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News Archive - July 2009

Sun., July 19, 2009

Security Breach

Angel Zen, HG's Chief Technology Officer, has confirmed a security breach of our servers which left virus-infected files in our database. At this time, we are not prepared to release any details as to the origin of the breach or the specific threat level, however we strongly recommend that that all users, particularly those who have accessed the site since 16 July, run deep virus scans, as well as a current spyware scanner such as Spybot Search & Destroy as there is a chance you may have been affected.
Sat., July 11, 2009

AoW1 Summer News and Updates

It has been an amazing and eventful year thus far at AoW1. Weíve seen several new forummers come join us and they are participating in several games. We welcome the newcomers. If you havenít had a chance to meet them be sure to say hello.

Have you ever wondered which race is the favorite out there...or which spell sphere... or which lvl 4 unit or level 1 tiles (who comes up with this stuff?!). Recently I found myself voting against the border tiles but there are so many to choose from. Several elimination games are nearing and end and a few new ones have started. You can vote once per day and support your favorite or eliminate the rest. You can go here for details.

Come join us at AoW1 Forums, itís a blast!

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