Age of Wonders II Heaven Julia with Gameplay background
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Download File (579.98 KB)
579.98 KB
Merlin 8bit ilb
Original Merlin.ilb is in 16bit format, so it cannot be recolered by PawelS's UGPM. So I convert it to 8 bit format.
Category: Misc. Download
by Dhuval
5.0 (1)
679 0 0
Download File (463.34 KB)
463.34 KB
ESRB Replacement Screen
Replace the odd "Gameplay experience may change...." with this
Category: Misc. Download
by Eagleheart
5.0 (2)
1463 0 1
Download File (280.15 KB)
280.15 KB
MLDEdit is a program capable of reading and writing Age of Wonders .mld files (so you can change spell / race / ... names with it).
Category: Misc. Download
by Velaryon
5.0 (4)
4162 0 3
Download File (1.19 MB)
1.19 MB
Balrog ILB (re-edited)
This is an ILB Balrog Unit... (re-edited)
Category: Misc. Download
by iceman
5.0 (2)
2399 0 2
Download File (80.14 KB)
80.14 KB
Middle Earth Geography
This is a map base for any scenario in Middle Earth. It is painfully accurate with a few cities for reference points. Feel free to use it as a starting point for any scenario.
Category: Misc. Download
by Rorschach
5.0 (1)
4245 0 3
Download File (7.54 MB)
7.54 MB
the only available mod of its kind, for AoW2! TONS of new units and unit gfx! Plus changes to other features of the game to make it more challenging and fun!
Category: Modpack
by greenmonster
5.0 (2)
9196 0 6
Download File (1.87 MB)
1.87 MB
Sheet music for "The Age of Wonders" instramental.
A 13 page PDF document of the sheet music for the title track composed by Mason B. Fisher
Category: Misc. Download
by Angel Draco
5.0 (1)
2169 0 3
Download File (4.79 MB)
4.79 MB
Tales of Matunmura: The Titan Gate
Finally after almost year's hard work the map is ready for release. A True RPG with more than 600 events. A solid Storyline alongwith tough gameplay.
Category: Scenario
by sausud
4.9 (16)
13675 1 36
Download File (279.75 MB)
279.75 MB
The latest update to the Dwiggs mod with the 1.4 changes in! Unique heroes with custom animations, tons of new units and an enhanced gameplay for a longer and more rewarding experience...and most importantly, guaranteeing a fun time!
Category: Modpack
by The_Stranger
4.9 (15)
28862 1 108
Download File (767.67 KB)
767.67 KB
There Might Be Blood
My entry to the 2009 map making comp. Play and enjoy!
Category: Scenario
by ibobs
4.9 (4)
2858 0 4
Download File (331.69 KB)
331.69 KB
BNW3.2 Revenge of the Magic Servants
This map will only work if you have BNW3.2 (Brave New World mod) and Upatch 1.4 installed. It's a single player map, and despite being small in size it has an enormous amount of gameplay packed into it.
Category: Scenario
by Roger the Rampant
4.9 (2)
2414 0 5
Download File (2.76 MB)
2.76 MB
Gates of Elocin - Part I v.2e
Proudly presenting: "Gates of Elocin", winner of the map-making contest (Novenber 2005 - January 2006). This is my 2nd map for UPatch 1.4 (the 1st being "Secrets of Marlenia", which comes with the patch).
Category: Scenario
by The Groll
4.9 (14)
17674 1 39
Download File (318.91 MB)
318.91 MB
Brave New World v2.0
As of 4/23/06 the brave new world has been upgraded to version 2.0 and is now open for business! I hope you enjoy it.
Category: Modpack
by Kirky Picardo
4.9 (32)
21047 2 136
Download File (19.44 KB)
19.44 KB
Operations of Item Properties
The meaning of "Availability" and "Gold" in item settings (SM)
Category: Misc. Download
by Final Bolt
4.9 (4)
1101 0 1
Download File (191.75 KB)
191.75 KB
The Council of 4
100events,many quests, in a map placed in the valley of the Gods.Loth and Drusilia have to face Moradin,Ehlona,Heironeous and Yondalla. Find the other Gods, and some will help you claim your position among them, while other will not be so friendly.
Category: Scenario
by Coyote7
4.9 (6)
9774 0 9
Download File (15.69 MB)
15.69 MB
MarleneĀ“s Laughter v.5_a
Proudly presenting: "MarleneĀ“s Laughter" What can I say about this map when I can only use few words? I start this map in spring 2005 and now it is spring 2009. I left it from the hook but never for long. And here finally it is...
Category: Scenario
by The Groll
4.9 (6)
7204 3 67
Download File (777.93 KB)
777.93 KB
BNW3: The Last Dwarf V1c
An XL single-player map for Brave New World 3 mod. You will also need Upatch 1.4 installed. For more information on where to obtain BNW3, please visit this thread:,5246,,20
Category: Scenario
by Roger the Rampant
4.9 (4)
3961 0 40
Download File (299.39 KB)
299.39 KB
Let's Get Ready.
Large scenario designed for multi player and single player. Three levels, made to keep players apart while building empires. Quests are fully available and any multi player winner will have to face the computer who owns all the shadow. Plays ok in SP
Category: Scenario
by ibobs
4.8 (5)
7951 1 16
Download File (847.5 KB)
847.5 KB
New Arsenal 2
Adds several formidable new units (up to lvl 5) to all races and alters some parts of old units. Also some Uber lvl 6 units available from difficult recruit sites or quests. Expect fast action, new strategies and versatile units.
Category: Modpack
by Griffith
4.8 (3)
4670 0 14
Download File (387.07 KB)
387.07 KB
AoW1 to AoWSM map converter 1.00
This program allows you to convert AoW1 maps to AoWSM
Category: Misc. Download
by PawelS
4.8 (3)
1972 0 2

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