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Download File (49.08 KB)
49.08 KB
the orb of light
this one has a great of deal of story that explain everthing. the dark forces has taken the lands from the humans the humans lost there leader so no they are indepandance they are waiting for a new leader so now the most powerful wizard from the elve
by kevinking28
- 486 0 0
Download File (89.37 KB)
89.37 KB
angel of light
this is story about long ago the frostlings were winning the battles with the undead intill the undead called for back up from the other evil wizards so they all allied among them selves so the frostings starting to lose they became slaves
by kevinking28
1.8 (1)
637 0 0
Download File (81.44 KB)
81.44 KB
the radiance of the dark elves
the strory has been told again the dark elves have arrived to the new found lands to search for treasures and items to give them upper hand in the battles they have. and the dark elves are on the lower levels of the grounds and you are able to play
by kevinking28
- 583 0 0
Download File (105.34 KB)
105.34 KB
After the Fall
The submission is an exact copy of the famous AoW-I map. Created as accurate as possible with the AoW-II-Engine. Suitable for AoW SM as well.
by Dan Donnard
4.4 (2)
2030 0 5
Download File (82.49 KB)
82.49 KB
battle cry
this is a story that was known a long time ago it about a land that was peaceful fo a long time then a great battle started between the good and evil forces. the evil forces was losein the battle so they sent a messger to two more evil forces to help
by kevinking28
2.0 (1)
494 0 0
Download File (26.1 KB)
26.1 KB
the two towers
this maps about you are in the bottom of the lands. you are looking for a citie to call your own and the undead has rised out of there graves looking for the ones that killed them but there are two cities that has towers to them i give you summans ab
by kevinking28
1.8 (1)
629 0 0
Download File (90.77 KB)
90.77 KB
Return of the King
this is a story that you heard from the wizard school you went to there was a great king name king arthor. There was a great war that broke out from far away lands so king arthor decided to gather a army to take on the enemybut he left someone in rul
by kevinking28
2.0 (1)
653 0 0
Download File (339.41 KB)
339.41 KB
The Hive
This is the final map from the campaign. It's not my creation, it's the creation of Wazzz (Martijn Holtkamp). I haven't changed anything. Have fun!
by Roger the Rampant
- 781 0 0
Download File (277.1 KB)
277.1 KB
the great human empires2
this is a map almost like the first one and much more. you know of the story about that you were in a great battle between evil and good. then the humans were looking for new have the chioce to allie with the good or evil kingdoms to help
by kevinking28
1.4 (1)
711 0 0
Download File (2.54 MB)
2.54 MB
Med Cruise v1.3
A well-balanced map with entertaining characters.
by Dittohead
2.8 (2)
1020 0 2
Download File (268.24 KB)
268.24 KB
Lord of the Rings > Great Wars 1.90 FIXED
If you want play AOW2SM in the beautifull world of Lord of the Rings, download this map :) The story is based on Silmarilion - War with Angmar
by petis
3.6 (2)
2076 0 7
Download File (193.94 KB)
193.94 KB
A Dying World
Small single player map that uses the 100 Units mod.
by Magog
4.0 (1)
659 0 2
Download File (1.46 MB)
1.46 MB
Grand Royal
A random map that was customized for a specific style of empire building. 8 players choose 3 races each, and recieve several pionneers (no independant cities). Reinforcements on turn 10. Several custom magic items added to spice things up.
by Distant
- 1104 0 0
Download File (61.18 KB)
61.18 KB
Last Hope of the Archons
A Fairly Simple Map: You are Anon leader of the remains of the Archons.
by Garion Fairbanks
- 574 0 0
Download File (125.08 KB)
125.08 KB
After the Fall Shadowmagic
The submission is an exact copy of the famous AoW-I map. Created as accurate as possible with the AoW-SM machine. This Map is SM only.
by Dan Donnard
4.4 (2)
2519 0 1
Download File (146.37 KB)
146.37 KB
the great war3
this is a great story about a land that once was very peacefull but something happened between the nations that are on the lands they started to become gretty they wanted each other treasure from there fore fathers so you musterd up a army to defand
by kevinking28
2.3 (2)
836 0 0
Download File (129.79 KB)
129.79 KB
Pestilence and Famine, v1.4(beta)
Designed to be a balanced, varied and challenging two player map, with many possible development paths open to the players.
by JWorth
4.6 (1)
929 0 0
Download File (81.68 KB)
81.68 KB
Entropic Encounter
A map designed with… elemental combat in mind, along with aesthetics, balance and fun of course. Come check it out, it’s a great four player multiplayer map and even fun for single player.
by S BattleAxe
- 635 0 1
Download File (1.99 MB)
1.99 MB
Fantasysaga II Reworked
A complete rework from my best map (I think..)
by Randamaster
- 1726 0 0
Download File (962.79 KB)
962.79 KB
Legacy Island
Gather the keys. Gather the artifacts. Conquer the island and reign supreme. 6 player free for all.
by Distant
4.6 (1)
3021 0 1

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