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News Archive - Sept 2005

Fri., Sept 30, 2005

Fourth Preview!!

The fourth and final map shipped with the upcoming unofficial patch is one made by the_Stranger (and Timelord). It is called Baffled Intentions! and it was designed as a multiplayer map!

You can read more about it

I can assure you that it is one of the most beautiful maps you will see!

How old are you?

Have you ever wondered about the age of the visitors to the AoW Heavens? Let's find out through our new poll!

Our previous poll asked what language version of the game you're playing. I'm sure it's no surprise that English is the most used version, and I would have (correctly) guessed that German would end up second. Russian came in third, very closely followed by French. If you're curious, view the complete results.

If you're curious about our previous polls, they're always available through the Other Polls link below our currently running poll.
Sat., Sept 24, 2005

Third Preview: Choice of Weapons

The third map that is shipped with the upcoming patch will be made by Horza666! It has a very interesting concept and the terrain design is extremely varied!

It is called:
Choice of Weapons!

A preview can be read here!

Next week, the last preview and then it won't take long before release!

Mon., Sept 19, 2005

Second Preview: Secret of Marlenia

Another map has been revealed that will be shipped with the coming unofficial patch! The Groll has been working on this for some time and currently it is still in testing!

It is called:
Secret of Marlenia!

A preview can be read here!

This is the screenshot!

Tues., Sept 13, 2005

First Preview: Return of the Lizards

A new map has been revealed that will be shipped with the coming unofficial patch due to be released in October!

It is called:
Return of the Lizards!

A preview can be read here!

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