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News Archive - June 2003

Tues., June 24, 2003

AoWMapGUILD Launches

Be sure to visit the AoWMapGUILD at its new home.

The AoWMapGUILD is a resource for all Age of Wonders fans. You can download quality, play-tested maps for Age of Wonders, Age of Wonders II and Age of Wonders Shadow Magic. Also if have an idea for a map, need help with a map you're designing or have any questions about map-making in general, you can seek help here.
Fri., June 20, 2003

Shadow Magic Website

Thanks to Triumph's resident Orcish Rogue Wazzz for announcing that the official Shadow Magic Site is now online at pulisher GodGames' site. There you will find, besides a nice link back to AoWH/AoW2H on the front page, tons of stuff including a screen shot gallery, character reference, downloadables, and the following synopsis of the backstory:
After the magical war that made the foundations of the cosmos quake, Merlin was victorious over the Circle of Traitorous Wizards, and ascended to the Wizard's Throne in Evermore. But before Merlin could settle into his new role, a terrible cataclysm struck the war-ravaged world.

The war between the Wizards awoke a force of great darkness. Cosmic rifts began to appear at the sources of magical power, tearing asunder the very fabric of the world. Unearthly creatures began to pour from the nodes and towers that Wizards had once used to help their people, destroying everything they came across. The final rift appeared at Evermore, destroying the Wizard's Throne, and sucking Merlin into an alternate plane of existence, the Shadow World.

The people of the lands learned to fear and hate all things magical in nature. Fostering their fear, the theocrat Phobius rose to power under the banner of the abolition of magic, promising to only use his own arcane powers to that end.

In this age of darkness, the ancient races suffered greatly due to their magical nature. Stripped of their former power, the wizards retreated to the far corners of the world, in hiding from the Phobian Empire. It was then that from the Void beyond the Rifts, Merlin was able to contact a group of these exiled wizards. He urged them to unite, explore the origins of the shadow world, defeat the Phobian Empire, and bring an end to this Dark Age.
There are also links to pre-order sites. Looks very impressive, people.
Wed., June 18, 2003

On The Importance of Story

Triumph Studios' lead writer, RayB offers us a lot of background info on the background story for the forthcoming Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic, as well has sharing what didn't make it into the storyline for AoW2. Here's just a snippet of RayB's long post:
In AoW:SM we faced many of the same challenges we did with AoW2. I was more prepared to deal with them, and took more time with the map makers to make sure the events tied better to the storyline. One of the things we did with these maps, however, was to just have fun with them. We decided to lighten up some of the events, really pouring a lot of personality into some of it. It's not perfect, and some of it will probably distract from the overall game, but at times it's refreshing to be reminded it's just a game... As in AoW2 I have NOT written a time-line. It's probably because I'm lazy. That looked easy to do, but it was a major pain....
You can read the entirety of RayB's thoughtful post in the On the Importance of Story thread in our AoW2 General Discussions forum.
Mon., June 16, 2003

Pre-Order for AOW:SM at GameStop

From Josh AoW in the AoW2 General Forum
Just thought I'd mention that the game can be pre-ordered on special at:

$29 + free shipping

I was bouncing around the web and noticed that, and figured a few people here might want to know... :)

On the Importance of Story

Sun., June 8, 2003

One Ring to rule them all...

Well hopefully not that, exactly, but those who have been around since the pre-AoW2 days may recall that one of the Wizard Tower features originally mentioned would give the abilty magically craft items in-game. That never showed up, possibly because of worries about balance issues from overly powerful items, but this week developer Josh AoW let it slip in the course of discussing the "Best TBS Fantasy besides this one" that "You can create items in AoW:SM."

Not surprisingly, he was immediately pressed for more info. More surprisingly (for Josh) he obliged, saying:
The Item Forge is an upgrade to your Wizard Tower. You can place stats and abilities on items. There are limitations in both the amount and power of effects you can add to items, to sustain balance, and to allow mapmakers to still control the distribution and challenge related to the most powerful items.
and went on to address questions of how this would affect spellcasting
Building items is more like building city upgrades, they go into the city queue.

Sounds promising if it doesn't too badly upset the already heated debates about reining in uber-heroes and teleportable versus non-teleportable items. Stay tuned for further details.
Fri., June 6, 2003

Ray Hams it up, Josh plays straight

Triumph's rayB AoW has once again been teasing forummers with tidbits of non-information in the "Hey Lennart?" thread, but at least lets us know that he's having fun with the campaign and all the new races. His biggest single problem so far seems to be dealing with an annoying Halfling named Binger:
All the races have been enhanced in interesting ways, I might add. It's just funner to play the good races too, which is why I haven't really delved into the others, though yesterday I was having fun playing the Humans and Goblins together... (and yeah, I had to kill Ham... Wouldn't it be nice if you could give these enemy heroes a severe talking-to, and not have to slay them--send them to their rooms without a meal?)
Ah, poor Ray, you'll just have to get over that identity crises. But at least you don't have to deal with Sondra the Dwarf Priestess, eh?

Elsewhere developer Josh AoW once again states that, the multiplicity of conflicting reports elsewhere to the contrary,
No exact release date has been set publically or internally for AoW: Shadow Magic.
Have patience people. It will come when it will come - hopefully when it's finished, fully tested, and ready to ship, and not before. We've seen far too many cases recently where products were rushed out only to disappoint, haven't we?
Wed., June 4, 2003

Update: "Insert Correct CD" on patching to 1.2

A while back it was noted that some newly manufactured CD's were incompatible with the 1.2 patch, and an update to fix the problem. This just posted by Josh AoW in the AoW2 Technical Help Forum
The patch linked from the aow2 website should now work properly on ALL releases, regions, and versions of aow2. If the link below doesn't work for you, just head to the main aow2 site.
Link to patch page on GoD website

Thank you for your patience.

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