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News Archive - May 2006

Mon., May 22, 2006

GameSpot: Best Surprise of E3

For those who have not been following the Overlord discussion in the forums, (or even those who have), Josh AoW stirred from his Comfy Chair to post:
A game you might have heard of was considered "The Best Surprise of E3" by Gamespot:

We even beat out a Might-and-Magic game for the award. Sweet.

It's not really very informative, but among other things GameSpot had this comment:
Every year we spend the weeks leading up to the Electronic Entertainment Expo meeting with companies and trying to make sure that there are as few surprises as possible waiting at the show. And every year there are a handful of games that manage to elude us, because the companies working on them are unfeasibly good at keeping secrets. The most surprising game for us this year, for a number of different reasons, was Overlord, which we found tucked away at the back of the by-invitation-only Codemasters booth.

Uh-huh. I know a lot of people here would concur with that bit about "unfeasibly good at keeping secrets" but at least they're now getting some notice.

Drop by BBB's thread and take some notice yourself.
Fri., May 19, 2006

The new Dwiggs mod has arrived!

Lots of thanks to The Stranger and all those that have helped him create and release this mod! After months and months of work it is finally released!

This version is based on the latest patch v1.4. Here are some of it's features. Of course, next to those that made Dwiggs popular in the first place:

Lower level units have value throughout the game. Rushing to level fours and building stacks of monsters is not encouraged. The intention is to make more expensive units stronger to not to the extent that they make cheaper units worthless.

It also contains:

Over 100 new heroes with custom written descriptions and individualized graphics.

Three new Races-the Fey Folk, Demons, and Lizards-with new racial portraits, units, heroes, and cities.

New abilities: Trap II, Entangle III, Control Animal II, Stunning Magic Bolts, Pixie Bolts, Dwarven Fire, Flaming Arrows, Black Javelins, to name a few of them.

Unique heroes with modified abilities and each with his/her custom animations, many of which are gracing the AOW world for the first time!

Well, what are we waiting for... get it here!!

Congratulate the makers here and enjoy another year worth of Age of Wonders playability!
Wed., May 10, 2006

Clan Wars!

The Kolusar (online multiplayer) clanwars at the Battlefield have started again!

Last year it was a great success when the winners: Evil Roc,Briar and Dragon obtained eternal fame!

Go here for more information! The tournament will start after the world soccer championships (10th of July), so there is time to sign up and find your clanmates! Some planning seems required!
Wed., May 3, 2006

OVERLORD: First screens and more info!

The first screenshots of Triumph Studios' new game are here!

Although not all reactions on our forums have been positive, the newly released information on the official TS Website does seem to wet the appitites some more. This information is more reliable as it's directly from the source!

It doesn't look like the turn based, PC-only "Age of Wonders III" that some have hoped for here at AoWHeaven, but you have to admit. Doesn't this look good?

Please join in on the speculation here! It seems Bloodybattlebrain has already started!

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