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News Archive - Sept 2010

Sun., Sept 26, 2010

Lennart Sas interview on Age of Wonders rerelease!

Lennart Sas, the director of Triumph Studios has given an interview at!

It's a great interview, which goes into the challenges and joys of creating the series. He points at our site where people can get "tons of user created materials, extensive manuals, background info, and people to challenge online".

One of the questions, regarding a fourth installment is particularly interesting...

So, go check it out now (and don't forget to read the reactions below!).
Fri., Sept 24, 2010

Complete Age of Wonders series released!

We knew it was coming, but now it's officially and finally here...

As announced in the official press release on the Triumph Studios website, the entire Age of Wonders series is now available, digitally!!

It is already available on Impulse, but GOG and Steam will follow suit soon.

So yeah, needless to say... if you don't have it, get it now! And if you do, just get it anyway! Can't hurt to have an extra copy!
Thurs., Sept 16, 2010

Age of Wonders I released!

Wow, what is this...

It's like being thrown back in time several years. Developers posting on the forums, as well as enthusiasm about a new release!

Exciting times! As was announced by Arnout in the been awhile thread, Age of Wonders I, the digital rerelease, was coming 'soon'. And did it!! Today Age of Wonders, the original, is available again after all these years. Please see this thread for details.

Age of Wonders II as well as Shadow Magic will be available soon in the same places at Impulse and!

Mon., Sept 6, 2010

The 2010 PBEM Tournament has begun

Ladies and gentlemen, the 2010 1-v-1 PBEM tournament has finally begun as Swolte had sent out the turns just a few minutes from now. Already the first turn has been played by PawelS!

You can follow all the matches in the PBEM forum, if you like. A better option is to follow TNS news, which will report on interesting matches and events along with interviews, tutorials, and in depth analysis! Already an interview with Charx, the mapmaker of HopesEnd, has been featured. Flander's brother has made an appearance as well!

Everyone is urged to complete the survey with prediction Naeco had sent out. Even if you are not playing yourself, you are still eligible to participate in making predictions.

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