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News Archive - August 2005

Sun., August 14, 2005

What language version are you using?

We're curious about what language version of Age of Wonders (any of the three games) our visitors use. Please let us know in the poll.

The question if you want to play Age of Wonders on the Nintendo DS system resulted in a tie between yes and no. About a fifth of you say that you don't know what Nintendo DS is.
Sat., August 6, 2005

Updated Downloads Section

While Pecunia was busy updating the downloads section at the original AoW Heaven, she also took the time to add another minimap option (for the Shadow level) at AoW2 Heaven's downloads section.

I'm sure you know that you can update your submissions yourself, so if you for example want to add an extra minimap screenshot, just go ahead!

Questions? Comments? Bug reports? Praise?
Please post in the forum, in the thread: New AoW Heaven Downloads Version.

Thanks again, Pecunia!
Wed., August 3, 2005

Age of Wonders on Nintendo DS?

Our former AoW Heaven Seraph, Angel Draco, visited E3 and played several TBS games there that will soon be coming out for the Nintendo DS system. He thought they were "awesome"! Is he the only one that would be interested in AoW for Nintendo DS? Let's find out! Let us know what you think, in our new poll:

Would you like to play Age of Wonders on the Nintendo DS system?
1. Yes!
2. No, not for me.
3. Huh, what's that?

Our previous poll showed a huge interest in the unofficial patch that's beeing worked on currently. You can always find out about our previous polls via the Other Polls link below the currently running poll.

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