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News Archive - Oct 2009

Thurs., Oct 29, 2009

Historic event: the first PBEM video of a complete match!

I think that never in the history of this game, a match has been recorded with such detail as the match between Enginerd and PawelS for the 2009 1v1 tournament.

You need to take a look at the interview and the video posted at the TNS show from October 29th here!
Enginerd has recorded each day of his match and edited into a YouTube video for all to see!

You are urged to leave comments regarding the video in the actual gamethread here. I think we are lucky that the match itself has been an exciting one as well. It shows some of the tough decisions you can be faced with when playing at a highly competitive level, and the numerous options the game provides to solve them.
Sat., Oct 3, 2009

PBEM Tournament round 1 ends

In an exciting month, the first round has ended and 16 contestants are now ready to move on to the next elimination rounds. In order of ranking...
- Cranberry
- Costa
- JamesEde
- Vovy
- Timelord
- Morgul
- Enginerd
- Swolte
- Naeco
- PawelS
- Oleg123
- ZombieEater
- Charx
- Smuki
- MrLifford
- LordDuck

Check out the results and scores, as well as a wonderful parade at the celebration ceremony here!

Follow the news on your best tournament station, with live coverage, interviews, and entertainment, at TNS!
Make sure to tune in when the second round starts!

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