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News Archive - Oct 2006

Tues., Oct 24, 2006

Rumors, maps and mods!

Ahhh, a bit of time for a main post. Apologies that it's been a while. Seems life is sucking up a lot of time lately!

The site conversion is now almost done. Zen is helping us out as well. You will notice a slightly different design appearing soon. Polls, etc.. will be updated then.

The downloads section has some interesting contributions. Dwiggers will be happy to learn that The Stranger and his team have made a patch for their mod. It fixes a number of problems in the 'old' version. Get it here!
Rumors have it that it is the last patch that the Stranger will release and that he is devoting himself to the art of mapmaking now with nothing but a bar of soap (ok, I made the last part up).

Interesting new thumbnail pictures can be seen lately on the main site. It suggests a Tolkien Mod the likes we have not seen before. Especially this picture seems very intruiging:

Seems like Awegust and Captain Kirky and cooking something up... and it sure seems to smell good! Hopefully we'll get a taste soon.

A map in the scenario section "Tales of Matunmura: The Titan Gate" seems to spur up an unusual amount of responses in such a short time. The author, Sausud, has created a compelling Single Player map with beautiful scenery!

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