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News Archive - Oct 2004

Tues., Oct 26, 2004

LAN-party time!

For you Dutch* Age of Wonders fans! There is gonna be another LAN-party in Den Hague (Holland) on the 20-th of November!

If you are interested or have any questions, you can send an email to Narvek, the organiser (currently very active on the forums as well)
-> or just make a post at the community forums.

A number of developers always show up (incl. Arnout, me and maybe Peter and Sikbok), so you can meet them as well! (ask annoying questions, like why the Glutton never got wings, and stuff).

Hope to see you there!

* People from Germany, Belgium or anywhere else are very welcome as well, of course!!
Mon., Oct 11, 2004

MODs, maps and team tournaments!

A lot of activity at General Discussion lately!

Development on the game still continues as more MODs appear! After Luc96, Climber and Dwiggs, Kris Lighthawk has now made a mod as well! All are susceptable to user feedback, so don't hesitate to jump in!

Another thread by Galahad_2nd discusses the quality and quantity of the maps submitted in the downloads section. It raises issues on a different download section as well!
Read about it here!

Last, but not least, Jomungur calls for you online gamers with a friend since The Batttlefield is organising an online Team Tournament!
Sounds fun!
Thurs., Oct 7, 2004

More MoM2 Rumours

Will there ever be a sequel to the legendary Master of Magic game? There's been so many rumours about planned sequels to it during the years, and here's another one! HomeLAN has posted an interview with Stardock's head man Brad Wardell. It's mainly about the game Galactic Civilizations 2, but at the end of the interview we can read:

HomeLAN - Finally, Firing Squad quoted you as saying you were talking with Atari to release a sequel to the SimTex-Microprose fantasy strategy game Master of Magic. What can you tell us about these talks at this time?

Brad Wardell - We're still in negotiation on the various fine points. Stardock WILL be doing a fantasy strategy game title after Galactic Civilizations II's release. We're in pre-production. So the question isn't IF such a game is going to be made but rather what the title will be. Outstanding fantasy strategy games such as Age of Wonders and Heroes of Might and Magic demonstrate that there is interest in these types of games. Our vision is to create a game where you're really building up a fantasy civilization that is full of magic and sorcery. Throw in a 3D engine so you can morph the ground when you start doing powerful spells and I think you'll find that a lot of people will want this kind of thing.

Read the entire review at the HomeLAN site: Galactic Civilizations 2 Interview

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