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News Archive - August 2008

Sat., August 16, 2008

New poll: what kind of visitors!

Take your pick on what it is you do most recently! Are you more of a player (single/mp), a mapmaker, modder, or a combination of these three?

The previous poll has ended and the results are that, out of the choices available, most visitors feel resemblance to the Human Knight, with an Engineer being a close second. The 'extreme' Archon Saint and Chaos Spawn personality types were the least popular.

Well, lets do some cheap and cheesy psychology and see if it fits...

Knight: you feel you are human, fallible, but strive towards doing in what you believe in to the best you can, nevertheless. You want to be willful, courageous and strong!

Saint: you feel you have a higher purpose in life. Something that guides you and transcend your own personal needs and convictions. You also feel a sense of service and sacrifice to the community.

Halfling Peasant: You don't like complications too much and just seek the best way to enjoy life. Life is simple. Laugh, be happy!

Undead Vampire: You don't feel much in daily life and are mostly a loner. Life seems mostly hollow and pointless to you. You don't even seem to care much for yourself, but enjoy the fear others may get from you. You are mostly driven by a deep hunger for excitement. Blood, death, and lust is all that can easily arouse you, but only for a little while.

Chaos Spawn: You don't have much direction in life, or sense of purpose, but you have a strength which is guided mostly by the chaotic elements around you. You don't have much loyalty.

Orc Warlord
You are a leader, but one that rules by force. Strength and dominance is what you seek and admire. When it comes to it, sometimes at any cost.

Tigran Prowler
In life, it is not strength so much, but the elegance you admire. You are mostly a loner, and a swift and unseen one. But you are also one that can surprise! Once focused, nothing can stop you...

Dwarven Engineer
Life is not just about being happy, it is mostly about constructing things that are practical. You enjoy designing and building things.
Thurs., August 14, 2008

Overlord II announced!!

Received word today that Overlord II has been announced! Seems like our devs have been busy indeed. The graphics look amazing so congratulations are well deserved!

It will be available in 2009 for Xbox-360, PS-3, and PC.

Here you can get more information:
Eurogamer interview
Informative forums

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