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News Archive - July 2004

Wed., July 7, 2004

Best Mod Map/Pack Poll

The voting for best Mod Map/Mod Pack here at AoW2 Heaven has started. Which one is your favourite? Pick one of the four candidates in our front page poll, and read all about the whole competition in the forum: Main Rules Thread, Mod Nominations Thread. The four candidates are:
* Lord of the Rings in the Third Age
* Evilution Mod
* Dwig Mod
* Climber's Mod
Mon., July 5, 2004

Favourite Race Poll Results

We've now run three polls to find out which the favourite AoW:Shadow Magic races are in the good, neutral and evil categories. Elves (good) and Dark Elves (evil) were clear winners in their categories, while the Draconians only just beat the Humans in the neutral poll. Here are the complete results:

* Elves [227 votes, 39%]
* Archons [135 votes, 23%]
* Dwarves [100 votes, 17%]
* Syrons [72 votes, 12%]
* Halflings [45 votes, 8%]
Total votes: 579

* Draconians [156 votes, 26%]
* Humans [147 votes, 24%]
* Tigrans [110 votes, 18%]
* Nomads [99 votes, 16%]
* Frostlings [96 votes, 16%]
Total votes: 608

* Dark Elves [533 votes, 40%]
* Undead [238 votes, 18%]
* Orcs [220 votes, 17%]
* Shadow Demons [220 votes, 17%]
* Goblins [112 votes, 8%]
Total votes: 1323

If you're curious about our previous polls, they're always available through the Other Polls link below our currently running poll.

We'll soon start the voting for the best mods packs/mod maps at AoW2 Heaven. Stay tuned!

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