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News Archive - June 2005

Mon., June 27, 2005

Prepare for the new Battlefield ladder season...

1st of July, it will start!

You can sign up here!

The previous season has (almost) ended and you can view the results on the big ladder page! Who thinks online players can't write nice stories , is wrong. Click on 'results' for some really exciting stories that happened in online games!

For more information on how to join an online game, check out this excellent thread by Roger!!
Mon., June 20, 2005

New Poll: Who are you?

We have a new poll up! We're curious about the visitors to AoW Heaven. Which description do you currently consider best describe yourself?

- Longtime Hardcore Fan (for over a year)
- Hardcore Fan (plays almost every day)
- Longtime Fan (for over a year)
- Fan (plays more then 3 days a week)
- Longtime Interested (for over a year)
- Interested (once a week or more)
- Retired Fan (used to play)
- Visitor (plays rarely, if at all)
Tues., June 14, 2005

More news from Triumph Studios!

...the analysts and jobhunters will be happy to hear this!

a groundbreaking multi-plaform crowd control game involving lots of pillaging and general world domination? Next to a unique concept the game features state of the art visuals using proprietary Next Gen technology.

This is the dutch Site, where the information can be found. More can be found on the Triumph Studios official website!

(Thanks to Arnout for the pointer!)
Tues., June 7, 2005

New Downloads Design

Since a couple of days, we have a new design of our Downloads section here at AoW2 Heaven.

Pecunia is doing a great job with the Downloads on all the HeavenGames sites, so we'll soon have a uniform and easier to maintain downloads software on all our sites.

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