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Monthly Challenge

What Is The Monthly Challenge?

The monthly challenge is a competition to finish a selected map in the least number of days possible. A lot of your suggestions have now been included, to make the monthly challenge even more fun, so thanks to everybody that made suggestions. Every month a new map will be selected. We will modify the map slightly from its original form, password-protect it, and then make it available for download. Your job will be to download the map, and finish it as quickly as you can. You will have to save your progress at various points in case we ask for verification, and you will have to send us your final game save from immediately before the final battle.

The Rules

Each month a new challenge map will be made available from the AOW Heaven map archive. Check for details in the Competitions & Tournaments Forum, and download the current map. Make sure you download the password-protected "challenge" version, and not the regular version.

Play the scenario, and try to beat it as quickly as you can. You must save and keep copies of your game at Days 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, etc. You must have the game patched to version 1.2, and of course are not allowed to use any cheats. We may use these game saves to verify the authenticity of your submission, should there be a query about the validity of your result. You may, however, save and reload as many times as you wish. This is not an Iron Man contest where you have to finish the entire map without ever reloading, however please try to avoid excessive replaying of battles in your efforts to achieve the perfect result.

When you complete the scenario, make sure you have saved immediately before the final battle. Send an email message to Angel Roger indicating your AOW2 Heaven user name, the challenge you are submitting an entry for, the number of days you required to complete the scenario, and finally, attach your save from immediately before the final battle. Do not attach all saves -- we may ask for further saves if yours is the winning submission. You will receive an email confirming that a valid submission has been received. You may make a maximum of three submissions per monthly challenge, and anyone making at least one valid submission in a given month will be sure to win at least one championship point. The minimum points on offer in any given month will be as follows:


  • First place
  • Second place
  • Third place
  • Fourth place
  • Fifth place
  • all subsequent places

Points Awarded:

  • 10 points
  • 7 points
  • 5 points
  • 4 points
  • 3 points
  • 1 points
We also reserve the right to award additional bonus points. Any bonus points will be announced when the map becomes available for download.

You have until 23:59 EST on the last day of the month to submit your final entry. In the event of tied entries, the tie will stand -- we don't need to have a lone winner. Most of all -- have fun! It's fun competing against other forum members, also it may expose people to a few maps they wouldn't have otherwise tried.

Monthly Challenge Rankings

There are currently two monthly challenge championships in progress, both using the same points system. The Ranking Championship uses the points from the last five monthly challenges. Each month the scoreboard is updated, by adding the results from the latest month and dropping the oldest results. This gives a snapshot of who has done best in the last five contests. There is also the World Championship, which in future years will run from January to December. However with 2003 being the first year of the World Championship, it will only run from April to December this year.

Ranking Championship Scoreboard

World Championship Scoreboard


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