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News Archive - May 2008

Sat., May 24, 2008

Interview Kirky Picardo

Kirly Picardo has been mentioned by a lot of people for an interview. Indeed, you can say that after the release of the beta version for Brave New World3, he is definitely 'hot'.

Check out the interview section for this interesting interview with lots of spectacular pictures!

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Sat., May 3, 2008

Scenario update

I am quite pleased with what appeared in our downloads section in April/May. Some relatively new mapmakers are showing some stunning maps and we have some more familiar faces taking on the gauntlet as well.

Lords of Lura-Khas by Unnapu is a medium sized map which is well tested in the pbem forums before its release. It features three playable wizards and this makes the map quite the special commodity! There is a great story in it as well, truly a labour of love!

Wizards Folly by Low_K. This name should be sounding familiar by now, and especially after this HUGE map. Everything is well done, and it should stand for an endless amount of playing time and an epic experience. Already people have started a pbem game on it with 8 players: here

Family Feud - Blood Brothers by iBobs is probably one of the long awaited mega large masterpieces. The first installment called family feud received over 2500 downloads and brought the single player experience to the next level! This map is an absolute MUST if you like single player maps. Check out the making of... series in the scenario design section because iBobs has submitted there as well -> here

Brothers and sisters by Mentork seems more like an interesting multiplayer map with a unique type of balancing. A large emphasis on naval battle as well, so give it a sail if you can!

Dreaming Tale by Dreaming is exceptionally skilled. His previous, larger, map blew me away and this little gem certainly is no different. The author's skills with the editor and terrain design are among the best I have seen.

Spring has barely started and already there is enough to get us through summer!

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