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News Archive - July 2007

Sat., July 28, 2007

Spotlight on Children of Many Ages

Today we'd like to point out a wonderful mod called Children of Many Ages made by Griffith. It relies heavily on graphics from other mods, but it definitely has its own flavor.

- New spell Spheres: You can now battle using the powers of Necromancy, Thaumaturgy, Chaos Magic, Nature Magic, Aether Magic or Sorcery. Many spells are completely changed or removed. Try out the new summon spells, which have now the ability to summon a unit from a larger list.
- New Wizards: Meet the New lords of the Lands!
- New Heroes: Many heroes from the awesome Dwiggs Mod is represented in CoMA also, alltough bit rebalanced. No more boring look-alike heroes with horses all the time.
- New Special abilities: Many units have hex-edited abilities to make them even more unique. There are also some completely new abilities including Morph, which can shapechange a unit to a specific form. Test out for example the new Gremlin Family units, to see how cool it can be.
- New overmap buildings: Find marketplace to greatly increase your gold production, or Great Gate to recruit god-like beings from other planes.
- New City buildings: Build Great Temple for good boost of mana and powerfull magic wielding units or Shelters for boost of Growth. Walls are also stronger and Fortified Walls are best left for Siege weaponry.
- Over 500 unique units: Races have allmost double the units to build, including the new LVL 5 units, that can match a small army on their own, but also require a small fortune to build. After months of playtesting, there is also hopefully some balance to be found.

Please go here for a full download (very large). Or here for a more manageable download.
Tues., July 17, 2007

10,000 Downloads for the Battle of Creation

Our former Cherub, JamieJM, has managed to break the 10,000 dowloads with his submission titled: The Battle of Creation Shadow Pack.

An enormous amount of work went into these maps and if you don't know them, make sure to play it. They are definitely one of the classics! I know there are some new jewels of maps in the downloads section at the moment but if you want to try some good old proven quality...

Experience Erithnia, a realm of epic proportions and beauty; with opponents threatening you and the neighbouring lands there for the conquering, an unknown danger gets ready to strike. Quests and plunder abound in these kingdoms but expect resistance to your iron-fisted rule. Gather the many custom heroes to your banner and equip them with the hundreds of items stepped in the archaic magic of Erithnia. Although your main quarrel is with Fiirsha of the elves over the ruins of the Ralagrathrian Empire, you, Bruuk of the Orcs will have the chance to enslave all of Erithnia. However, an unknown danger lies in wait for you…

Get it here now!!
Fri., July 13, 2007

Online Gaming Reminder

I was hanging out in the Gamespy lobby last week and I was told that the activity there has been quite low over the summer. Since I see many new (and old) faces the last few days, I would like to point out that there actually is a friendly community (most of them are also posting on AoW-Heaven) that plays online and is always in need for fresh blood!

I am sure there are people in the chatroom that will help you set up a game. Be prepared, most people do play mods that are optimized for online gaming.

Please go here and find detailed instructions on how to start playing online multiplayer!
Tues., July 10, 2007

AoW-1 Revival

Our new Cherub, Enginerd, has posted the following interesting piece of news on the AoW 1 site:

Great interest and activity is buzzing about on the AOW1 forums. Now to help keep the interest going a mapmaking competition has begun. Details can be found in this thread.

The competition boasts a new special category for Rookie mapmakers.... if you've never made a map before now is the time to give it a try with the rest of the Rookies.

Dwiggs Tournament has begun + BNW pbem tournament started!

It has been crazy busy on the site the past week. We have had developers posting all over, new staff, name changes, lots of 'old' veteran faces returning, and many tournaments.

To stick with the last, Roger has taken the initiative to organize the first ever Dwiggs mod mapmaking tournament!

Dwiggs is a mod that changes some of the fundamental game mechanics. It is generally less lvl4 focussed and with three new (replaced) races, can provide you with a completely new gaming experience.
You can sign up for this tournament over here!

Follow the instructions in that thread and you'll find your way. Feel free to ask anything, Roger can be very friendly...

I just noticed that a pbem tournament has begun using another excellent mod, the Brave New World one. Similarly to Dwiggs, it offers a completely new gaming experience with tons of new units to enjoy.
Torso started a thread over here! I am sure he is kind enough to set something up.
Sun., July 8, 2007

Welcome AoW1 Cherub Enginerd!

To give Age of Wonders 1 a little more attention than it has received/deserved in the past, Enginerd was appointed as its Cherub.

He has been an active forummer for a long time, and knows the community well! He will be posting AoW1 news and perhaps organize an activity or two. I am very happy he accepted our offer.

Please congratulate him in this thread in the AoW1 General Discussion!
Sat., July 7, 2007

Blackmane's Overlord Mini-Review

For those of you who don't know or remember, "Kheldar Blackmane" was one of the AoW community's earliest members, and a one-time moderator here at AoWH before leaving to do his bit for the Singapore Army. He's past that now, and working as a journalist and game reviewer. He's posted a "mini-review" of Triumph's new Overlord. If you just want the short version, he says

The 360 version is better, but only by a little bit. Sweeping, which is a major part of the game, is by far easier to do and more responsive in the 360 then it is in the PC version. It's also more intuitive.

That's what having 2 nubs does for you.

However, the PC version wins out in ease of swapping between minions (of which there are four) spells (you can never have too many hotkeys) and camera control (Or maybe I just suck badly at managing camera controls on consoles)

That should come as good news to those who have expressed doubts about whether the PC version would be slighted in favor of the console version..

As for the longer review, you can find it here on the forums.

Latest downloads

Summer is here... vacation... you already played through Overlord... you've got nothing to do... AoWH to the rescue!!
To save you from boredom we have compiled a list of the very latest maps available in the downloads section. Rumors are that some of them are really good! :)

Good vs. Evil by Havelock.
Silver Lake by Orionnen.
Valley of Opporunity 2.3 by Leonaru.
The shadow march V 1.2 by AnderszPhilip.
Warlords (Updated May 12, 2007) by Webusver.
Draconia by Zezo.
Savage Isle 1.1 by Leonaru.
Run Away 1.1 by AnderszPhilip.
Back to School 1.1 by Leonaru.
3PlayDwiggs by Roger the Rampant.
First Conflict by JamesEde.
River of Life (SM) by Webusver.
Call to Arms (structured play version) by The_Sheikh.
Eberhart by King_Niki.
Fortress Europa by Caius75.
World of Warcraft by Closer762.
Destination the depth part II by Dan Donnard.
Frostling Heat Haze by Dreaming.
Shadowfall by Dan Donnard.

The following maps have been updated recently:

Valley of Turmoil by Fubarno.
Ancient Times Custom plus Lite v2.8 by Carbo.
Frontlines by Webusver.
Across the Wyrding Sea by Needles.

If you have updated your map/mod, or want to give another download some special attention, please make a post in this thread.

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