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News Archive - June 2004

Wed., June 30, 2004

AoW:SM on Linux!

Forumer Hobbledehoy informs us that he's managed to get Age of Wonders Shadow Magic to run on Linux! Read about it in the forum discussion AOW:SM and Linux/Wine/Winex. He's posted a screenshot there, and I'm sure he'll answer any questions you'll have about it.

Thanks Hobbledehoy!
Sat., June 19, 2004

Scenario design section updated!

All you mapmakers pay attention now!

TalonThorn has been busy lately and he provided us with a very nice scripting manual. Every event, trigger and condition is listed now! You can also read how to set the events up in your maps!

Go here! and you will enter the wonderous world of scripting!

Contributions are still very welcome! If you've found any additional information on the workings of certain scripts, whether it be bugs, tips or possibilities, feel free to post them here or somewhere at the Scenario design section!
Thurs., June 10, 2004

Nominations are in for the best maps of Heaven!

You can see the maps that have been nominated here.

It is important to check the thread if you are a mapmaker because if your map has been nominated for more than one catagory, you must specify which catagory you want to be entered for!

It is worth noting that people will be able to start voting for their maps in 5 days time hopefully!
Tues., June 1, 2004

New Mod Making Moderator

We have a new moderator in the AoW2/SM Mod Making forum! Kharagh takes over after Iceman. Thanks for your time, Iceman, and welcome Kharagh! Here's the announcement thread: Kharagh replaces Iceman (in our website comments forum).

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