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News Archive - July 2006

Thurs., July 27, 2006

HGExpo :: Bringing Heavens Together!

Quoted from Cherub BP:
HeavenGames Expo (formally known as HGCon) is an online exposition and will celebrate the modders and scenario designers of the HeavenGames communities. Acting as an annual event, HGExpo will run its course over several days, bringing different sorts of competitions, showcases, media releases, and various events to the forumers of HG.

What sets this aside from any other convention is that it is completely online. How is this possible, you ask? Through the bright minds of our staff, new forums are being developed as well as a completely new and original site, which will be used specifically for HG Expo, and as such, will likely only be on for the length of the convention.

For those who haven't heard the rumors yet, partly in celebration of HeavenGames upcoming 10th anniversary and partly just as a way of spreading the word, a number of the Heavens, including the Age of Wonders Heavens are getting together to host HGExpo - an online "con" conducted via the various sites/forums and the HeavenGames IRC channel that promises to have all the saliant features of an "in-the-flesh" convention including booths, special presentations and lectures, and of course a chance to meet and share your experience with others. About the only thing missing is likely to be the cusumed characters. Well, and maybe Booth Babes, we do have to watch our Net-Nanny ratings .

For more information, visit the sticky forum thread here or in any of the other participating sites. They will be updated with further details as things are finalized.
Wed., July 5, 2006

Battlefield Clan Tournament + new ladder season. July 2006.

From the Battlefield Newsletter by Lord Kolusar:

Dear Aow-gamers,

The Ladder Season 1 just ended and we have a clear winner of the ranking...
"Munataros" Congratualtions!!! And the Season 2 already starts with exciting matches. Good luck and lot of fun in your games!
Just several days until Clan Wars Tourney! Its really time to sign up, we need to know the approximate amount of players for the tourney. Please enter the forum as soon as possible and post your wish to participate on that tourney with your ladder name and a valid email adress, plus icq nr. if available!
Raise your bodies warlords and remember the good times you had with aow online.

and online tourneys...


Seems like there is enough to do this summer!!

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