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News Archive - August 2010

Sun., August 15, 2010

Sign up for the 1v1 PBEM tournament has started!

The official 2010 PBEM Tournament sign-up is now opened and everyone who has the guts to put their skills to the test is now dared to step forward. The winner will gain eternal glory as well as a prize from Triumph Studios, the developers of the game (still negotiating with Lennart on what and how much exactly...).

Entering this competition is a big commitment and not for the faint of heart. You are strongly urged to read the conditions before you enter.
Think you're up for it? GO HERE!

Read more news, as well as links to last years tournament, at the Tournament New Station.
Thurs., August 12, 2010

Clan wars starting?

A challenge has been put forth by DimaGromyko for the formation of worthy clans who can battle his own! The organization seems to be in its beginning stages, but if you're interested you can join the negotiations here if you dare.
Sun., August 8, 2010

Unofficial Patch to exceed 75000 downloads!

Released about 5 years ago, the unofficial patch v1.4 continues to get amazing download statistics. Currently we have exceeded 75000 downloads.

In case you haven't caught up, get the unofficial patch here for an enhanced gaming experience!
Wed., August 4, 2010

Age of Wonders available digitally soon!

Check out the latest announcement from TS here and here!

It seems our beloved series will be available for purchase online within a few weeks. This will make it a lot easier for people to get the game and for our site to get renewed interest!

Cheers for TS! A discussion thread can be found here!
Sun., August 1, 2010

2010 PBEM tournament preparation begun!

Last year, the 2009 Tournament was a great success. Many reputations were forged and shattered in thrilling matches! This 2010 edition promises to be no different.
Swolte has officially begun the tournament preparation and an interview of the process can be read at TNS for those who are interested.
The tournament is also recruiting maptesters, so sign up at the preparation thread. Do read the requirements thoroughly, though. This may be your opportunity to get in shape early and effectively for the tournament!

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