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News Archive - May 2009

Sun., May 3, 2009

The 1v1 Mapmaking tournament results are in...

No less than fourteen maps were submitted for this tournament from some of the best mapmakers around. The judging was hard, as the maps were many, and incredibly elaborate (almost too much for tournament map). Despite the maps bulging with much color and creativity, the judging was ruthless and very critical. Every judge had their own set of criteria they found important. All agreed the submissions were quite a handful.

But in the end, after averaging the four scores of Menno, Engineerd, Dafyth, and Swolte on domains such as 'Playability', 'Balance', 'Atmosphere', and 'Overall impression', the following maps made it to the top five:

1. Too much water
2. The Lion The Witch and the Warfare (By Rheno)
3. Rocky Divide (by Killkenny)
4. The Gods Arena of Magic and Power (by The Groll)
5. Desolation Domination (by Needles)

And so, big congratulations to the winner, the author of the map 'Too much Water' our very own...

He can now proudly wear the title: '2009 1v1-mapmaking champion' (in bold yellow) in his sig (if he wants), and his map is guaranteed to be used for the upcoming pbem tournament.
Please congratulate him here.

Please check out the mappack with all 14 maps 'as submitted' here. Note that all map-authors are strongly urged to upload the maps themselves, so that you can provide them with direct feedback, and the authors can improve their maps.

Last, but not least, a big thanks to all those who have contributed to this tournament. Though I am sure some will be disappointed, I can assure you that all maps have been great, and beyond mine, and many other judge's expectations. I am sure that you will agree to this when you download the above pack.

Some of the maps will be used for an upcoming pbem tournament which is planned two months from now.

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