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Download File (200.98 KB)
200.98 KB
Fight for Light
Designed as a co-op map. Try to defeat the ShadowGod with four of your friends! ShadowGod can be played by a human player (=more fun, challenging)
Category: Scenario
by swolte
4.4 (5)
3651 0 1
Download File (155.55 KB)
155.55 KB
SilverFlame Saga v2.0
-----Kiss from Inferno
Category: Scenario
by Silverwolfcn
4.4 (1)
2656 0 0
Download File (86.65 KB)
86.65 KB
Stone and Sea ver1.2
PBEM/Multiplayer only. 4 Players + 1 AI controlled wiz. It's a slugfest kids, last man standing wins. This is identical to ver1.1 with a bug fixed in the Hero-join events.
Category: Scenario
by Hocus Pocus
4.4 (1)
1030 0 0
Download File (93.35 KB)
93.35 KB
The Grimstone Wars
Thís map is made solely for Multiplayer purpose and has no story. It is up to you to make it up as the game goes on. It will play really good as a SP map as well. Please give me feedback on this map as I will update it to make it perfectly balanced.
Category: Scenario
by The Jerk
4.4 (2)
5230 0 0
Download File (1.74 MB)
1.74 MB
Eo's MiddleEarth V2.3
bringing the UPatch to middle-earth
Category: Scenario
by Eomolch
4.3 (3)
1514 0 11
Download File (740.43 KB)
740.43 KB
Middle-Earth in the 2nd Age 5.0
For Arda Mod. Single-player/coop map of Tolkien's world as it was 3000 years before LORD OF THE RINGS, starting with the destruction of Númenor and ending if the Last Alliance of Men and Elves can seize the One Ring from Sauron.
Category: Scenario
by Galahad_2nd
4.3 (3)
7831 0 2
Download File (310.68 KB)
310.68 KB
Race to Death S&M Edition
A large, 6 Player COOP/FFA fully upgraded for SM. Highly original and Challenging, it's also Entertaining in SP.
Category: Scenario
by King David
4.3 (3)
1975 0 3
Download File (187.47 KB)
187.47 KB
World of Ultima
t would seem that the cosmic rifts sundering the lands have caused other strange things to occur. Eight mystierous moongates appear, revealing the fabled lands of Britannia
Category: Scenario
by TheMadMage
4.3 (3)
3650 0 5
Download File (54.55 KB)
54.55 KB
Desert Shadows - Tears of War
Improvement map of the July 2003 Wizards of Creation Desert Shadows Competition
Category: Scenario
by Horza666
4.3 (3)
1401 0 1
Download File (110.32 KB)
110.32 KB
Magic Spells & Creature Stats
Word and Excel files listing all magic spells and creature stats.
Category: Misc. Download
by Kazlekkian
4.3 (3)
5299 0 0
Download File (185.34 KB)
185.34 KB
Return of the Lizards v1.1
This is a revision of the map shipped with the unofficial patch, Return of the Lizards, after user feedback. The map was made by King David and Swolte.
Category: Scenario
by swolte
4.3 (10)
1415 1 3
Download File (1.38 MB)
1.38 MB
City Dwellers
Adventures, sightseeing, trading or political intrigue, it's all possible in this huge city. 6 player scenario. Mapped by TravisII & Nyarlathotep.
Category: Scenario
by nyarlathotep
4.3 (2)
1497 0 6
Download File (1.57 MB)
1.57 MB
The Vale
3 fledlging races move beyond the vale to settle a once desolate land, but something is waiting for them.
Category: Scenario
by Kovis
4.3 (2)
1030 0 4
Download File (435.95 KB)
435.95 KB
Them Damn Traders!
XL - 8 player map.
Category: Scenario
by Sharky_22
4.3 (2)
2254 0 4
Download File (181.01 KB)
181.01 KB
Stronghold 8
Stronghold is a Multiplayer map designed for a balanced game for up to 8 playable races. The game can be played as a team game or in a free for all format. All of the races from the Shadow Magic game are represented on the map.
Category: Scenario
by Gryffone
4.3 (2)
2159 0 3
Download File (2.44 MB)
2.44 MB
Many years ago your people, along with the humans, fled to the realm in which you now reside. A realm of sickness! Your people have struggled just to maintain their existence in this realm. Now, that existence is once again being threatened.......
Category: Scenario
by Sin911
4.3 (2)
2268 0 12
Download File (1.77 MB)
1.77 MB
Dark hordes
Matron Malice has enslaved all the races of the Underground, constructing an empire never seen before among dark elves. Now she is preparing an invasion of the surface world. Can Queen Amlauril, Siira Elrinwood and King Durin Faen survive?
Category: Scenario
by lorenzomichele
4.3 (4)
2619 0 10
Download File (44.46 KB)
44.46 KB
This map is about 3 neutral and 1 good race fighting to get the lands.Each side get about the same its balanced. Some small quest are around to get items but this map focus more on war.Some neutral guard roads so that u can build up before war start.
Category: Scenario
by LordNecrofix
4.3 (2)
927 0 0
Download File (33.49 KB)
33.49 KB
Monthly Challenge Gigan's Throne
The Monthly Challenge map for June 2003 is based on Outlier's excellent SP map, Gigan's Throne. All submissions to be made by 30th June 2003, please
Category: Scenario
by Roger the Rampant
4.3 (2)
1323 0 0
Download File (33.95 KB)
33.95 KB
Gigan's Throne The Beginning V2.0
Official release of the SP Version of the trilogy depicting the rise of King Gigan. The first part involves solo hero gaming, the second part is typical of AoW2 play, the third part is suitable for strategic maneuvering ...
Category: Scenario
by Outlier
4.3 (6)
3220 0 2

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