (80.25 KB)
80.25 KB
I no speak english. Hello from russia
Category: Scenario
by BigRem
3.4 (1)
383 0 0
Download File (257.39 KB)
257.39 KB
Lord of Nightmares revised
The battle of Yrndia is on again.Select 1 out of 4 evil races and conquer the land. But beware: Strong enemies are waiting for you.
Category: Scenario
by Dan Donnard
2.8 (1)
791 0 0
Download File (539.92 KB)
539.92 KB
8 Player Scenario Map, XL
Category: Scenario
by aco
- 936 0 3
Download File (413.02 KB)
413.02 KB
Only the lonely
Hmm. Not much to say. Play one out of 4 races and conquer the map. Map is rich in gold and mana. Lot of stuff to explore.
Category: Scenario
by Dan Donnard
- 664 0 1
Download File (64.66 KB)
64.66 KB
dark elves are on the atack
the elves are a great people then something happen there where some of the elves started to steel gold and treasures from there own people then after they decided to attack there own people so they have search for these elves and the scouts came back
Category: Scenario
by kevinking28
- 415 0 0
Download File (166.26 KB)
166.26 KB
this a larger map then the first one you have even more troops under your have more raze cities that you can rebuild and you have a good amount of indepandance you have to the wourld you are a great king and you deserve the title warlord
Category: Scenario
by kevinking28
- 761 0 0
Download File (27.88 KB)
27.88 KB
the rise of the undead
well this story takes you backe when all races where peaceful then a day came that the dead started to rise out of there graves and strated to attack everyone so you have decided that you will mount a atack on them i hope you enjoy
Category: Scenario
by kevinking28
2.9 (2)
476 0 0
Download File (191.75 KB)
191.75 KB
The Council of 4
100events,many quests, in a map placed in the valley of the Gods.Loth and Drusilia have to face Moradin,Ehlona,Heironeous and Yondalla. Find the other Gods, and some will help you claim your position among them, while other will not be so friendly.
Category: Scenario
by Coyote7
4.9 (6)
9867 0 9
Download File (342.06 KB)
342.06 KB
Race to Death - Walker's Crusade
This is a highly modified and much improved version of Race to Death. It will be better for Coop play, and much more challenging in SP. It retainst the original flavor, but adds many aspects to gameplay. Good Luck!
Category: Scenario
by King David
4.6 (5)
3805 0 0
Download File (91.87 KB)
91.87 KB
Fist of Darkness
Zorach, lord of Darkness, challenges Sol, the ruler of the land of Fawn. The doomsday is close at hand. It is now upto Helena to join forces with Sol and force back the Fist of Darkness.
Category: Scenario
by ronnie123
- 481 0 1
Download File (202.25 KB)
202.25 KB
Psymon and the Saucer
Single player map that uses the 100 units Mod.
Category: Scenario
by Magog
3.7 (2)
513 0 2
Download File (166.26 KB)
166.26 KB
the great war2
this a land that was peacefull intill the other nation decided to started a war to take there treasures this is a easyer map then the first one an i put some events in the map so enjoy plus you have to rebuild the raze cities
Category: Scenario
by kevinking28
- 579 0 0
Download File (78.59 KB)
78.59 KB
raining fire
this map has a rich storyline and you are any of the 7 wizard that is in the game but you have one thin that is the darkelf does not have a citie and you are in a very dangerous place you must take a citie to stay alive the only one that has no citie
Category: Scenario
by kevinking28
- 555 0 0
Download File (44.46 KB)
44.46 KB
This map is about 3 neutral and 1 good race fighting to get the lands.Each side get about the same its balanced. Some small quest are around to get items but this map focus more on war.Some neutral guard roads so that u can build up before war start.
Category: Scenario
by LordNecrofix
4.3 (2)
932 0 0
Download File (236.15 KB)
236.15 KB
the great humans empires
the story is been known from one to other you where in a great battle between the forces of evil and good then the humans came your lands to take your lands for themselves so you can allie with good or evil its up to you.
Category: Scenario
by kevinking28
- 730 0 0
Download File (36.6 KB)
36.6 KB
Defeating the Dark Elf Master
Category: Scenario
by KingScott16
3.1 (2)
530 0 0
Download File (52.5 KB)
52.5 KB
dragon nest
i must teel you you think you have defeated the dragon king. he has come back from the grave to seek out the one that have beaten him. are you brave enough to take him on again. this time he said you cant do it he has been waiting for eitherchance.
Category: Scenario
by kevinking28
- 511 0 0
Download File (55.07 KB)
55.07 KB
the great day of the dragon king
this map is about the dragon king is with revange to take on those that thought that had defeated him you have a rich story and a bunch of events that i had to add in to be more fun to play this one the dragon king is more powerful then he was before
Category: Scenario
by kevinking28
- 558 0 0
Download File (49.08 KB)
49.08 KB
the orb of light
this one has a great of deal of story that explain everthing. the dark forces has taken the lands from the humans the humans lost there leader so no they are indepandance they are waiting for a new leader so now the most powerful wizard from the elve
Category: Scenario
by kevinking28
- 486 0 0

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