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News Archive - August 2006

Sun., August 20, 2006

Featured Image Request

Nojd has made and stickied a post that finally explains how to submit images to our site so that they will appear as a 'featured image' (the little thumbnail image in the top-left).
Many people requested that the name of the map (and mapmaker) should be put on the image, so mapmakers get some free advertisement and users don't have to search an entire database to play that map with that lovely picture!

Check it out here!!

Sun., August 13, 2006

What happens in the world of Wonders!

Yours truly has been visiting Triumph Studios during his holiday and was very impressed by the work that was done on the new title: Overlord. Things are looking good (amazing graphics!) although the wait for the product might still take long!
(Sorry, have to keep it vague)

On the forums, you are welcome to contribute ideas to a possible v1.5. campaign. Go here to post your input!

The Downloads Section also sees some interesting contributions: check out Turbobeholders latest trick and some of the recently uploaded maps. For those that are new or unaware I'd also like to remind you that the search function is more elaborate now: Click here!

In the pbem (play by email) forum the tournament is going well. It seems that most groups are nearing an end and that we will continue with a tough group soon! Also, check out some of the latest optional rule changes in the House Rules.

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