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News Archive - May 2005

Wed., May 18, 2005

New poll and old results!

As you all have noticed, there is a new poll up about the upcoming unofficial patch! So far, people seem to anticipate the units changes the most!

Congrats to the designers of these maps! Jamie was too busy, so I'll post the final results here:

- Fight for Light [56 votes]
- Promising Lands [34 votes]
- War of 8 heroes [26 votes]
- Race to Death [30 votes]
- A river ran through it [20 votes]
- Let's fight [12 votes]
- Athendore II [30 votes]
- Hunters of Blood III [34 votes]

Make sure to try these maps, if you like multiplayer!

A page will soon be added to AoW2-Heaven that will feature the best of each category in some sort of 'Hall of Fame'. There might even be short interviews with the winners on the design process.

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