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Download File (39.54 MB)
39.54 MB
Unofficial Patch v1.4
The v1.4 patch, created by the community. Get it now!!
Category: Misc. Download
by swolte
5.0 (11)
143992 4 37
Download File (279.75 MB)
279.75 MB
The latest update to the Dwiggs mod with the 1.4 changes in! Unique heroes with custom animations, tons of new units and an enhanced gameplay for a longer and more rewarding experience...and most importantly, guaranteeing a fun time!
Category: Modpack
by The_Stranger
4.9 (15)
28868 1 108
Download File (5.02 MB)
5.02 MB
Lord of the Rings in the Third Age - War of the Ring v1.3
##Version 1.31 Now available as of Feb 10th## This is a Lord of the Rings Map and Mod Pack with With Custom Resources Nearly 70 Heroes, Almost all with Custom Portraits, 120 Unique LoTR Items, Close to 1300 events, Custom Spells, Rules and Text!
Category: Scenario
by BlackRose
4.8 (31)
26425 0 42
Download File (318.91 MB)
318.91 MB
Brave New World v2.0
As of 4/23/06 the brave new world has been upgraded to version 2.0 and is now open for business! I hope you enjoy it.
Category: Modpack
by Kirky Picardo
4.9 (32)
21048 2 136
Download File (2.76 MB)
2.76 MB
Gates of Elocin - Part I v.2e
Proudly presenting: "Gates of Elocin", winner of the map-making contest (Novenber 2005 - January 2006). This is my 2nd map for UPatch 1.4 (the 1st being "Secrets of Marlenia", which comes with the patch).
Category: Scenario
by The Groll
4.9 (14)
17674 1 39
Download File (495.31 KB)
495.31 KB
Promising Land (Update)
8 Player Shadow Magic XL map with lots of quests, new items, special set items and independent events. Balanced starting conditions for every race.
Category: Scenario
by digga
4.8 (13)
16694 0 14
Download File (2.21 MB)
2.21 MB
The Battle of Creation Shadow Pack
Experience Erithnia, a realm of epic proportions and beauty; with opponents threatening you and the neighbouring lands there for the conquering, an unknown danger gets ready to strike...
Category: Scenario
by jamieJME
4.6 (22)
15420 1 21
Download File (4.79 MB)
4.79 MB
Tales of Matunmura: The Titan Gate
Finally after almost year's hard work the map is ready for release. A True RPG with more than 600 events. A solid Storyline alongwith tough gameplay.
Category: Scenario
by sausud
4.9 (16)
13675 1 36
Download File (181.06 KB)
181.06 KB
Battles of Creation - The Blackened Mire
It is time to play the prequel to the hugely popular 'The Battle of Creation'! Prepare to be immersed in the legendary world of Erithnia once more! Singleplayer for Shadow Magic finally comes of age...
Category: Scenario
by jamieJME
4.6 (17)
13023 0 12
Download File (425.19 MB)
425.19 MB
3-in-1 Pack (updated)
This pack includes everything for Dwiggs 1.4_Patch, New Arsenal 2 and Children of Many Ages Mods
Category: Modpack
by Griffith
5.0 (1)
12843 5 40
Download File (261.04 KB)
261.04 KB
This Land Is My Land
A Large 6 Player Map with 7 Wizards. Highly Detailed, Everything Custom, Great for both SP and MP/PBEM. Oriented toward Exploration, Battle and Empire Building, in no particular order. Surface and Cavern Levels.
Category: Scenario
by King David
4.8 (8)
11237 0 4
Download File (0.99 MB)
0.99 MB
Drums of Death V1.20 (Single Player)
XL Epic, monster map with tons of events, customised heroes, items and detailed landscape! This is a single player version!
Category: Scenario
by swolte
4.8 (12)
10207 0 5
Download File (191.75 KB)
191.75 KB
The Council of 4
100events,many quests, in a map placed in the valley of the Gods.Loth and Drusilia have to face Moradin,Ehlona,Heironeous and Yondalla. Find the other Gods, and some will help you claim your position among them, while other will not be so friendly.
Category: Scenario
by Coyote7
4.9 (6)
9774 0 9
Download File (7.54 MB)
7.54 MB
the only available mod of its kind, for AoW2! TONS of new units and unit gfx! Plus changes to other features of the game to make it more challenging and fun!
Category: Modpack
by greenmonster
5.0 (2)
9196 0 6
Download File (818.24 KB)
818.24 KB
World of Xeen
The World of Xeen, aka Might & Magic 4 & 5, replicated as I saw fit. The 5 powerful wizards of the land battle in a war between good and evil.
Category: Scenario
by camelrider
4.1 (10)
8970 0 1
Download File (641.68 KB)
641.68 KB
Athendore II
A sequel to the popular AoW map, Athendore. This is a gigantic, challenging and beautiful map in every way. (Fixed few empty signs...and few other things I had missed..)
Category: Scenario
by Queen Elquein
4.1 (26)
8868 2 12
Download File (302.05 KB)
302.05 KB
This is an eight player scenario of 3 good races vs 3 evil races with 2 neutral races. Each wizard starts equally with each their "own" region of cities and "goodies". The map is balanced and has much detail with it's geography like a "real" world.
Category: Scenario
by ChuckisChuck
4.2 (8)
8620 0 4
Download File (1.82 MB)
1.82 MB
Nordic Star v.1.03a (upgraded 'Master of Wonders')
Battle&Magic scenario. L-map. Tough AI. 2strong AI wizards+ 6 playable. Starting races, spheres and wizards are customisable. Picturesque landscape. Smart lads and gals heroes. Subclass hero's system. Custom spells. Custom diplomacy system.
Category: Scenario
by Webusver
4.7 (8)
8200 0 8
Download File (4.65 MB)
4.65 MB
Children of Many Ages - Special Edition (fix)
CoMA offers good amount of unique units for each race, new spell spheres, new wizards & heroes and ideas from around the community. It expands gameplay to epiclike proportions, using much of the Dwiggs and NA2 resources as a base... Hope you enjoy!
Category: Modpack
by Griffith
4.8 (6)
8125 3 45
Download File (299.39 KB)
299.39 KB
Let's Get Ready.
Large scenario designed for multi player and single player. Three levels, made to keep players apart while building empires. Quests are fully available and any multi player winner will have to face the computer who owns all the shadow. Plays ok in SP
Category: Scenario
by ibobs
4.8 (5)
7951 1 16

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