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Visit the Tower of Evermore, AoW2H's Clan Forum to join a clan and meet other clan members.

What is a Clan?
Clans are groups of people united behind a common cause, theme or ideal. Clans are usually groups of people who frequently engage in multiplayer and PBEM games against other clans. Clans may be "good," "neutral" or "evil," depending on the type of wizards and units they typically employ in their games. Clans aren't usually interested in the role playing aspect of Age of Wonders like the Guilds are, but some Clans do enjoy role playing occasionally.

Clans often build their own websites to serve as their "Wizard's Tower" (i.e, their base of operations), where info about the clan's ideals are posted, special strategy tips, membership roster, who the clan is currently at war, peace and allied with, and sometimes their own forums as well.

If you're looking for some ideas to build your own website, check out the clan website directory listed at our sister site, Empire Earth Heaven. A favorite clan site of mine is the Tonto Clan website for Age of Kings. You can also get website building tips in the Tower of Evermore Forum.

Clan Kiith Gaalsien is a german clan that play all the AoW versions.

BTOOIC stands for "Buildable Teleporters Off Option In Cities," which began as a forum movement by Swolte during the public beta testing of AoW2 who (duh) wanted the option to turn off buildable teleporters in cities. The BTOOIC are a fun, light-hearted group who enjoy multiplayer, PBEM and the occasional role playing game. They have a cool website and their own forum (and lots of doughnuts!).

Big Bad Four
A dark and scary clan founded by Savagebattleaxe, with their own ezBoard forum.

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