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Thurs., May 26, 2011

MP Evolution 15!!

Jobe and Hellbrick have been working on a patch/mod that has rocked the modding community as well as the people at Triumph studios (in a positive way!). We are seeing a level of changes to the core of the game that were never thought possible before! Be warned, this doesn't mean that everything is possible... only little things. And lots of little things can be very cool!

The changes are very much in line with the (unofficial) standard v14 ruleset, but optimezed for online multiplayer. In terms of 'balance', from my (long lost) online experience, the changes look very solid, and I can say this is truly the work of a lot of testing and experience.

More information on this project, that is still in development, can be found in this thread!

Check it out!

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