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News Archive - August 2004

Wed., August 11, 2004

AoW: SM - $1

If you for some reason still haven't bought Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic, then here's a good opprotunity! It was found listed at for $1. Belive me, it's worth at least that much!

Here's the link: Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic

Edit: That was a short, but sweet offer. I'm afraid it's been changed back to a more normal price now.
Sun., August 1, 2004

The best mod for Shadow Magic!

Well the votes are in for the the best mod for Shadow Magic:

I am pleased to announce that BlackRose's Lord of the Rings in the Third Age Mod won with 111 votes!

Climber's Climber's Mod came 2nd with 44 votes

Dwiggs' DwigMod came third with 38 votes

lucretia96's Evilution Mod came 4th with 17 votes

Well done everyone else for getting nominated in the first place!
You can talk about the results in the forums here

The voting has also started now for the best single player map for Shadow Magic, vote in the poll NOW!

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